That Didn’t Age Well: Wuhan Propaganda From MSM Laid Bare

That Didn’t Age Well: Wuhan Propaganda From MSM Laid Bare

Zero Hedge,

28 May, 2021

For nearly 18 months, the mainstream media engaged in journalistic malpractice – quashing any suggestion that COVID-19 could have originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because their arch-nemesis, former President Trump, dared promote this very logical conclusion. Let’s also not forget the deep ties Beijing has formed within the United States, which include universities, entertainment, sports leagues, and of course, Washington DC and its liberal surrogates.

So of course, once the lab-leak theory began to circulate in January, 2020, China’s ‘investments’ in the United States paid off, and the entire liberal media industrial complex furiously peddled the ‘natural origin’ theory, while boldly proclaiming the lab origin hypothesis a ‘debunked conspiracy theory.’ 

Apologies when?

That was until the last two weeks, starting with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) shredding Anthony Fauci over the NIH funding US research within the Wuhan lab, followed by a Wall Street Journal report that three WIV lab workers were hospitalized in December 2019 with COVID-19 symptoms.

And with that, the lab-leak hypothesis was legitimized almost overnight – sending liberal outlets scrambling to quietly append their previous reporting. This flood of hypocrisy was compiled into an epic Twitter thread by journalist Drew Holden:

Meanwhile, a SUPERCUT!

Expect no apologies, of course.

Cover photo via Armstrong Economics

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