Today has been a very intense day for me and I have not been able to focus on World War 3.  It is clear that events are moving very quickly and I have little idea what it is all about. Hal Turner has been talking about it today.


For the first time, actual, live, Tactical Nuclear Bombs have been transferred from Russia into Belarus, just north of Ukraine. This was publicly confirmed by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum today.

President Vladimir Putin delivered a keynote address at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, highlighting positive macroeconomic trends in the Russian economy and expressing doubt about the sustainability of Ukraine’s military operations suggesting that Kyiv heavily relies on external sources for equipment and fighting capabilities.

During his speech, Putin also revealed that Russia has successfully transported its initial batch of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus. This move comes as part of a previously announced plan, which has raised concerns and increased tensions with the United States and its allies in relation to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Putin said, “The first nuclear charges were delivered to the territory of Belarus. But only the first. This is the first part. But by the end of the summer, by the end of the year, we will complete this work.”

Ukraine war

“Soon Ukraine will stop using its own equipment altogether. Nothing remains of it. Everything with which they fight and everything that they use is brought in from the outside. You can’t fight for long like that,” he said, as per a translation of his speech by Reuters news agency.

Regarding Ukraine’s counteroffensive, President Putin commented that Ukrainian forces did not achieve their objectives in any of the sectors they targeted. He expressed doubt about the prospects for success and opined that the Ukrainian armed forces face significant challenges in the conflict.

“They did not achieve their goals in any of the sectors … I think that the Ukrainian armed forces have no chance here…,” said Putin.

When discussing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Jewish heritage, President Putin said, “I have many Jewish friends. They say Zelensky is not a Jew, he is a disgrace to the Jewish people.”

Videos are in the link

President of Russia Publicly Announces Conditions where Russia WILL BOMB NATO Bases

Russian President Vladimir Putin put the West on notice yesterday during his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).  

President Putin made clear he knows the West is planning on supplying fighter jets to Ukraine, and that the US insists the F-16’s be nuclear capable.

He pointed out that those jets, especially U.S. F-16’s, require very large and complicated maintenance, which cannot now be done in Ukraine without fear of being hit with Russian missiles. Thus it would be necessary for the planes to use bases that are presently safe.

Therefore, he said, if those fighter jets takeoff from NATO bases outside Ukraine, and enter Ukraine for battle, Russia will not be able to know if those planes are armed with Tactical nuclear bombs and will have to assume THEY ARE.

Under such circumstances, Russia will have no choice but to hit those NATO Bases, and may have to do so with Tactical nuclear weapons


Today is June 17 and that means there are only six days remaining until the official end of NATO’s largest air exercise in history, dubbed “Air Defender 2023.”  When that “exercise” ends on June 23, it is thought that NATO will find reason to enter the Ukraine-Russia conflict directly, thereby triggering a full-on war with Russia.  Nuclear weapons would fly.

Today being Saturday, you’re probably off from work, doing things around the house.  Sadly, those things SHOULD include making ready for war to actually come here to north America.

You need to have Emergency food, water, medicines (the ones you need to live), a generator to make electric power if the grid goes down, and fuel for that generator.  You also need COMMUNICATIONS gear such a CB or HAM radio.

Make a plan for your family: What will YOU do if nuclear bombs are launched against the US.  Where will you and your family meet?  Where will you all go (if anywhere)?  What route will you take to get there?  What if that route is blocked; what alternates can you take?

Right now, NATO has at least 225 aircraft taking part in the largest air drill in it’s history, in Germany; just two small countries away from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. NATO has also positioned three-hundred-thousand (300,000) troops near Russia’s border.   You don’t move those numbers of troops and planes, then not use them.

NATO has supported Ukraine, but is losing, badly.  Ukraine’s __only__ hope is if NATO becomes directly involved in the conflict, and if that happens, Russia has already made clear, it will use nuclear weapons to defend itself.  Those weapons will not merely be used in Ukraine, they will be sent to NATO countries . . . . including the USA.

Some people erroneously believe Russia would never hit the US because of mutually assured destruction, but that notion is no longer true.

Russia has hypersonic missiles, the USA does not.

Russia’s hypersonic missiles can avoid our missile defenses.

Submarine-Launched Russian nuclear missiles can reach our nuclear silos BEFORE a Presidential Order to launch can get OUR missiles out of the silos!  Our missiles get blown up inside their silos without ever being fired.

Russia has bomb shelters for its population; we DO NOT.

Russia has stocked those shelters with food, water, medicines, generators, fuel, and machine tools; WE HAVE NOT.

Russia has installed hospital operating rooms in all their shelters, with surgical gear and medicines; WE HAVE NOT.

Put simply, if the missiles fly, Russia survives, WE DO NOT.

If a nuclear bomb detonates on US soil, there will be chaos, havoc, and fear.  People will panic throughout the entire country.  Millions will rush out to supermarkets trying to get food and water.  Shelves will be stripped bare in minutes.

The detonation of a nuclear bomb __could__ take out vast electronic networks, making credit and debit cards useless.  You must have CASH MONEY in your possession to assure you have a way to buy things. 

June 23 is when NATO “Air Defender” exercise ends and many, many people believe NATO will either find an excuse to enter the war, or make-up an excuse with some “false flag” event to justify it’s entry into the war.

Once NATO enters, or declares “Article 5 collective self defense against Russia” that’s it.  That’s the end.  The missiles will fly within minutes.

DO NOT be one of the families who find themselves with no food, no water, no medicine, no generator, no fuel.  Because no one will share __theirs__ with you.   Sharing with you means taking food out of THEIR family’s mouths to feed YOUR family.   Few if any people are going to do that.

Prepare this weekend, and this week.  Do not wait.

Just think about what you’ve already seen in years past when people panic before a hurricane hits:  Food stores stripped bare:

At gas stations, people panicking and fighting with each other trying to get gas:

If they panic like THIS for a Hurricane, what do you think they’ll do when nuclear bombs are coming?  It will be freak-out city.  Mad Max scenario!

Better to have extra food and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  If things do NOT go bad, you can always eat the food, and put the cash back in the bank.  But if things DO go bad, the shear panic that arises will make it all but impossible for you to get supplies.

Plan, don’t panic.

Get some extra rice, beans, canned soups, canned meat like chicken, canned tuna, boxes of pasta, jars of sauce.  Have a way to HEAT FOOD / COOK, if the grid goes down; a propane barbecue grill or something similar. Get a gas can and fill it (but do NOT store gasoline in your house, store it outside.)

Your lives may depend on you planning and taking some small steps NOW, in case the SHTF.  You have only 6 days left – maybe.

And, especially this:


Citizens in **MANY** areas of the U.S.A. are startled that tanks, troops, assault aircraft are BEING DEPLOYED on the streets throughout the U.S.A. today, Saturday, June 17.  Video below shows tanks on the highways of Idaho, Osprey Helicopters dropping Marines in California residential neighborhoods, and trainloads of military armor moving in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.

Larskper, CA is shown on the scalable map below, and gives the military direct control over the 101 Highway into/out-of San Francisco via Golden Gate Bridge, as well


This video is also showing up on Social media — TODAY — as seen below:

….I just communicated with three of my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community from my years working with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).

One former colleague told me (verbatim)

“Countries that think – or know – their military bases are going to be hit by an adversary, disperse their men and equipment so as to not lose it.”

Another former colleague told me

“Given what is going on in Europe with Russia and Ukraine, the only reason to deploy troops to the periphery of major cities is to control those places if the country is hit by Russian missiles.”

A third former colleague told me pretty much the same thing as the other two.

Passing this along FYI.

He has a lot more if you follow the link.

In addition there are the following.

See how balloons could be used to take out US aircraft carrier groups, attack troops, infrastructure, crops and people. See the shocking reasons balloons are a perfect platform for a cheap effective hard to detect, hard to defeat asymmetric warfare even for attacks on the US mainland, or any other country
See Marfoogle’s shownotes HERE
I usually avoid this guy because he’s a bit hysterical.
I have not watched this, but am posting it nevertheless.


I shall finish up with something on the battlefront. These videos may possibly be missing the point

Ukraine Counteroffensive NOT Going As Planned..


  1. Possible volcanic winter, bunkers are useless, Cambridge proposes the global solution!
    REGULAR drills & Earth lasers’ plasma shield not only can repel space electricity that provenly stimulates magma (Ebisuzaki, 2011) & dissolve storms (Univ. of Geneva), but it CAN also prevent chaos by a devastating global blackout/all nuclear plants’ blasting by asteroid explosion (as in Tunguska-1908 & Chelyabinsk-2013) or a solar storm hit! ELEVEN times near-miss extinction so far: 1972, 1989, 1991, 2003, 2006, 2012, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 https://GlobalBlackoutPrevention.wordpress.com

    1. I agree, Depending on the scale of nuclear usage.
      There is a possibility, very slight. That newer, Neutron bombs and other less radio-active bombs could be used.
      Destroying the planet, killing most everything. But low radiation. Tzar Bomba had low rads. At the destination location shortly after, the Soviet’s landed, and tested.

      With luck, many rural areas will survive. The bunker loser’s can be killed by their security teams and in 10-20 years. Areas will be inhabitable on a larger scale, we can all cheer the globalists are gone. (I doubt that will happen!)

      I suspect other things are in play that are totally off most people’s radar.

  2. Events always seems imminent and insurmountable, but my estimate is 9 -10 months from now, giving everyone ample time to get prepped.
    I have no doubt, based on my very good sources, it will absolutely NOT go hot this month, so people shouldn’t panic or panic buy.

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