The leak of top secret American military intelligence documents given to the Ukrainians

The leak of top secret American military intelligence documents given to the Ukrainians

Hal Turner has reported on the leak of top-secret American military intelligence documents but has not acknowledged his source.

It took me about a minute to track down the source, a group of Russian hackers that call themselves Beregini, on Telegram and to find their website.

I have posted Hal Turner’s item below.

How often have you seen real top secret American military intelligence documents? Not those that are shown in Hollywood films, but the real ones that are used in the war? Now we have them too

Many media wrote that US intelligence is transmitting intelligence to our military. About the fact that the Pentagon handed over the materials that led to the death of the Russian military, in particular, the New York Times claims with reference to unnamed high-ranking American officials.

But what kind of data and how these documents look like, until now only a limited circle of people knew. And now we show them to everyone.

Our friends from the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine copy these documents and send them to us. And we see that they are real, because they are sent by different people.

Everyone sees in the news how HIMARS multiple rocket launchers fire missiles at the territory of the DPR, LPR, Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions. At first, many of these missiles were shot down by Russian troops, but now the coordinates of Russian air defense systems and radars are transmitted in such reconnaissance messages. And so our brave VSUshniks see where the weakest defense is.

Today we start publishing these documents. So that everyone can see that it is not our Ukrainian military that are so smart. It is their American masters who are so cunning!

We are Beregini! We know everything!

Yesterday, we started showing documents that US intelligence is handing over to our Ukrainian military. These documents aroused interest among our subscribers, some of them studied them very carefully and showed where which coordinates were issued. Today we have a new batch of US intelligence documents.

The Washington Post wrote that the Americans had banned any information that could help the Armed Forces of Ukraine attack Russian targets outside of Ukraine. But even here, the US military told their journalists a lie. And we will show you the documents that confirm this.

So Russian journalists need to better check information from foreign colleagues. American journalists can also be misled.

Well, at the same time, we will show the documents, from which it will become clear why the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out such a successful operation in the Kharkiv region. Not because they were well prepared. Our military was provided with full information about the Russian grouping by their American masters.

We are Beregini! We know everything!

NATO’s work against the Russian Federation: US intelligence documents that were prepared for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Работа НАТО против РФ: Документы американской разведки, которые готовили для ВСУ

Beregini have a webpage which you can find HERE


Military documents Classified as “SECRET” from NATO, have been revealed publicly, and they show the extent to which NATO is actively assisting Ukraine with targeting info to KILL Russian troops.   The release of these documents proves that NATO is, in fact, an actual facilitator of combat against Russia in Ukraine.  What NATO is doing is actually CAUSING Russian troops to die.

 The documents below were secured by criminal computer hackers working against Ukraine.  The hacker group calls themselves “BEREGINI.”

I have had no contact with anyone from that group and I did not solicit these documents, or participate in any of the efforts which got them.

The Hackers posted the documents publicly on the Internet.   That’s where I got them.

Below, you will see screen shots of SOME of what the Hackers made public.

For the most part, they are GPS targeting coordinates, with Identifying categories listing what type of Russian military hardware is at each location, so Ukraine can attack them and destroy or kill them, like this one:

Ukraine has used this type of information over and over, to attack and kill Russian Army troops.

Other documents released by the Beregini Hacker group include NATO Maps of Russian Electronic Warfare gear, and Counter-Battery Radar positions, like this one:

And when NATO supplies such maps to Ukraine, they also include a detailed description of exactly what is at each location.   Like this for the map shown above:


In many cases there are lengthy lists of military GPS coordinates, the type of equipment at each GPS point, thus giving Ukraine literally dozens of targets at a time, to hit, like this one:

Americans and Europeans need to understand, this is NOT benign “assistance” to Ukraine.  This is military operational and targeting information specifically designed to help Ukraine attack and destroy by force, the military of Russia.

This violates the NATO Treaty!

Specifically, Article 8 of the NATO Treaty provides as follows:

Each Party declares that none of the international engagements now in force between it and any other of the Parties or any third State is in conflict with the provisions of this Treaty, and undertakes not to enter into any international engagement in conflict with this Treaty.  (Emphasis mine)

The Treaty specifically requires NATO member states “not to enter into any international engagement in conflict with this Treaty” and yet that is precisely what NATO itself is doing with the Russia-Ukraine situation.  They have “entered into” an “international engagement” . . .

On its face, NATO’s activities with Ukraine are entering into an engagement . . . NATO is supplying intelligence and literal targeting information.   That, in and of itself, is entering into an engagement!

Aside from violating the NATO Treaty, what NATO is doing is causing Russia to have to decide whether WE are “combatants” against Russia?  If Russia decides that we ARE “participants” then Russia would have a legal right to bomb . . . us.

Think about that.

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