The Freedom To Choose Clean Blood

The Freedom To Choose Clean Blood

Sam and Cole want to ensure their baby Will – who’s 4 months old and needs open heart surgery – has un-jabbed blood.

But the government’s Blood Bank won’t allow them that human right of the freedom to choose what goes in Will’s body.

Will needs the operation urgently. The Starship medics are refusing to help the family in their hour of dire need.

They say jabbed blood or no operation for Will.

To support the Savage-Reeves family’s ongoing medical costs (plus the huge stress of this situation) please consider donating to:

Name: Samantha Savage
Account Number: 06-0663-0388886-00

Share this video if you can, we need as many people who are aware of this story as possible.

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You know, a few years ago none of this would’ve mattered because there wasn’t the problem that there is.

But now, it’s critical. It all matters. It matters to everyone in our society that they have a freedom of choice. That’s been completely taken away by the governments and the so-called powers.

Most of us have made a freedom of choice, but this baby doesn’t seem to qualify to have freedom of choice. They want to conduct medical experiments on him with unknown results. We’re not prepared for that. We’re not prepared to just offer our baby up to experimentation, and I know no one else would be.

We’re standing not only for him but for all of us.





Ardern’s Will is Ill Will for Will – Baby Will’s Life at the Mercy of the Court

Watch broadcast HERE

WILL SAVAGE-REEVES a 4mth-old from New Zealand requires open heart surgery, for this, he will require a blood transfusion.

Will’s parents wish for their baby son to receive ‘unvaccinated’ blood.

Auckland hospital intends to undertake the surgery using ‘VACCINATED’ blood and have taken a case against the parents to the high court. They are seeking the removal of the parents’ right to choose.

This story has now gone global with many weighing in on the case. The High Court of New Zealand has deferred this case to Tuesday, 06th December 2022 where both sides will present their arguments.

The Blood Bank and the Auckland Hospital have refused their request for direct donor unvaccinated blood, for which they have 20+ willing and suitable donors on standby.

In this episode we have a discussion with Liz Gunn about the work she has done with Will and his family.

We play clip from two interviews with the family and play the second one in full at the end. (At the 50 minute mark)

We also serve notice to the MSM and call on the truth and freedom community to unite to save this baby’s life. We also call out and challenge ‘The Platform’, a podcast that portrays itself to be different from the mainstream media hacks, but its actions seem anything but.

This is a time-sensitive and desperate situation where any further delays could be life-threatening.

New Zealand Outdoors & Freedom Party’s co-leader Sue Grey was in court in her capacity as a lawyer this morning defending the family.

Please share as widely as you can to raise awareness and STOP this insanity!

Live stream replay Court hearing for Baby Will and the rights of the parents to specify blood

Listen to the vaccinologists and the ‘experts’ if you like

Immunisation expert on facts of vaccination and blood donation

The Immunisaton Advisory Centre is reassuring people there are no safety concerns with blood from donors who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

It comes as the parents of a four-month-old baby are refusing to treat their child’s severe heart disease because they don’t want to use blood from people who have had the Covid-19 vaccine.

Immunisation Advisory Centre medical director and vaccinologist Nikki Turner told Checkpoint blood from a person vaccinated against Covid-19 was not contaminated in anyway.

Rather, it contains the body’s immune response to the protein that is on the virus, which is similar to what a person infected with Covid-19 would have in their blood too, Dr Turner said.

“That’s the same [for] any virus we’re exposed to, Covid or any other virus. So from a science point of view, there are no concerns here.

“The code that you injected into the person that receives the vaccine is removed very quickly within a few days. So that’s not there, it’s the immune response that the body reacts to.”

There was also no scientific evidence to suggest the blood of people vaccinated against Covid-19 posed a risk to children, she said.

“There’s no science reason why there would be [a risk]. If you work through the explanation of how vaccines work, there’s no scientific reason why there would be a risk.”

Blood donations were carefully screened for safety and to ensure it was a match to the recipient, she said.

“We’ve got to watch out that there’s no viruses you know, for example, HIV or Hepatitis virus. 

“New Zealand has a safety process that we have set up and developed over years.”

For people who may still have concerns about the safety of donated blood from people who have had the vaccine, Dr Turner advised them to talk to someone they trusted who was a professional in the field.

“The scientific community in general has been watching incredibly closely for the safety of these mRNA vaccines. 

“I think people need to talk to someone they feel they can trust to talk through these issues … talk to a health person with knowledge and with understanding, that can genuinely work through your concerns.

“There’s a lot of myths and scary stuff out there for people and oh my goodness, I get it, and we can really easily go down these rabbit holes, but I think it requires [people] to work through [the science and concerns] step by step and to re-establish a bit of trust.”

The legal aspects of the case

Te Whatu Ora is making an application under the Care of Children Act regarding the baby who is at the centre of the debate and needs open heart surgery.

It is asking that the baby be placed under the guardianship of the court.

Te Whatu Ora then wants the court to appoint the doctors as agents of the court for medical care, and the parents agents of the court for all other care.

Both the agency and the parents say the matter is urgent and are attempting to organise mediation before a hearing next week.

Liberty Law medical lawyer Rebecca Keenan, who is also a former nurse, told Checkpoint health officials could intervene if the condition of the baby deteriorates.

“The courts would much rather that the medical team and the child’s parents come to an agreement over how they can move forward,” Keenan said.

“But obviously the doctors are saying that in this case, for this young child … his life is hanging by a thread and that we don’t have the time anymore to try and get to an equal situation where we both agree on what can happen,” she said.

“And in those situations the courts will generally preside on the side of the doctors because our law says that the best interests of the child is paramount.”

The period that the order would be in place for, if the court does side with the doctors, would be guided by what the health board had submitted in its application, Keenan said.

“Really it’s guided by the doctors’ specialist knowledge as to where it starts and finishes, but I would say it seems to be a question over that they don’t want them to have blood by people who have potentially had the Covid vaccination, so that’s fairly limited, so it may just be for the surgery itself and the post-operative immediate care.”

The courts would still weigh up the parents’ position, regardless of whether it was proven fact or not, similarly to considerations for religious beliefs, she said.

“A lot of people would say that for religious beliefs that there’s no foundation for it, but this is the parents’ firmly held belief that they are acting in the best interests of the child and the courts would just weigh that up. 

“I suppose you could say that as a fact that would make the health board’s case stronger because they would be saying to the judge, ‘well, we’re saying that though they have this fear, which is a legitimate fear for them, the science doesn’t back up that fear and because of that we’re saying the risks involved are so minor that you should be deciding the best interests of this child to have the blood that we’re saying is safe for this child’.”

One thought on “The Freedom To Choose Clean Blood

  1. Parents refuse to let doctors use vaccinated blood in life-saving surgery on their baby boy because they think the Covid vaccine is ‘experimental’
    Katy5, Katoomba, Australia, 3 hours ago
    There are unvaccinated donors in place. Just use them and get on with it.
    Stuey19, Mount Gambier, Australia, 3 hours ago
    What is wrong with that? Good on them for having common sense
    TaraR, Australia, Australia, 3 hours ago
    They’ve got got their own donors, problem solved IMO. The hospital shouldn’t even be taking this to court.
    Diyed Sudenly, I Am The New Normal, Australia, 3 hours ago
    If they have the doners lined up then LET THEM USE THAT BLOOD. Its not like they do not have a plan!
    Hi-Yo Silver, Reform UK vs WEF Tory puppets, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
    Give the baby some unvaccinated blood then, there will be some available, but I think the powers that be will want to be obstructive for the sake of being obstructive.

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