The harrowing story of vaccine injury and denial by the medical authorities

The harrowing story of vaccine injury and denial by the medical authorities

WARNING:  This is truly harrowing but is direct evidence that the same is happening in New Zealand hospitals as elsewhere in the world.

And it is terrible

Anna Hodgkinson recalls her harrowing experiences supporting her daughter Casey- with Liz Gunn

Anna Hodgkinson speaks with Liz Gunn.

Anna’s daughter Casey was excited to get the first jab..

Casey has been in a wheelchair since.

Anna has witnessed the medical professional minimizing and denying her daughter’s symptoms, post taking the 1st d* of the Pfizer vaccine.

This is Anna’s story.

Please email if you have a similar story.

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2 thoughts on “The harrowing story of vaccine injury and denial by the medical authorities

  1. I am appalled at what you are going through. The medical profession are in denial that there is a problem. I am a homeopath, have been curing people for 45 years of things the doctors couldn’t help. We have effective remedies that have been researched that should help the vaccine damaged. Doctors don’t have a clue. Our remedies are safe and non-toxic. I live in the South Island but there must be a homeopath up there, or I could send you some of the remedies. I also have worked out remedies to stop the Vax when someone HAS to have it.
    Please, this is not a con. I’m not asking for anything at all except to help you. I have a daughter in Auckland with 3 grandchildren and I sent them prevention remedies some time ago. They haven’t caught Covid. If it would help, I could give you her phone number and you could speak to her. She would tell you I’m not just some well-meaning ineffectual twit. That what I do is effective. And not just me. There are other homeopaths around though I don’t know the best Auckland ones nowadays.
    My deepest sympathy.
    Sending love ❤ at least.

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