The Arctic ice after the second largest cyclone in history

The Arctic ice after the second largest cyclone in history

The Arctic ice after the 

second largest cyclone in 



A 970 mB cyclone, that formed over northeast Siberia and entered the Beaufort 

Sea at the beginning of the week has decimated the already damaged Arctic 

sea ice and threatens, AT THE VERY LEAST, any ice short of the 90N parallel. 

To say any more than that would be educated speculation.

A very impressive <970 mbar cyclone over the Arctic ocean, the sea-ice extent at a record low

Here is my video – 

This is how it looks today.

This was the storm on the 29th July

Sea ice EXTENT is at its all-time low for this time of year.  The 2012 record has been beaten.

Here are some representations of sea ice concentration –

From Climate Reanalyzer

From the University of Bremen

This is the sea ice thickness from the US Navy site. Only the area in turquoise represents thicker ice, of 2 metre thickness.

From this you can see just how quickly a metre of ice can disappear.

This (from Climate Reanalyzer), shows sea ice temperature anomalies.

Most water around the sea ice perimeter is 0-10 degrees Celsius

There is an unprecedented level of surface methane emissions, especially in the Russian Arctic. From CAMS

These photos show just how the ice has broken from the churning action of the storm – NASA Worldview

Zooming in…

From 27 July – the ice is retreating away from the shore of the Canadian north and Greenland.

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