The legendary Igor Girkin (Strelkov) attacks Russian military leadership

The legendary Igor Girkin (Strelkov) attacks Russian military leadership

This runs counter to the narrative of Gonzalo Lira and others.

The legendary Strelkov should be listened to.

Nightmarish report by a Russian commander: “We lost a month of war with nightmarish mistakes – We live again in 1940 with Finland”

The “knives in the Russian Army came out

Colonel Igor Girkin or Igor Strelkov, a former FSB / GRU officer and former Commander-in-Chief of Donetsk forces, have launched a vicious attack on the Russian military leadership over its mistakes and choices.

Igor Strelkov is a legend about the Donetsk forces and more. He played a “key” role in the Crimean operation in 2014 and immediately afterwards organized the Donetsk forces. He played a leading role in the siege of Sloviansk as the military commander of Donetsk.

He also took part in the war in Chechnya, in the conflict in Transnistria in 1991, and also fought as a volunteer in the Bosnian war on the side of the Serbs.

The first part of the interview that you will watch in the video, was given 10 days ago, while the second part was published a while ago, in which he directly suggests the creation of a militia in the Russian cities bordering Ukraine.

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“We have no control over Northern Ukraine”

Reliable maps show that Russia has no control over any point from Chernihiv to Sumi which some have shown in red.

There are only narrow corridors along the roads and junctions leading to Kyiv. We have completely withdrawn from northern Ukraine, these areas are not even under siege.

Ukrainian forces in these cities have contacts with the suburbs and with Kyiv itself.

These cities have their own reserves and resources, there are territorial Defense units formed there.

“We will suffer that with Finland in 1940”

If we think that soon the times will change and that Ukraine is rapidly mobilizing its forces these areas are as vulnerable as the war with Finland in 1940 ( The Winter War (in Finnish Talvisot) was a typical case of David’s confrontation with Goliath: Although the USSR eventually prevailed, it suffered disproportionately large losses for its gains, the prestige of the Red Army plummeted (170,000 dead, while Finland had only 26,000 dead).

Our forces then advanced along the roads to cut Finland in half. As a result, numerous and better-equipped Finnish forces cut off communications between our forces and decimated them one by one using regular Jagers.

In any case, it seems that the Russian forces had to retreat from these areas.

These forces will move in directions where the situation can change.

“We lost a month of war – I doubt Donbass”

Honestly, I doubt when we have lost the “golden” first month of the war, that our forces will be able to encircle and destroy the Ukrainian forces in Donbas.

Unfortunately, I see that the Ukrainian military administration is acting better than the Russian one.

You can call me a traitor, but at least I’m a special agent with a lot of military experience.

“Russian military militias on the border”

In the second part, Igor Strelkov (Igor Girkin) proposes the immediate creation of a People’s Military Militia as a separate Army Corps by the standards of the Ukrainian Land Defense Forces.

Mention features:

” Ukraine’s armed forces have begun bombing Russian territory. The case smells of “gunpowder” and if something does not change urgently during our military operation we may have a new Beslan somewhere in the border area.

A raid somewhere in Bryansk or the Belgorod region with the capture of a school or a hospital is not unlikely by Azov members following the example of Chechen terrorists.

“I am ready to lead the popular militia in the Bryansk region. And Belgorod. Ή Kursk. Ή Gomel. Ή Mogilev (ie, in the territory of Belarus).

“To provide armaments – Separate Army Corps”

Authorities in the Belgorod region have already announced the creation of voluntary grassroots groups. They have been creating trenches along the Ukrainian border for days. Will militias with unclear legal status and without weapons be able to defend their cities and homes?

A similar structure must be created in Russia as Ukraine did and they must be given the appropriate military equipment. We clearly do not have enough ground forces in all directions and the length of the border with Ukraine is huge. It would make a lot of sense to form a new branch of the armed forces.

This new corps will be based on local reservists and men ready to defend their city and home with weapons in their hands. This could solve many problems with security and border control. Decisions must be made as soon as possible.

“Incorrect military planning”

But let’s be honest. These right decisions are mandatory and are aimed at combating the consequences of our business. But what is the cause?

The main reason for the need to organize the defense of the already Russian territory is the incorrect (!) Planning of the special military operation in Ukraine.

There are persistent rumors that according to the original plan, we were supposed to be welcomed as liberators in the cities of Ukraine. Hence the rapid drop of paratroopers over huge distances without having “cleared” the back, resulting in the Ukrainians destroying the supply convoys.

“It is wrong to leave Northern Ukraine”

Eventually, we were forced to retreat from Kyiv to transfer forces to Donbas. Leaving northern Ukraine was another strategic mistake.

Now the Ukrainian army, having created a strong force near the Russian border, is threatening our territory. This forces the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to maintain a significant force there, thus weakening the Eastern Front.

Something that Kyiv or rather its foreign military advisers are actually trying to achieve.

“We have to do that Turkey in Northern Syria”

In fact, in this direction, Russia has switched from offensive to strategic defense and this is a big mistake.

In addition to the rapid deployment of domestic Territorial Defense Forces, in order to protect our territory, it is necessary to return to northern Ukraine and establish a security zone there, as Turkey has implemented in northern Syria.

Having a network of forts, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be able to re-create the threat of attack in Kyiv and confront-occupy the forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian National Guard, which will try to retake their settlements.

“This will not only ensure the security of the Russian territories, but will also weaken the enemy.”

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