The expansion of Brics

The expansion of Brics

It’s Official: “BRICS” Adds Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, and UAE; Will Control 80% of Global Oil

It’s Official: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)  will become full members of BRICS on January 1st 2024.  All totaled, BRICS nations will control eighty percent (80%) of Global Oil and Gas production.

The map below lays out what the newly enlarged BRICS will look like:

Cutting right to the chase, it should be stated that “The-Powers-That-Be (TPTB) cannot survive this without World War 3.

If the current globalist cabal stands back and does nothing as this new Commerce Alliance comes to life, then on January 1, 2024, they may wake up to find that no one in any of the countries shown above, will accept the U.S. Dollar or the EURO as payment for trade in goods and services anymore, because both the Dollar and the EURO are backed by nothing.

They may find that no one around the world is willing to sell oil in US Dollars anymore, and could demand that we convert OUR currency to some other currency to buy oil.

The way the Biden Regime has curtailed our own oil and gas production, we would see shortages and price increases the likes of which has never been seen before.

Since we in the United States do not manufacture much of anything here anymore – because CORPORATE IMBECILES shipped all our manufacturing jobs overseas– we could see our ability to buy things for import-severely curtailed as well.

Let’s not forget Economic Sanctions.   It was the excessive and arbitrary use of economic sanctions by the US, which spurred countries around the world to seek out – and now CREATE — some other means for settling international trade because they got tired of the US imposing Sanctions and forbidding the use of the US Dollar by countries under sanction.

Now that BRICS is creating its own Gold-Backed currency for settlement of international trade debts, the US won’t have any clout anymore because it won’t be able to sanction pretty much anybody.   The US Government will be toothless on economic sanctions . . . but the rest of the world will not.

What if the rest of the world decides it is “Pay Back Time” for the US?   What if THEY impose economic Sanctions upon us??????  The new BRICS organization and its coming currency could make that a reality.

All these facts make clear that the Powers-That-Be simply cannot allow this BRICS to go any further or TPTB will lose their grip on controlling the world.  Some of TPTB are such ego-maniacs, they would rather burn the entire world to the ground rather than lose control over it.

Thus, it seems logical to me, that World War 3 is coming before the end of this year.  Perhaps a lot sooner than that.

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  1. We don’t require money to be gold backed. Money is a man-made tool for facilitating production and its distribution wherever required. Without an efficient money system no modern economy could exist. The biggest present problem is that virtually all money is created by the mostly private banks and only rented to society in the form of loans to businesses and loans to consumers because as things function there is always a consumer shortage of purchasing power issued by the production system to cover the costs of all production so consumers are forced to borrow from the banks, principally by mortgages, but also personal loans. Proper and honest annual national balance sheets need to be done for each nation as well as profit and loss accounts. Private companies must do this by law so why not governments? Let’s stop worshipping money and gold or silver and see money for what it really is: an accounting system and the creation of money should not be under the ownership of a handful of power-crazed global maniacs.

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