One thought on “The differences between Chinese and Western censorship

  1. I remember when the FCC was repealed and it was game over for the “Internet”
    I noticed a big change 2017, and things have only progressed.

    It has always been the DARPA-net. Shared with “The Five Eye’s” and all their “intelligence” agencies. Along with Mossad and whoever else you can think of. “Formerly known as Blackwater,” GSG9, SAS, Inter-Pol, Alphabet agencies galore. Maybe even the French Foreign Legion.

    London had(has?) the most CCTV in the world.
    BBC has stated they will not have any person who has a contrary view on “vaccines.” They admit censorship! All the big MSM have said “~99%” survival rate… Somehow that is being ignored.

    The descriptions above sound like twitter/youtube. Or what I think twitter is like. I don’t use it. But I was shadow banned on youtube, long before I was completely banned.

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