The Dose Makes the Poison

The Dose Makes the Poison

It upsets me no end to share this tragic story with you.

Many of you will be aware, as I was, that Steven ben-Noon’s family had been very, very ill and I had always assume that they had been subject to an attack of some sort.

After almost 2 years Steven shares his story and does it with great care and responsibility – without malice. 

It turns out that Carrie Madej, one of the Five Docs that I have watched  religiously, ignored her own protocol of administering 5 ml of hydrogen peroxide and instead several times suggested a dose 4 times that high to Steven’s father-in-law who already had kidney problems and diabetes.

Dr. Tenpenny recently stated to me when considering Dr. Carrie Madej’s protocol of 21ml of 3% food-grade peroxide to 500ml IV bag that the “Dose makes the poison – 21cc IV would be a poison. It’s the dose” Carrie gave our family 4 times greater than she publicly announced with Dr. Northrop. Two and half months before coming to our home.

I want to make clear that the Nebulizing formula of Carrie Madej mentions in her interview with Dr. Northrop is NOT the same that administered to my father-in-law. Dr. Madej administered eight (8) times greater in her dosage to him. This is a statistically significant difference.

There will be far more information forthcoming


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