Terrain vs germ theory

Terrain vs germ theory

I am posting these comments from “Shon” in response to my item.


They are precisely the sort of well-thought-out comments that I like


I have followed your thoughts and understandings for a great many years Robin. Especially your interviews and dealings with Guy McPherson.

Unfortunately Guy did fall off the boat of possibility acceptance despite his appreciation of the scientific method.

Like yourself I have been in active practice in alternative medicine for over 26 years, however, in the field of homeopathics/homeopathy.

The issue of terrain of course is not foreign to either one of us. My background is in chemistry/organic chemistry and toxicology with extensive study and assessment of microbiological aspects in health and disease.

In homeopathy we recognize and discuss consistently the issues of susceptibility. Thus no virus, no bacteria, no parasite nor any mycotic or fungal related infectious agent can ever make a person sick UNLESS they are susceptible to it. Toxicological agents and drugs are another story but of course along the same lines. To a point though.

So all of this discussion about challenging all and sundry to a microbe or pathogen and expecting all to get sick is nonsense and folly.

The complexity of each and every human being or animal of any kind in all of their genetics, epigenetics, biochemical individuality, deficiencies, toxicities, and environmental susceptibilities is of course not a simple linear equation.

I will tell you outright I am unimpressed with the work done by Kaufmann, Lanka and Cowan. Firstly, the original paper that Kaufmann cites concerning that exosomes and viruses are the same was refuted by the author of the original paper. However, I believe all three of these authors and subsequently others have run with it.

If I find the original paper and refutation I will offer it here in your comments section. Despite that see this…


And here…


And reasons why viruses and exosomes are not the same.

Exosomes don’t have capsids; viruses do.

Exosomes have a phospholipid bilayer; many viruses do not have an envelope.

Exosomes contain endogenous nucleic acids, proteins, and small molecules; viruses do not.

Exosomes have MHCs ( Major Histocompatibility Complexes); viruses do not

In addition, clinical observation of those who actually treat patients such as myself, you, and tens of thousands of other physicians can specifically with differential diagnostic skill determine acute infectious disease states from chronic ‘infected’ disease states. We have thousands of years in the history of medicine to verify our observations and can also if we are astute, experienced and competent, flesh out issues relating to actual toxicological, immunological, and inflammatory states related to specific infectious agents.

What Kaufmann, Lanka and Cowan would have us believe is that epidemic influenza, hand-foot-and mouth disease, Mononucleosis, Norwalk, Herpes Simplex or Herpes Zoster, Dengue fever just do not exist. That people just happen to suffer from the exact same symptoms of ‘detoxification’ or endogenous ‘intoxication’ when working in the same office, living in the same household or even attending the same day care or school. And one suffers with specific symptoms and then all of the sudden another member of the family develops ‘sympathy’ pains or symptoms. What rational person is going to by that. And if measles, chickenpox, and mumps are not true infectious disease pathogens then how is it possible that the almost identical symptoms of an inflammatory nature due to an immunological response just happen to occur in person after person after person.

They discount keen and accurate observation, a hallmark, however, of both homeopathy and acupuncture par excellence and have invented their own theory. No evidence, no proof, just because they believe it to be so.

We have probably tens of if not hundreds of thousands of veterinarian viral disease papers published over decades.


I’m sorry but these men are neither active or competent in treating the causes of disease states and would not last a heartbeat if they actually had to effectively correct issues of either long term or short standing of actual illness in human beings. I most certainly would love to see any of them tackle a 10 year shingles with chronic vesicular eruptions and neuralgic pain.

Modern medicine is full of charlatans, we should not be among them.

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  1. My understanding of people like Dr. Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka, etc. is that they (correctly) believe that one cannot prove a negative and the burden of proof is on those who claim contagion is a real thing which has never been proven in a controlled environment. Correlation is not causation. Perhaps contagion works energetically? We don’t yet know.

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