The 2009 warning of Jane Burgermeister

The 2009 warning of Jane Burgermeister

Remember Austrian Journalist Jane Burgermeister?
She Forecast The WHO And Globalists Using A BioWeapon Pandemic To Take World Control and Reduce Global Population – Video


Video is with English subtitles as she is speaking in German but below I wrote basically what she was warning about in 2009 after researching & reading all the Globalist documents to know this is a depopulation agenda.

In this talk she is warning about the current (2009) swine flu vaccination but look at what she said and ask yourself if this hasn’t already happened under the CV19 insanity we all experienced over the past 3 years.

Brief summary: Medical journalist Jane Burgermeister exposing the New World Order agenda back in 2009 telling of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION to be the vehicle to unite the world under this NWO government take-over using a future PANDEMIC as the excuse. There is a secret undeclared biological war going on against civilians being waged by a small group against the large majority of billions of people carried out cunningly and deceptively. So what is technically a BIOLOGICAL WEAPON is being sold to us (The public) as a prophylactic and if we don’t take it voluntarily and don’t believe the HYSTERIA of the media, we are finally FORCED to take it.

They are building the infrastructure for FORCED VACCINATIONS. She believes this plan has been thought over for many years in the making. Many health officials have been BOUGHT & PAID$$ for. Janes says that these health authorities in government have access to all the same documents that Jane has collected for her research. An important role of this future PLANDEMIC agenda will be carried out by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA as Jane has learned (2009) that important information NEVER comes from the mainstream media as it is just a PROPAGANDA INSTRUMENT. Media doesn’t report the essential facts but goes over trivial everyday stories so most people are clueless about what is really going on here. She says people need to demand independent scientific evidence that this VACCINE is safe and that it is necessary and if someone is injured by it then appropriate compensation$ is given. It is up to us to tell other people what is going on because it is not being reported in mainstream media. Media just reports of the press releases given to them by the health authorities and they only emphasize the dangers of the virus (Hyping it for FEAR).

Here is another video of Jane Burgermeister (August 2010) speaking in English (Through “WE ARE CHANGE” Austria) only one year later after exposing the New World Order WHO agenda in this video saying she is in danger of being arrested by the police in Austria on trumped up fake charges due to her speaking out about the AGENDA of W.H.O. and the Elites evil plans. She says they are planning more vaccination campaigns. She even talks about Alex Jones being right about the vaccination campaigns.
I tried to download this video but my video downloader won’t let me for some reason.

I didn’t see anything recent from Jane Burgermeister (recent meaning the last 10 years) as many wondered online if she was killed or something. Found this on Wikispooks where she is alive and still warning about the CV19 VAX but she has been completely censored on all the platforms along with her website.

Dr Rima Laibow is another who has been warning for 15+ years after one of her patients (A female head of state back in 2002) told her about the GREAT CULLING or DEPOPULATION AGENDA to get rid of 80-90% of the population. Dr John Coleman in 1994 (Video on my channel) about a depopulation agenda to occur around 2020-2050 by the “COMMITTEE of 300” in his book page 105. Lots of warnings from people of the past who KNEW the agenda as it is no secret but mainstream media will never report it.

Source: SettingBrushfires

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