The lie of renewable energy

The lie of renewable energy

 An excellent resource

Green Fraud

Loki’s Revenge

Renewable energy production will exacerbate mining threats to biodiversity

– Nature 2020

The social and environmental complexities of extracting energy transition metals
– Nature 2020

The number of active renewable energy facilities within important conservation lands could increase by 42% over the next 8 years– BBC 2020

The quest for renewable energy could wreak havoc on wildlife

– Mic 2020

UN carbon offset talks erode human rights safeguards
– Climate Home News 2019

How Rare-Earth Mining Has Devastated China’s Environment
– Earth Org 2020

Critical minerals are vital for renewable energy. We must learn to mine them responsibly– The Conversation 2020

The True Cost Of The Global Energy Transition– Oil Price 2020

Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled
– Bloomberg 2020

By 2050, there will be 78 million metric tons of solar panel waste, generating 6 million metric tons of new solar panel waste annually Standard electronics recycling won’t cut it for solar panels– Wired 2020

  • While technically possible to recycle most of the panel, it’s not profitable

Clean Energy: The Biggest Lie Of 2020– Seeking Alpha 2020

The Growing Role of Minerals and Metals for a Low Carbon Future– World Bank 2017
– To get 50% of global energy from renewables requires:
– 100% more silver
– 920% more indium
– 2,700% more lithium
– Lithium requires 500,000 gallons of water to produce a single ton

Mineral production to soar as demand for clean energy increases
– World Bank 2020

  • Production of minerals, such as graphite, lithium and cobalt, could increase by nearly 500% by 2050
  • These projections do not include the associated infrastructure
  • Because of the material intensity of low-carbon techs, any shortages in mineral supply wil impact the speed and scale of deployment

‘Astronomical’ rare earth demand growth forecast– Engineering News 2020

  • The value of global magnet rare earth oxide consumption will rise five-fold by 2030. The rate of demand growth for magnet rare earths would soon reach “escape velocity” – a point in yearly demand growth where it is so great that it is simply implausible for the already-lagging supply-side to catch up and keep up.

Review of critical metal dynamics to 2050 for 48 elements– Science Direct 2020

  • Super excellent charts

Energy Transition: The Conflict Implications for Mineral-Rich, Fragile States– Springer 2020

Conflict minerals regulation does not cover major technology companies– Computer Weekly 2020

Future availability of non-renewable metal resources and the influence of environmental, social, and governance conflicts on metal production– Nature 2020

Fossil fuels remained 80% of global energy for over 25 years 
– Climate Change News 2019

2% of global energy is solar and wind
– IEA 2020

4% of energy is renewable– WSJ BP 2019

Greenhouse gases went up 45% in 30 years
– NOAA 2020

66% of people will live in water stressed areas by 2025 
– Nat Geo 2020

Water Stress Threatens Near 50% of World’s Thermal Power Plant Capacity
– WRI 2017

Emissions must fall 50% in 10 years to stay under 1.5 C 
– Sci Am 2019

Emissions must fall 50% in 10 years to stay under 1.5 C– Insurance Journal 2019

By 2030 we’ll have 120% more fossil fuel than needed to stay under 1.5 C 
– UN 2019

15% of global energy will be renewable by 2040 
– IEA 2019

15% of global energy will be renewable by 2040 
– WSJ BP 2019

Energy demand to increase 50% by 2050 
– EIA 2019

50% of electricity will be renewable by 2050 
– EIA 2019

( but )

28% of global energy will be electricity by 2050
– IEA 2019

  • 2018 : 18% of global energy is electricity
  • 2040 : 24% of global energy is electricity
  • 2050 : 28% of global energy is electricity

Vaclav Smil says energy transitions take at least 75 years– Energy Skeptic 2018

51 Reasons why wind power cannot replace fossil fuels– Energy Skeptic 2019

Amazon tree farms take 30 years to recoup 10% of Amazon tree loss
– Science Daily 2020

Europe burns 80% of the world’s wood pellets for “renewable” electricity– Science Alert 2018

no trees = no air– PNAS 2015

Europe burns 80% of its recycled plastic and paper for electricity– Nat Geo 2018

Cars and trucks burn almost 50% of palm oil shipped to Europe
– Ecologistas en Acción 2016

10 years of China’s air pollution reductions raised global north 0.1 degrees Celsius
– Science Daily 2020

10 Top Biofuel Crops
– How Stuff Works undated

Up to 75% of carbon offsets are fraud– ProPublica 2019

UN-backed climate fund faces wave of abuse allegations– FT 2020

Dams produce more methane than rice plantations and biomass burning
– Guardian 2016

Dams Harm Coastal Areas Far Downstream– Ecowatch 2019

Dams harm estuary wetlands– Science Advances 2019

Upstream dams are destroying the birthplace of civilisation– DW 2020

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