The new and old nazism in Germany

The new and old nazism in Germany

This is part one of a series comparing the covid plandemic with the nazi era.

I shall add new episodes as they become available.

Yesterday I posted this with the following comment


I got the fully-expected comment from a keyboard nazi (not a real one – they are in Ukraine) accusing me of being a “zionist”. I have been an anti-zionist ever since I had first-hand experience in Israel in 1982. However,I know the difference between the zionists and ordinary, innocent Jewish people who were eliminated along with 20+ million Russians, Poles and other nationalities. 

Nazism continues to be an absolute evil to this day, which is why Russia is fighting in Ukraine. So, my policy is to give no air to dumbed-down but also harmless idiots spouting their nonsense.

I know my history

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Part two

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