The Google censors have been working overnight

The Google censors have been working overnight

I woke up this morning to 1,2,3,4,5 … SIX notifications from Blogger (e. Google) that they have either removed or put a warning before people open the site, 

These are all removed on the grounds that the material is “sensitive” or goes against “community standards”.

In not one case do they say the material is factually false.

It seems that anything that is TRUE goes against “community standards”.  They say that certain items, many dated back to 2011-12 have “been flagged”. 

Here is an example:

I strongly suspect that this is not any individuals complaining but artificial intelligence scanning the site (but then, they could so flag almost any material on that basis) based on them  removing the following item from 2012.

Is this just the beginning of the internet being scrubbed?

Here is the original item. Can you imagine?!

Occupy’s Greatest Enemy: The Black Block

Yesterday was declared by our truthful, honest, and independent media to be “the day which would make or break the occupy movement.”

The black block chose, once again, to infiltrate an Occupy action and use it as a platform for violence. They’ve been a problem before. On the last big national day of action, this happened:.

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