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The Latest from Guy Hatchard

New Zealand’s repressive regime continues to withhold information and refuses to investigate vaccine harms

One of the most effective ways to repress occupied populations is to cut out sources of information and remove the possibility of investigation. When reprisals against resistors caused public outrage in 1941, Hitler devised the Nacht und Nebel (Night and Fog) policy. Henceforth the fate of captured resistors, whether they were dead or alive, would be withheld from their dear ones and the public, who, living in dread, did not know whether to protest or hope. Inevitably, news of their cruel fate eventually leaked out.

Here is a personal family story of cardiac vaccine injury from the USA. You may have read similar stories, especially if you have searched for them. I am concerned here to point out the similarities and differences between the approach of the US medical services in this case and those here in New Zealand.

By Dr. Guy Hatchard

Emily’s sister, Jordan (age 26), reported to her GP with tachycardia – a very fast heart rate – after her first J&J jab. Jordan was rapidly transferred to hospital for assessment. Later Emily’s child, Aiden (age 14), reported to hospital with chest pains after his second Pfizer jab. At the hospital, both were extensively tested. 

The doctors ordered an echocardiogram – ultrasound of the heart – for Jordan and saw a pericardial effusion – fluid around the heart. It progressed, and she then was diagnosed with pericarditis – inflammation of the sack-like membrane surrounding the heart – due to the J&J vaccine. The doctors issued Jordan with an exemption from further covid vaccination.

Aiden’s assessment by emergency department doctors revealed abnormal ECG – a test measuring electrical signals of the heart – and elevated troponin, an enzyme suggesting heart damage. At that point, Aiden was diagnosed with “vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

It is now a year since these incidents. Emily reports she is incredibly thankful for their medical care staff, the actions of Aiden’s cardiologist and other specialists, and the ongoing care through the year-long road to recovery. She has not received any compensation. Emily publicised their story, she reports:

“I truly expected some compassion and empathy, instead I was met with labels, accusations and blocks. I’m sad to say the bulk of it has come from the Twitter medical community. I find it beyond hypocritical to support a vaccine and deny the existence of the vaccine-injured, especially with clear causation.”

The vaccine-injured here in New Zealand will empathise with the abuse and the lack of compensation but will look with envy at the rapid issue of vaccine exemptions and the outstanding level of medical care and support.

The NZ government deliberately hid information about vaccine safety

Early on, our government appeared to decide to ignore the safety recommendations of Pfizer itself. Pfizer was advising that vaccine exemptions be granted to anyone with injuries subsequent to inoculation or with a health history of allergic reactions or adverse responses to other vaccines. Our government began by refusing almost all applications for vaccine exemption from people in these categories. 

Simultaneously the government publicly maintained that mRNA vaccines were entirely “safe and effective.” GPs who told patients of risks and advised caution put themselves at risk of public censure and even expulsion from the medical profession. Some were actually struck off.

Our Ministry of Health (“MoH”) delayed warning District Health Boards of the risk of myocarditis until mid-December 2021 – nine months after the start of the vaccine rollout in late February 2021 and at least six months after they were first made aware of the problem. This MoH warning incorrectly described vaccine-induced myocarditis as rare and generally mild. 

As a result, there was an obvious incentive right from the start of the vaccine rollout for GPs and medical staff at hospitals to ignore alarming cardiac symptoms and fail to order necessary investigative tests. Instead, blaming it on anxiety and sending patients home with ibuprofen.

As of November 2022, there have been 13,000 cases of chest pain and 7,500 cases of shortness of breath, both known symptoms of myocarditis, reported to CARM (Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring) in Dunedin. Reporting is voluntary and Medsafe itself estimates that only 5% of reactions are reported. Medsafe has still not acknowledged a connection between these reported reactions and mRNA Covid vaccination, except in a very small number of cases of myocarditis. 

The reports include 184 deaths. As of November 2022, only two of these deaths have been acknowledged as connected to myocarditis due to vaccination. The rest have been vaguely labelled as “unlikely” to be connected to vaccination.

Up to December 2022, the Accident Compensation Commission (“ACC”) has received 3,326 claims for vaccine injury. 40% (1,349) of these have been accepted and 60% rejected. To make an application for compensation you must have the support of your doctor and other relevant specialists – doctor reluctance to become involved is the main reason why so few affected people have been able to lodge ACC claims. Only 152 of the accepted claims are for cardiac injury, among the rest approximately 450 (1/3) appear to be due to accidental injury sustained as a result of errors in the actual process of administering the vaccine.

Our government has resolutely maintained a level of controlled silence about the fate of those seriously affected by vaccination. Credible reports circulating privately indicate the Ministry of Health went to great lengths to erroneously assure parents of children and teenagers who died suddenly following vaccination that these events could not possibly be related to the vaccine. These extreme efforts at suppression were undoubtedly aimed at reducing vaccine hesitancy among the young and possibly silencing parental concerns. Yet studies published by mid-2021 indicated that young people were especially vulnerable to vaccine-induced cardiac injury. Early figures which have since become highly verified by more research.

The German policy of Nacht und Nebel in occupied France came to an end in late 1943 when an official in Auschwitz accidentally sent a death notice to the family of a French woman detained for her activities in the resistance. The French national conscience was awakened and outraged. Demands were issued to know the fate of thousands of detainees. In fact, the vast majority of those held under Nacht und Nebel had perished. Knowing that they were going to lose the war and perhaps worried about retribution, German authorities relented, improving French prisoner conditions and allowing parcels to be sent and letters exchanged with the surviving prisoners – this did not happen for imprisoned Jews, Gypsies, and Russians.

The extremely low figures for vaccine injury admitted so far in NZ are in stark contrast to those reported in a preprint paper published two weeks ago in The Lancet by the NZ Ministry of Health. This found statistically significant rates of myocarditis and acute kidney injury (AKI) due to mRNA vaccination. There were 1,778 extra kidney injuries involving hospitalisation and 229 extra cases of myocarditis or pericarditis involving hospitalisation within 21 days of receiving a shot. That is a startling injury rate of approximately 1 in every 2,000 vaccine recipients. 

Up to this point, the MoH has only admitted injury rates of 3 in every 100,000 vaccine recipients. Accordingly, the study points to a rate of injury 16 times higher than previously acknowledged, but that only covers injuries involving hospitalisations within 21 days of the jab. Injuries emerging over a longer term remain uninvestigated by the MoH. Nor does the study take account of the effect of a presumption of safety on the hospitalisation rates and the lack of routine testing for cardiac injury.

How did the government manipulate public information?

Until now, many have believed that New Zealand rates of vaccine injury are low and not cause for too much alarm. In fact, Medsafe Safety Reports now appear to be entirely misleading. From the start the New Zealand government and its medical service instituted a strict policy to suppress information about the extent and nature of vaccine injury, whilst simultaneously coercing universal covid vaccination compliance. How did they do that? Through government messaging which: 

  • Repeatedly rated the Pfizer vaccine completely “safe and effective.”
  • Assured the public Covid vaccines would prevent transmission, infection, and serious illness
  • Strongly discouraged doctors from issuing vaccine exemptions.
  • Threatened GPs advising patients to be cautious, with disbarment.
  • Mandated government employees to vaccinate or face dismissal.
  • Strongly encouraged private companies to mandate employees.
  • Failed to advise GPs of any known adverse effects of covid vaccination.
  • Labelled the unvaccinated a danger to public health and source of disinformation – equating it with terrorism.
  • Estimated, incorrectly, that the Pfizer vaccine would prevent tens of thousands of otherwise inevitable deaths

The net effect on public health was to create the impression among doctors, health professionals, and the general public that;

  • Almost all health complaints following vaccination were unrelated or imaginary.
  • Consequently, any adverse effects were likely due to anxiety and would dissipate quickly without investigation or special treatment.
  • Any reports by doctors of vaccination injury might create a black mark against their record.
  • The Pfizer mRNA vaccine was not experimental and had been fully tested over a long period.
  • Any spread of covid in the general population should be regarded as facilitated by unvaccinated persons.

The government also spent big on media support for a pro-vaccine stance, paid very generous per person fees to GPs administering vaccines, and rewarded organisations and individuals bringing people into vaccination centres. We now know the government also ignored safety concerns raised by CVTAG (Covid Vaccine Technical Advisory Group). 

So why did they adopt this extreme position and ignore early warning signs of high rates of vaccine injury? The alarming Pfizer post-marketing vaccine assessment was completed and distributed by Pfizer at the end of April 2021 to governments with whom they had contractual arrangements. We presume this includes NZ.

The public heard nothing about it. Why? 

We can only speculate. Early in the pandemic, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described daily discussions over breakfast with former Prime Minister Helen Clark. On 9 July 2020 the World Health Organization (“WHO”) appointed Clark as co-chair of a panel reviewing the WHO’s handling of the covid-19 pandemic and the response of governments to the outbreak.

Throughout 2021, Clark was a high-profile proponent of universal covid vaccination. As late as September 2021, Clark was strongly advising the NZ public that the covid vaccines were completely safe and universally effective.

Ardern met Bill and Melinda Gates during a trip to New York in 2019. In November 2020, Melinda Gates furthered the association making an impassioned plea to Ardern to support covid vaccination. The pair teleconferenced. Gates said “the US, and the world, saw New Zealand’s response and PM Ardern’s leadership as an exemplar.” Ardern replied “I am happy to assist.” 

Was the extreme position on vaccination taken by Ardern and her government a response to Gates’ request that NZ become an exemplar? Were there incentives to do so? Or was the kudos enough to push Ardern towards the world’s most coercive mandates? Was this the reason for withholding information about vaccine injury from the public?

Whilst Ardern became the global poster child of universal vaccination and extreme lockdowns, she didn’t do it alone. All the opposition parties, in awe of Ardern’s poll support and the high rates of vaccination, joined in with calls for more extreme measures, including Chris Luxon, leader of the National Party and James Shaw, leader of the Greens. Director General of Health Dr. (now Sir) Ashley Bloomfield personally made it his business to refuse vaccine exemptions in most cases. In fact, the few exemptions granted were only postponements. Covid response minister Chris Hipkins (now NZ PM) exceeded Ardern’s doctrines – the two-tier society and the one source of truth – with his own threat to hunt down the unvaccinated. No one from Parliament met the protestors who were demanding transparency, instead turning the hoses on them and calling in riot police to disperse an entirely peaceful and lawful protest.

Andrew Little, former Minister of Health, and Dr. Ayesha Verrall, current Minister of Health and Minister for Covid Response, have both failed to institute investigation into unprecedented rates of excess all-cause mortality – rates which are still continuing. With the data available to them, it would have been very easy to settle any controversy by comparing excess deaths with vaccination status. They were requested to do so on many occasions, but nothing has been done.

We thought we had a culture of openness and transparency in New Zealand, but the government has reversed this. Now is the time to speak up and demand it be restored. Almost 90% of the population got vaccinated in good faith or were coerced by mandates, they mostly remain in ignorance of the injury they risked and, in many cases, suffered. Many believe erroneously that the government was following international covid science publishing, they weren’t. They were pursuing a political agenda and ignoring growing international evidence of the negative impact on public health.

Withholding information and failing to investigate are policies of repressive regimes. The government has failed to publicise the results of the latest MoH investigation of adverse effects of mRNA covid vaccination in New Zealand. The responsibility to do so now falls squarely on the shoulders of our recently appointed Prime Minister Chris Hipkins. For three years he has been closely associated with Covid policy. So far, he has maintained a stiff silence. That is not sufficient to put things right. It does not do justice to those injured or to accepted standards of public health. This has become a defining issue of the modern era. Silence will not draw New Zealand together again as a nation.

About the Author

Guy Hatchard, PhD, was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email. GLOBE.GLOBAL is a website dedicated to providing information about the dangers of biotechnology.

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