The Danger In The Air

The Danger In The Air

Rainwater Analysis Research by Dr. Geanina Hagimă From Romania Shows Magnetic Nanoparticles And Filaments. Comparison To Clifford Carnicom’s Rainwater Analysis

AUG 22, 2023

A few weeks ago, my Romanian colleague Dr. Geanina Hagimă emailed me regarding her findings of magnetic nanoparticles in rainwater. She published her findings in the Romanian news EXCLUSIV ActiveNews: CE SE AFLĂ ÎN APA DE PLOAIE? PERICOLUL DIN AER. Dr. Geanina Hagimă

In this video she showed how she captured rainwater and showed that the particulate matter is magnetic: Magnetic particles in rainwater. This needs to be considered as we know that many people after C19 bioweapon injection have become magnetic. This may also be accelerated by inhaling magnetic smart dust.

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The laboratory analysis of the rainwater sediment showed Barium, Strontium, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Nickel and Arsenic.

Dr. Hagima knew that Graphene Oxide was magnetic and she wanted to see if this was in the rainwater. She then had electron microscopy and Energy-dispersive X ray spectroscopy (EDS) done. This showed fibers which contained Carbon, Silicon, Aluminum and Iron.

Here is the entire PDF:

Pericolul Din Aer
7.76MB ∙ PDF file



She deducted that these are Carbon Silicon Nanotubes as described in these articles:

Silicon Carbon Nanotubes
53.4KB ∙ PDF file


This is for the assembly of Smart dust: Self-assembling, self-orienting photonic crystals of porous Si

This research shows the self assembly to millimeter size technologies:

Dr. Hagima explains that these Silicon Carbon fibers contribute to sickening the population causing respiratory problems and cancers.

Subsequently she included documentation declassified from the United States and their depopulation agenda from 1977:

Cia Population Control
472KB ∙ PDF file


I sent Dr. Hagima’s research to Clifford Carnicom, since he also has done work on rainwater analysis. He found her results entirely consistent with his research since 1998.

Clifford shared these thoughts with me:

Metals are not supposed to be in rainwater in any significant amounts. But our rain is now polluted so that they are there. None of these metals should theoretically be there, but theory is another matter nowadays. There are some expectations of differences between rural and urban locations, this is an important factor. Cambridge University published books on atmospheric chemistry of rainwater, rural areas should be pretty much clean as a whistle. Urban areas will have some expected pollution, but never anything justified with these metals, such as aluminum, iron, calcium, silicon(metalloid), magnesium, etc. However, none of these findings are any surprise to me. I have found them in my own work years ago.

Here are some of Clifford’s findings:

The Demise of Rainwater, 2016 This analyzed metals content.

Secondary Rainwater Analysis, 2015 This analysis looked at organic and inorganic components

He also discussed possible toxic compounds:

Tertiary Rainwater Analysis, 2015

He found much higher Aluminum levels than recommended by EPA:

Preliminary Rainwater Analysis : Aluminum Concentration, 2015

He also did the environmental filament metal analysis which showed that the filaments contain all the metals that were identified previously.

Metals Testing Report on the “environmental filaments” sample:

Here are the metals found:


Geoengineering is a crime against humanity and our biosphere. The spraying of millions of tons of nano particulate matter that is key to weather warfare – and other nefarious objectives like dimming the sun – needs to stop. Under the cover of sham climate change agenda these people cause the destruction of our biosphere. High Aluminum contents have been shown to ignite trees to massive wildfires. A global effort must come underway to ban all geoengineering operations.

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