The (not-so-well) hidden invasion after Section 34 expires

The (not-so-well) hidden invasion after Section 34 expires

I have been following the developments at America’s southern border closely because this story is completely missing from coverage by outlets I follow such as TruNews.

Last night Section 42 expired and at first I expected that hell might have been unleashed but it took quite a few hours for me t get a picture.

As is always the case the actual situation is more complicated and the secret is to realise that nothing happens suddenly, all at once but gradually.

This following video shows the invasion from the air.

For general context you cannot go beyond David Icke who has grasped what is happening for many years.

Cut The Bullshit – It’s A Calculated Invasion – David Icke

I find the best sources are interviews with Michael Yon when I can get them. 

I found this brief video from Pete Santilli gave the essence of what is happening.


InfoWars is worth dipping into.

You can find more (without the commercials) HERE

Both of these reports are from a couple of days ago, on 11 May

Border Patrol chief authorizes release of migrants into US without court dates as Title 42 ends

Border Patrol has faced 10,000+ encounters for multiple days

The head of U.S. Border Patrol has sent out a memo authorizing the release of illegal migrants into the U.S. without court dates if agents face overcrowding as the Biden administration scrambles to deal with a historic surge in migration at the border ahead of the end of Title 42.

The memo says that migrants can be allowed into the country on parole — a process typically reserved for “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit” — if Customs and Border Protection (CBP) faces overcrowding. The memo calls the practice “parole with conditions” as migrants are required to make an appointment with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or request a Notice to Appear by mail.

Under a parole release, migrants are rapidly released into the country, do not get an alien registration number and do not receive a court date.  


The use of parole is being authorized if a sector capacity goes above 125%, if agents apprehend 7,000 a day over 72 hours or if average time in custody goes above 60 hours.

Agents have been encountering over 10,000 migrants a day since Monday, and there are no signs of that slowing down with the looming end of Title 42, which is expected to bring an even bigger wave with it.

11 May

Border Patrol encounters 10,000 migrants for third day in a row as numbers swell before Title 42 drops

There are tens of thousands of migrants in custody, stretching capacity of border patrol

Here are some tweets that point to developments.

Michael Yon points to the truth of what he is observing with his own eyes.

The significance of Gate 42

El Paso Sector Invasion — Shaping Operations and Destination Assignments

You may have seen video of WEF-Governor Greg Abbott who is transparently assigned by WEF to operate Texas sector. Abbott Abbott makes a show of resistance but this is all kayfabe. WEF-Governor Abbott is openly overseeing Texas-sector invasion.

You may have seen troops unfurling concertina wire. This again is kayfabe, and a shaping operation. “Shaping” is a military term that includes creating conditions to divert or cause others to react or travel or stay in place…or do something…that you desire. Such as unfurling wire causes cameras to go to that location, and causes aliens to cross where WEF-OGUS wants them to cross.

Aliens are crossing in thousands of locations. There is no single video-shot of the massive sea of tuberculosis and scabies swarming in. Those aliens who respond to shaping operations are “processed” and are either released on the streets, or ASSIGNED places to go and given bus or plane tickets to places like Chicago. Aliens tell us this to our cameras.

Notice nearly all the media in El Paso go to Gate 42.

The attached drone video was from Gate 42 roughly 15 hours ago. OGUS-WEF has press-conferences at Gate 42 twice per day. This press “access” and the press conferences draws significant mainstream camera coverage with which OGUS-WEF diverts their attention to this tiny sector away from serious action spots.

Those who have followed my work for years know that I have talked about “Gate 42s” all over the world. The diversion for the cameras. There are numerous “Gate 42s” across the southern border. Beware of Gate 42s. Gate 42s are useful for gathering information but also are danger zones, traps, and diversions. Kayfabe.

In clear words, Gate 42 is a stage. A stage like BLM plaza in front of the White House.

Created to draw cameras, disseminate propaganda, and provide the CNN-sorts the footage and sound bites they need to work within WEF-OGUS guidelines.

Basically, the Gate 42s are like fascist-barbecues.

Beware at Gate 42 in El Paso, or anytime you sense you are at a “Gate 42.”.

Anything can happen there. Agent Provocateurs, etcetera, must be expected.

Gate 42 is where we encountered the possibly-intoxicated Texas national guardsmen last night who rammed two reporters with his truck. I and others made video. Law enforcement were called by phone, responded, and covered up for the Staff Sergeant. Took him to the other side of the wall and hid him from us. We got on video including the law officer who did it, just two feet from me. Perfect audio and video. Kayfabe. The dance.

This is a dangerous situation. Anything can happen J6-style. It’s all kayfabe — and potentially deadly.

Beware of all “Gate 42s” There is no truth without context. The more context you have, the more you can sense the battlefield. Please share this. We are being destroyed.

Texas National Guard are openly aiding the invasion

Texas National Guard openly aiding the invasion. This one wearing black mask. Another named Staff Sergeant Michael DeCarlo behaving dangerously using 4w truck to ram journalists, and nearly hit a State Senator. I was there. I had to move the Senator. Multiple people got key parts on video. Public Affairs thanked him. Thanked the truck-rammer. I got on video. So incredibly bizarre that if there were not so much video I would not mention. They are out of control at Gate 42 while they shuttle in the invasion force.

National Guard wears black masks

Biden’s America: Armed Federal Agents Protect ‘Privacy’ of Illegal Aliens From Reporters in El Paso, Texas as Title 42

Armed federal agents faced off against reporters trying to document illegal alien migrants being boarded onto buses at the El Paso, Texas border with Mexico early Friday morning after Title 42 expired.

A federal worker in civilian clothes told the reporters they were protecting the “privacy” of the migrants. The feds moved a Border Patrol truck in front of the reporters to block their view. A protester can heard denouncing the Biden administration’s policies.

Authorities are blocking the media

Some migrants are given court dates in 2027, or even 2035

Illegal Immigrants Get Free Smartphones Paid for by US Taxpayers – Some Do Not Have Court Dates Until 2035

As of today, Friday, the Title 42 border protection order has officially expired, and the United States is preparing for a record-breaking flood of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

On Thursday, independent journalist Tayler Hansen shared a video on Twitter showing illegal aliens using U.S. taxpayer-funded cell phones after they were given court dates.

Migrants are being handed out cellphones by the authorities

Migrants are bringing infectious diseases with them

Immigrant illness: What you need to know about scabies and tuberculosis

According to a recent claim from a Border Control union, illegal immigrants are coming into the United States with “active scabies and other illnesses,” while reports have surfaced from a camp in San Antonio of a tuberculosis infection. While common in other areas of the world, these two infections aren’t frequently seen in the U.S.

I don’t see any sign of mask-wearing or of vaccination for covid-19

Is the Biden Administration ordering border patrol agents to withdraw?

This tweet from a few hours ago suggests this

Some general videos

Biden voters in Chicago give their reaction

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