Talking sense with a General Practitioner

Talking sense with a General Practitioner

I was lying in bed this morning having a theoretical conversation with a doctor; I suspect it was the doctor who featured in THIS ARTICLE. I have learned that that when it comes to medical questions, especially in this age that whatever fantastical scenarios I can dream up in my head the reality is often worse.

ME: This is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. This graph, put together from official Ministry of Health statistics clearly show that hospitalisations are increasing and the vast majority of those are of people who are vaccinated.

HIM: [With a smile indicating he is in the right] – That’s because the majority of people have been vaccinated.

ME: I don’t really understand. Jacinda says that we are protected by the vaccines. Surely if that was true there would be very few vaccinated being hospitalised as they have protection against the virus.

HIM: [with a smile of condescension]. The vaccines protect against serious infection. The unvaccinated suffer more serious illness.

ME: That does not really stack up. The statistics do not show seriousness of illness. Presumably, if people are less seriously effected they would not be hospitalised, especially in such numbers.

By now, the smile has disappeared off his face.

HIM: I think we have talked enough

ME: I have paid you for your time to discuss this!  You can’t just chuck me out.

HIM: You are an antivaxxer and are spreading misinformation

ME: I am only trying to stick to the facts and using official information to get to the truth. The figures show this is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

HIM: Gets up from his desk and addresses reception.

Can you call the police and tell them that I am being threatened? He just threatened me.

2 thoughts on “Talking sense with a General Practitioner

  1. There’s an item in the very recent global news pointing out most clearly it is indeed possible (and probable if one is elderly) that those who are vaccinated will be COVID-19 victims.

    Yes, the entire world knows Queen Elizabeth II, who is 95 years old, has caught the virus despite being thrice vaccinated!!! She caught it on February 5th, but it took 14 days before the news was heard over CBC Radio (they had to make sure her symptoms stayed light before any official announcement).

    Not only the Queen, but Charles and his wife Camilla also contracted COVID; no doubt they also were vaccinated.

    So it’s not surprising that many vaxxed Canadians are now showing hesitancy about getting boosters!!!

    This development has taken 2 years 1.5 months since Beijing formally broadcast news of the coronavirus in Wuhan.

    What sort of spin can we expect now from government authorities and mainstream news???

  2. It could be even worse than your graph indicates. They’re playing around with the definitions, and also playing around with the stats from the tests. Here in US one is considered unvaxxed for 14 days after getting shot #1. That’s to cover the immediate deaths. Literally Orwellian.

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