The latest from Max Igan

The latest from Max Igan



I’m a clinical lab scientist, Covid-19 is fake, WAKE UP AMERICA

Ricardo Shortie Covid is a hoax:

Should ‘ring vaccination’ begin immediately to bring northern beaches COVID-19 outbreak under control?

Big Tech Faces $2.2 Million Fine Every Time They Censor Free Speech in Poland

WHO warns vaccinated travellers could still need to be quarantined

Black Nurse gets Bell’s Palsy from the Covid-19 Vaccination:

Herd Immunity Can Be Reached if Up to 90 Percent of Americans Receive Vaccine, Fauci Says:

Pigs Catch COVID – UK Bans Free Range Chickens! – War on Meat / Animal Ag:

Hospitals Empty Full Capacity Covid-19 – There is no pandemic, its a global fraud.

Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

STOP The Lockdown NOW! (End track)

Jeff Berwick Channel:

Wikileak Total Data Dump:

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