The idiocy of the vaccinated

The idiocy of the vaccinated

I live a reasonably sheltered life but in the cases where people in my social sphere have had the jab they have felt the need to tell the whole world (even with selfies) and are unnaturally happy about their choice, always pointing out that they had no side-effects.

These people are beyond redemption and sadly we must lament what they are bound to going through in the coming months and years.

No more so than my own brother who was already unsufferable before all this being addicted to trying to provoke me into argument and thriving on it.

Yesterday he sent me an article, a tract that more or less said in so many words that NZ Maori were “civilised” for their own good but ceded their sovereignty to the British crown. It was in my mind,  in essence a call for racial war. 

I was wondering how I might respond but decided instead to send the following: 

Seeing you like to send me provocational material I will return the favour.

You might actually learn something. All the evidence is there if you ever chose to follow it.

His considered response to this was:


I just cant believe you…. What spurred that? What “provocative stuff” did I send you ? I really think you are on the Aspergers syndrome spectrum,

You are not normal.  So what was I to learn from that?

Very very odd

Not as odd as him!


3 thoughts on “The idiocy of the vaccinated

  1. Try not to let this stress you out Robin. Most of the ones who embrace the vax are solidly committed to their decision. Any change of mind must come from within themselves and their own research. Or in your case perhaps a form of sibling rivalry.
    As for the Aspergers accusation, those on ‘the spectrum’ are actually more prone to accepting the word of authority. They like things nice and neat – any deep frightening research that might shake their world view is to be avoided at all cost.
    Health wise, your brother might be okay. He said he had no symptoms. I’m hearing (Mikovitz and Fitts) that there are different versions of the vaxine within each batch. Some are saline, so maybe your brother lucked out and got one of those. (You may have read about the whole batch of saline injections found in Georgia, US that had been inadvertently given to the general public, when most likely they were for higher up officials.)

    1. From how you describe Aspergers it sounds like him, which wouod be yet another example of the mental projection he constantly indulges in.

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