Talk of a nuclear strike on Russian public television

Talk of a nuclear strike on Russian public television

Meanwhile, in Russia, television shows featuring former Russian Army officers and some elected officials, are openly talking about Russia having to use nuclear weapons over the Ukraine/NATO troop build-up along the Russian border
I picked up a very crude translation (misrepresentation) of what was said on a primetime Russian TV station, Rossya-21, “Evenings with Soloviev”.

If there is a possible escalation in Ukraine, then a nuclear strike is on the agenda. “This will make Americans afraid and we will do whatever we want.”

I have made a video based on a translation in You Tube comments by Irina Butova. I have sufficient Russian to ascertain that her ttranslation is correct, not the version by WarNews24/7
What was actually said was this:

“Yes, it may be a demonstrative nuclear explosion, say, somewhere in the deserted ocean waters, but not as deserted so it couldn’t be seen.” 


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