The Duran has been busy today

The Duran has been busy today

Russia responds, SBU offices in Kiev hit. Army General Surovikin. US to punish MBS, OPEC. Update 1

Russian MOD hits numerous cities. Air defence failure. Elensky panic, calls EU, NATO. Update 2

Russia Launches Strikes on Ukraine, Retaliation for Crimea Attack; Russia Close to Capture Bakhmut

Russia sends strong message, will they listen?

Kremlin sends a warning w/Tim Kirby (Live)

Scott Ritter: If you go to war with Russia, this is what happens

2 thoughts on “The Duran has been busy today

  1. A report has come in that all the adult diapers on Washington D.C. store shelves have been purchased and a continuing shortage is forecast. In addition, all the men in President Biden’s cabinet are pregnant. These reports have not been verified.

  2. Does anyone have an opinion on the timetable for Italy’s departure from the EU, NATO and its application for membership in the Russian Federation? Apparently the package being offered is very compelling. There could be a last minute rush to join by other nation/states. Climate change has lost its sex appeal and will be soon replaced by regime change. This winter will be a cruel mistress. The WEF is shipping an emergency supply of adult diapers to Washington D.C. in hopes of bolstering its control and agenda. Maternity clothes would be a better idea.

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