The 5 Doctors Reconvene to Discuss Transmission Issues

The 5 Doctors Reconvene to Discuss Transmission Issues

The 5 Doctors Reconvene to Discuss Transmission Issues from those Injected with Bioweapons to Those who Refuse the Shots


Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The first video from the 5 doctors discussing the COVID-19 shots as bioweapons, and how they are transmitting something to those who have rejected the shots, has now been viewed by over 878,000 people in the Health Impact News network. See:

URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It

The same group recently joined together minus one (Carrie Madej who reportedly had a family emergency to attend to) to discuss some follow up issues, and announce that they were collecting stories of women who are being affected by this (fertility and reproductive issues).

Dr. Lee Merritt provided more evidence that products have been developed in the past for animals designed to make them infertile and pass something on to other animals who did not come in contact with the agent of sterilization originating in the host animal.

They all agree that unless you realize that these shots are designed as bioweapons for the purpose of reducing the world’s population, that you will never fully understand what these shots and Big Pharma are capable of doing and how to take measures to protect yourself.

In trying to share this video it was blocked by an extension on TWO browsers so I am reposting it here in another browser. Such are the obstacles placed in our way.

2 thoughts on “The 5 Doctors Reconvene to Discuss Transmission Issues

  1. Great thanks for publishing these datas and the 5 doctors ate brave enough. In Germany the public climate gets more and more repressive to talk about this in public. House observations of lawyers, judges become more common

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