The North Amercian continent’s move away from God

The North Amercian continent’s move away from God

This was discussed in full on TruNews.

I cannot but concur with what they were saying. Half the country is embracing the move against any moral restraints; most of the other half, including the churches, are appeasing.

Pastor James Coates returns to GraceLife, RCMP try to disrupt services


RAW FOOTAGE: GraceLife reps, RCMP, health inspector negotiate entry to the church

GraceLife church representatives, two RCMP officers and an Alberta Health Services inspector negotiated whether the government officials would be granted access into the church to document and observe any COVID restriction violations that were happening upon Pastor James Coates’ return to the church on Sunday, March 28


Meanwhile, in California church services are OUT but chants to Aztec gods are IN

The California Department of Education has proposed an ethnic studies “model curriculum” that includes, among other things, chanting the names of Aztec gods in an attempt to build unity among schoolchildren.

Included in the draft curriculum is a list of “lesson resources” with a chant based on “In Lak Ech,” which it describes as “love, unity, mutual respect,” and “Panche Be,” which it describes as “seeking the roots of truth.” 

The chant starts with a declaration that “you are my other me” and “if I do harm to you, I do harm to myself.” Before chanting the name of the Aztec god Tezkatlipoka, the text reads: “Seeking the roots of the truth, seeking the truth of the roots, elders and us youth, (youth), critical thinking through.”

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