The Killing Fields of Samoa

The Killing Fields of Samoa

What happened in Samoa in 2019 and why is it so important now?

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We’re going back in time today… not all the way back to Ingersoll Lockwood times but just a little bit. To 2019. Just before the “COVID-19 pandemic”. Our location? The beautiful islands of Samoa.

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And you’re asking “What are you talking about? What happened in Samoa?”.

A lot happened. All in one month in November 2019 – just before the PANDEMIC™ struck, and you will see that the similarities with the PANDEMIC™ are eerie – down to the same forced lockdowns and forced vaccinations that were only ever intended to enforce medical fascism on a population – because every pandemic plan document prior to 2020 said they were not helpful to contain a viral outbreak.

So let’s then turn to Samoa (and neighbouring Fiji and Tonga) in 2019. Here is the timeline

April 2019 – MMR relaunched in Samoa after a pause on the vaccination program in 2018 after two vaccine-related deaths of children. The vaccine program was poorly received by the Samoan population and uptake was low.
1st Oct 2019 – UNICEF delivered 135,000 doses of measles vaccines to Fiji, 110,500 doses of measles vaccines to Samoa (as well as supplies of vitamin A) and 12,000 doses of measles vaccines to Tonga
18th Oct 2019 – Samoa declares a measles outbreak.
24th Oct 2019 – Tonga declares a measles outbreak.
7th Nov 2019 – Fiji declares a measles outbreak (archive here)
15th Nov 2019 – State of emergency declared in Samoa after 1000 cases and 15 deaths (of which 14 were children under five)

Immediately the propaganda machine moves into action making the world believe that the problem is the fact that Samoa – for one year only – had a lower vaccination rate than the neighbouring islands…

Other estimates of vaccine coverage in the region actually put Fiji and Tonga at nearly 100% and the coverage in Samoa reached 100% in 2013 following which it started dropping. In other words, if the vaccines were working as promised herd immunity should have been reached years before. In fact, despite global vaccination rates over 80% it appears that the herd immunity promise has never eventuated for measles.

Confirmation of this was of course the fact that Fiji and Tonga both had measles outbreaks despite reported vaccination rates of near 100% – so the vaccines didn’t prevent a massive bout of infections at all.

Twitter avatar for @samoagovt

Government of Samoa @samoagovt
A total of 32,743 vaccinations were completed before the Mass Vaccination Campaign. Since the activation of the Campaign on 20 November 2019, the Ministry has successfully vaccinated 17,088 individuals. Free vaccinations continue to be administered for the below target groups

And in fact, there was a mass vaccination campaign which had already provided 32,743 vaccinations (mostly children) before the outbreak – for a population of 200,000 people, of whom there are approximately 20,000 under-5s. In other words, enough of the Samoan population had been vaccinated by 2019 that they should have been “protected” from a fatal measles outbreak.

Samoa single age population pyramid 2020.png

By Sdgedfegw – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

So why was the Samoan outbreak such a problem that it was reported worldwide while the Fiji/Tongan outbreaks were ignored? Well, kids were dying. A lot. In fact, the death rate in the Samoan measles outbreak of November 2019 was 40 times the usual death rate for measles in developed countries.

Wait, what? Here’s the official chart as at Dec 8, 2019 from the Samoan govt twitter feed when the population was “90% vaccinated”


In the under 10 category this was 62 deaths out of 2898, which is 2.1%1. The typical death rate for measles in “Developed economies” is 0.05%. Here is a review from 2009 but there have been similar reviews since.

Measles case fatality ratios: a comprehensive review 2009
160KB ∙ PDF File


International Journal of Epidemiology 2009;38:192–205

I’ve chosen an earlier review on purpose, despite the fact that it was funded by the WHO. It is hard to find a later review not funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The authors concluded that there was trend to lower CFR (case fatality rate) in vaccinated populations but it wasn’t definitive and there may also have been a benefit of Vitamin A supplementation. The biggest underlying association with reported CFRs was in fact where the study was done, with rural and and urban areas showing higher CFRs on the basis that they were biased towards areas with a higher incidence of measles outbreaks.

We can assume therefore that the true CFR for measles should be much lower than 1%, in healthy populations irrespective of vaccination uptake. In fact the measles vaccination is supposed to prevent outbreaks (i.e. infection) rather than the complications of the outbreak (e.g. death and pneumonia). It is therefore interesting to see what happens in completely unvaccinated populations and why victims might die – a clue given in this study

The point being, that a rational overview of measles death rates should assess the medical care given to measles cases rather than simply relying on vaccination alone as a method to control measles fatalities. To underpin the point, despite measles vaccination programs reaching nearly every community of every country in the world, what is happening to the death rates from measles?

Astute readers would have already guessed this headline


So there are two aspects to the devastating and fatal Samoa outbreak

  1. Why did a measles outbreak occur in 3 neighbouring islands at the same time, just weeks after a delivery of UNICEF vaccines to those very islands?
  2. Why did the death rate in the Samoan outbreak reach such high levels far in excess of what would be expected in a country with access to healthcare?

Well for (1) it is clear that the vaccine wasn’t effective at preventing the outbreaks, which means that either the measles vaccines don’t work (not just the current one they provided but those from the years prior that were supposed to give herd immunity) – or there was a new strain of measles introduced that was not covered by the vaccines.

For (2) it is reasonably clear from reports on the ground that there were major issues getting hold of medical treatments for those affected. It’s really worth watching this episode of The Highwire from Dec 2019 which gives a very different view of the situation than the government and WHO reported.

The takeaway from reports in Samoa at the time was that basic medical care, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C and other supportive measures, was denied to the children of Samoa. It is almost as if it was necessary that a lot of children died to promote a narrative that then required government intervention “to sort out the problem”. To be clear, those children didn’t need to die. They died because the government needed to convince the population that they were in charge and dissent was not allowed. Governments do this.

In any case the desired intervention came swiftly in early December.

What is it that this “crazy anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist” is claiming? Vitamin A and vitamin C treats measles? That’s crazy, right?


Just to clarify, it’s better that children don’t get measles at all but if they do, the correct supportive measures (as you would get in “developed” countries which still get measles despite 95%+ vaccination rates) reduce the risk of death. That’s also according to the WHO

Of course, Vitamin A supplementation became an “anti-vaxx conspiracy theory” in December despite the fact that UNICEF delivered vitamin A supplements to Samoa in November.

Twitter avatar for @unicefaustralia

UNICEF Australia @unicefaustralia
Health & communication staff were sent by @UNICEF to Samoa to boost the govt’s immunization campaign, delivering (as at Tues) 110,500 vaccine doses & 30,000 Vitamin A tablets. Vaccines also sent to to Tonga, Fiji and N… @dfat #AustralianAid #VaccinesWork

And in typical fashion, the very same twitter voices whose sole purpose was to remove accounts like ours providing this kind of additional (and potentially lifesaving) information in the COVID era were at it in the Samoa disaster.

Twitter avatar for @IsCoolScience

Rod Cook @IsCoolScience
All you #AntiVaxxer Karens on Social Media sharing info about #Samoa, #Measles & #VitaminA, have any of you even even been to Samoa, and have any of the serology of those Samoan people you want to give Vitamin A to, to determine that each of them is Vitamin A deficient?

Yeah, I know, predictable huh?

Isn’t this just the same scenario we have seen over the last 3 years?

  1. A viral outbreak suspiciously appears
  2. Repurposed and safe drugs (including vitamins) are denied as adjunctive treatment to people who would likely benefit from them at zero risk
  3. The vaccine people come along to pretend to save the day (and likely make the situation worse because vaccinating the population during an outbreak is usually a really bad idea)
  4. Social media nudge units move into action to denigrate anybody suggesting anything other than what BigPharma and BigGovt suggest as the solution, then many more people die than should have.

I will take this opportunity to point out that these nudge units are insidious. They are the dark side of science and medicine and whilst they are allowed to do what they do, often sponsored by governments (as a means to coercive control of the population), people will continue to be forced into medical interventions in a way that is no different to that of Nazi Germany. The result has been an excessive level of death around the world and I want to reinforce that without these parasite foot soldiers of the nudge units, many hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been prevented. I have been writing about them for over a year.

Image of David Gruen

It is really worth your time to read the whole transcript of this grub’s speech. It is typical of the elitism that we are faced with, underpinned by the banks and the WEF. Remember that these people think that you (the proletariat) should not have a vote and you are useless eaters. Therefore your opinion is irrelevant and they will decide what is best for you.

It got worse in Samoa because, once the unusual and unusually deadly measles outbreak happened, things escalated quickly. What did the Samoan government do? They mandated measles vaccination and brought in the Chinese army to help (note that any reference to the Chinese army’s presence in Samoa has been scrubbed from the internet2). The population was told to put a red flag outside their house to identify them as unvaccinated. Are you getting the Warsaw-ghetto picture now?

In fact it was so bad that there was a campaign against it on twitter using the hashtag #NaziSamoa. Good luck finding any dissenting tweets with that reference now.

And of course, to “nudge” any Samoan dissenters into the government directive, the government also locked the country down with school closures and bans on gatherings. Sound familiar?

Is this the final piece of the puzzle?

There is one piece of the puzzle of Samoa that has been bothering me. That is, why did a relatively vaccinated population manage to fare so badly with a measles outbreak? In order for that to happen it had to be an unusual strain. However, the official line was that the strain was a D8 strain, not a “vaccine-related A strain”.

What has always niggled me is that I have not been able to find any genomic confirmation of the Samoa measles strain in Genbank. The only strain documented from 2019 is from Western Samoa, not Samoa. So how do we know that it was a “natural” measles strain? We don’t.

Now comes the insidious bit. The bit that links the fact that there is emerging evidence that SARS-CoV-2 appeared before December 2019.

Imagine that the world’s worst psychopaths (that is, gain-of-function virologists3) were to create a chimaera of one of the most infectious viruses known to man (aka measles) and SARS-Cov-2. Well they did it, and I’ve been banging on about it for a year. It’s this little gem:

The first reported death with a positive diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 infection in Samoa was from "a 67-year-old with multiple ailments", indicating that this may have been representative of the base rate of death only given that the first community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Samoa is said to begin in 18/03/2022--"death with SARS-CoV-2" instead of "death from SARS-CoV-2".
Prior to this date (18/03/2022 is approximately when Omicron 21K+21L have completely replaced all other lineages globally according to NextStrain data, American Samoa has an earlier date of their first sample, in 10/01/2022), Samoa has no report of community cases, no deaths, despite beginning to report imported cases as early as November 2020.

Psychopaths are often proud of their work. Hence they like to author it

That’s right. A measles-SARS-CoV-2 chimera. The measles component is supposedly taken from this paper and uses a construct from Roberto Cattaneo (Genbank MH144178) published in 2015. So, why would they use this one?

The publication is marked Dec 2020 but it was submitted in July 2020 and included mice studies, which usually take months. It’s therefore very possible – and entirely in keeping with Baric’s MO – that this construct was made before December 2019.

Now, that strain is supposed to be an inactive strain A measles. The only problem is that, when we run a BLAST on this strain (or on the Chimera) we get a pretty good match to a D8 strain measles – apart from multiple SNPs (which can be induced in a lab by additives such as APOBEC protein or molnupiravir). In other words, it is quite possible that this “vaccine strain” was the novel strain of measles affecting Samoa. Of course, I’m happy to be proven wrong if anyone has the genomic sequence of the Samoa strain to prove it (they don’t).

So… here we have a very unusual set of circumstances. Let me recap:

  1. An unusually virulent measles outbreak occurs in 3 neighbouring Pacific islands after delivery of a vaccine from UNICEF
  2. On one of the islands, the death rate of the outbreak is unusually high (and of the order of magnitude of the first COVID wave)
  3. The outbreak is used to test the compliance of the population for lockdowns and forced vaccinations. There is very little resistance.
  4. Around the time of this outbreak, Ralph Baric – implicated in the origin of SARS-Cov-2 – is involved in the construction4 of an unusual measles-coronavirus chimera in which the measles component is homologous to strain D8 measles (the strain declared in Samoa).
  5. When Samoa gets its first official wave of COVID infections there are no deaths suggesting a prior immunity5.


And what does this all prove?

Nothing. It proves nothing. But what is does is ask this question:

Was Samoa the testing ground for a release of a SARS-like coronavirus in November 2019 – via a UNICEF sponsored vaccine – that proved that the population of the world could be intimidated and coerced into accepting mandatory vaccinations?

Given the way the WHO, UNICEF, the WEF and the UN have conducted themselves over the last 3 years – I think we all know the answer, don’t we?

If you were Samoa in November 2019 and have any more information, please drop a comment below. In the meantime…




Although the Chinese army’s direct involvement in Samoa has been scrubbed from the internet, China’s involvement the Western Pacific’s measles vaccination program has not. Note the involvement of the World Bank.


Yes, gain-of-function virologists are psychopaths. Not only do they not give a shit about whether their creations escape but they have no difficulty lying about them, and express no emotion when people die as a result. The people that cover up for them are just as bad. You know who you are.


I’ll direct the reader to this very important post regarding the origins of COVID

Arkmedic’s blog
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I’ve been meaning to write this blog for ever. Well, at least since Prashant Pradhan (a wonderful, honest and brave genomics scientist) raised the possibility back in February 2020 that the SARS-Cov2 virus was man made. And we have seen multiple confirmatory pieces that the virus was made in a lab, one of the better ones here on…
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A solid summary of this is provided by our great friend and proteomics guru Daoyu Zhang on the micevmutton telegram group here. He points to the unusually low death rate from COVID in Samoa recorded at ourworldindata here.

In addition the first recorded case of COVID in Samoa was in November 2020 – nearly a year later than China.

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