The NZ election: a plea for sanity

The NZ election: a plea for sanity

Election 2023: An Important Message – By Charlotte Weber

October 11, 2023


  • My journey and how I came to my conclusions – from my own perspective
  • REBUTTAL to accusations against NZ First
  • Some true history that may help you understand what has happened to NZ over the last few decades!

I hope the information provided will help you make an informed decision this election, I can’t tell you who to vote for, but I can advise.

The main thing I have noticed when it comes to new parties and the elections and I was the same in the last election, was the lack of education and knowledge about the electoral system, how it works, thresholds, wasted votes, how democratic parties work and coalition negotiations. I really do believe if we are ever going to combat this, civics needs to be taught in schools, as not only do we not know our rights, as we have woken up to in the last 3 years, we don’t understand how it all works once you do get into parliament; whether in coalition with the government or in opposition.

We may not agree with how the system works and there may be better models, however this is what we have and we need to understand how it works in order to make an informed opinion. Our forefathers fought for the right to free and fair elections and for this country to be a thriving democracy! Democracy isn’t perfect but it’s the best we’ve got. It is important to exercise that right in this coming election.

There is a reason why Americans are literally born with a flag in their hands and they are very patriotic and switched on to anything that could be seen a breach of their very cherished constitution. They will stand up when something isn’t right, whereas in contrast we don’t see ‘the same enthusiasm’ in ‘Kiwis when it comes to politics, how the country is run, what deals and agreements have been signed up to and by who. Then of course the trashing of the Bill Of Rights and mass population compliance to illegal orders during the pandemic era, is a good example of this.  Perhaps this gives us a better understanding of why the two main parties have got away with so much without a batter of an eyelid or even knowledge from a large sector of our population.  We have an advantage this election to see with clearer vision and understanding.

To all who are considering the mini minor parties in this election this is my advice, I cannot tell you to vote for but this is a very crucial election if you understand what is at stake, so I caution wisdom.

Two things I would say when making the right choice this election are –

  1. Will my party of my choice that I align with the most make it past the 5% threshold or have a chance at winning an electorate seat?
  2. Is there a party that can bring 80% of what I align with that can make it over the threshold, bring my voice to parliament and make a difference and push back on the bad policies of the other parties that may be involved in that coalition?

I absolutely understand where you’re coming from if you are in the category that I addressed in point 1 above. I have been there right in the thick of it last election with my campaign for Advance NZ in 2020 election, the fastest growing political party perhaps on record, the peoples’ movement as it was referred to, shouting the agenda at stake from the rooftops when people weren’t ready to hear.

Nothing against Liz Gunn (well I do now but I will try not to stoop to that level at this point) however, having stood for Advance NZ as most of you know, in the last election back when everyone was in a state of Cindi mania I learned how hard we worked and put our own money, large sums of money personally into the campaign, it had such hope and momentum behind it from those already woken up. We packed halls, we had many turn out to rallies, great social media results etc. Every single supporter was motivated and actively doing everything they could to convert the masses.  We worked so hard and we only got 1% of the vote.

I learned we assumed we were so much more well known but in reality we were in an echo chamber. We had protests and had thousands attend but then again thousands went to Brian Tamaki’s rallies to, it doesn’t necessarily translate into votes as we unite for a cause but have our preferred leaders… The freedom movement was split unfortunately as we all had our preferred leaders and who we resonate with the most and then they all started their own parties, some of which already had their own party and they failed to unite thus dividing us all up, creating a toxic environment as we have all become competition. They had another chance to unite under the new umbrella created called Democracy Alliance where the initiator of that concept would act as a facilitator only, to manage all the parties that came underneath it. All parties were approached to join it, unfortunately none of them did and it remains sitting there registered as an empty umbrella.

The other thing to consider with NZ Loyal and the other minor parties is because we have an MMP system then the only power they have when they get in there or if they get in there is solely based on the mandate they get with the percentage of vote they manage to attain. Therefore, they can have good intentions however, they are somewhat naive as unless they get a huge majority like 30% of the vote for example, then they won’t be able to deliver on pre-election promises and yes, Liz has painted a picture of NZ utopia and what a wonderful thing that would be, however it cannot happen even if by some miracle she gets over the 5% threshold. Have more chance of winning the lotto in all honesty. But to make it even worse in NZ Loyal’s case even if they did make the 5% threshold is they can only bring two voices into parliament. How much country saving is she going to and how much influence will she have to achieve her policies?

I came to this conclusion when I saw the parties all split off into their own parties due to my previous learnings and watching all the minor parties, I soon realised with that many vying for the same voter base it only serves to dilute the vote. We cannot afford gambles at this time, so I then looked for a party that’s established that is saying the right things. The more I heard Winston Peters the more I worked out he knows what’s going on.

So, I went a step further and joined the party as a member to get better insight into how the party works, true history of the party and the achievements they have successfully done for NZ over the years. I decided to put aside my previous question marks based on MSM depiction for a moment and seek. I realised after hearing the other side and doing my own investigations that I had swallowed a lot of propaganda myself over the years.  I have met high up party members and went to the convention recently. I met other party members and to my surprise I found out how genuine they are and how much, many of the members knew about what is going on. There’s so many of us patriots in the party now as members, including many freedom candidates, anti-mandate doctor, former Democracy NZ candidate Kirsten Murfitt, Casey Costello Hobsons Pledge and anti mandate campaigner (to name a few but most candidates are fully aware of the agenda at play).

On top of that we as members have influence on party policy and get to table amendments, they get considered and debated by the people the party members not the leaders and it goes to a vote. Was the most amazing experience of democracy in action I have ever seen. This solidifies the direction of the party going forward due to it being a member driven party. Winston Peters and Shane Jones know exactly what’s going on they’ve studied up the years they have been away from parliament too. Now all my previous misgivings and worries have been 100% satisfied and now I will do my utmost to get this party the biggest mandate possible. As only with a strong mandate will we ever get change.

Liz Gunn would have been better off joining NZF and becoming a candidate, they have many that are freedom types panelled, and got into cabinet as she would have much more of an impact that way rather than going it alone as a brand-new party that no-one knows about and won’t attract a vast range of kiwi’s. Anyway, just my journey to how I got to my decision for what it’s worth. The only viable party who can bring everything to the table. There’s too many mini minor parties now and it has diluted the vote so in my opinion there is no choice now but to all get behind the one that can turn this situation around.

But what if I can’t trust Winston you might say especially after Samantha Edwards hit piece. Let me put a few things straight and when you get to the end, ask yourself if you still have that concern.

Is Winston a saint? NO.

Is he perfect? No.

Is he a miracle worker? No.

Is he human? Yes.

Over the course of his career has he tried? YES.

This is what you will find out below.

Now to address the spin of Counterspin.

Firstly, I would like to address the motive, as that should be the first question when you see a hit piece coming out in the week leading up to an election!

  1.   Against a party that is polling well and will get into parliament.
  2.    Who can bring our voice, our allies, and ideals into parliament
  3.    Bring grass roots kiwi’s in to push back against the agenda and bring in morals
  4.   A party that delivers stability to the next government, experience, wisdom and a leader who is renowned for standing up when required.

Secondly, they show a complete lack of understanding, whether deliberate or not of how the system works in a democracy, especially when you have a small mandate of say 7% and the expectations placed on a party of that size when it comes to influence and delivery on all policies

It doesn’t make any sense especially in view of a conflict of interest. It is no secret this alternative media outlet are backing NZ Loyal and have not remained non-partisan.

As soon as I heard they were doing it this was my immediate reaction –

“Counterspin are going to release a hit piece on NZF.

I mean who are these people they are acting exactly like the mainstream media but in reverse.

Masquerading as truth media and pretending they’re on our side yet focusing all their energy on the one party that can bring freedom fighters into parliament and resist the global agenda.

Please tell me how that makes sense? Where’s their hit piece on Seymour, Luxon? They should be trying to dissuade people from those parties surely? They should be trying to grab some of the left leaning voters and herd them towards the party that can get in and make a difference?

Why do they want to weaken the mandate of the party full of people on our side?

Be weary of those who have come to divide..”


We look at his deeply byzantine  involvement with: – the extreme abortion bill, – the extreme look at his deeply byzantine  involvement with:

1- the extreme abortion bill,

2- the extreme euthanasia bill,

3- the WHO, and Winston’s signing of NZ to Covax,

4- his strong support of mandatory vaccination,

5- his promises to open the market to big pharma with another $1.3 billion,

6- his signing of the UN Global Migration Compact,

7- the writing and implementing of the new LGBGTQ+ sexuality guidelines in schools,

8- the Serious Fraud Office case against NZ First Foundation, and connections leading back to the same players in my last video “Election Psyops”, such as Cam Slater and VFF.

OTHER – We also take a trip down memory lane, and revisit some of Winston’s previous campaign trail promises, – such as ditching TPPA and 1080, plus much more.

Rebuttal as follows : –

1- the extreme abortion bill

2- the extreme euthanasia bill

Abortion – what really happened: I have talked to board members in the party about their stance and they are very much pro life. One runs the pro life shop here locally where I live actually. NZFirst out of all the parties had the most opposed votes to that bill for party size and they tried to put it to a referendum. There’s been lies being pushed about this, although Samantha had been given the facts well before the hit piece and her UK article had already been debunked, she still chose to use it to suit her narrative, so now I am setting the record straight. As I said before, they supported it to go to a referendum, in this country to get it to referendum you have to support it to go to referendum, this was their strategy as a smaller party they knew they couldn’t stop it so instead of just voting it down and conscience clear they thought if the people could vote on each section of the bill this would be the only way to STOP it! However, this strategy relied on getting enough support from other parties, they didn’t get the support they thought they would get from National so that strategy failed. In view of this they then had no other choice then but to oppose the bill.

It was introduced by Andrew Little.

Historical records of Winston Peters on moral issues has also been good. He always wants these types of things to go to the people not to the 120 here for a moent gone the next MPS in parliament. His strategy is he only supports on the proviso it gets pushed out of parliament and to the people. He never had the numbers to stop it so that’s his strategy, Winston did the same with Seymour’s bill that backfired as the people voted it in, however it was much watered down as a result of it going to the people as Seymour’s original euthanasia bill was horrendous and he still wants to amend it. Perhaps lesson learned there is an informed decision with all sides presented to the people before they vote and warn of the dangers it could bring using other countries examples.

WP pushed the Self ID bill to subcommittee when it was first tabled when he was there in 2017-2020, they shelved it rather than put it to the people. Waited till he had gone and then National and Act helped Labour usher it in in 2021 when it was retabled.

The issue is like with any small party they are stuck with a 7% mandate and the two big parties push and vote for these things, little parties have very limited power to stop it. In view of this they thought the best way was to get it to the people as they didn’t have the numbers to block it.

The best thing pro life people need to ask themselves do they empower National and Labour and their pro death policies, (especially now that National has disadvantaged some of their conservative MPS in various ways…) by splitting the vote between 11 different mini minor parties and as a consequence of those parties not making the 5% then handing that vote to the two pro death parties or do we make the only party who is strong on these issues a heck of a lot stronger?

I say bring some morals back to parliament! Google search Shaneel Lal on Winston Peters and if Shaneel is disgusted in his voting history, I think that tells a story in itself.

Wasted votes explained:

SOLUTION for any future moral issues NZ First has put forward this policy. I see this as lessons learned and trying to find solutions going forward.


New Zealand First Policy Announcement:

Parliamentary Conscience Votes

  • New Zealand First will put an end to the use of conscience votes in parliament and return democracy to the people.
  • New Zealand First has always believed that important decisions that change the social fabric of our country forever should not be left up to temporarily empowered politicians to decide.
  • These decisions should be made by the people of New Zealand by way of referenda.
  • Any legislation being passed in parliament that would normally be considered a ‘conscience issue’ will include a referendum clause.
  • All topics of referenda will be promoted to New Zealanders to ensure robust discussion, education, and understanding.
  • Any referenda will be binding and voted on at the same time as general elections.

3- the WHO, and Winston’s signing of NZ to Covax

I think this comes from a very callous and judgemental place. Top experts and leading medical professionals also thought they were safe. For example, very well respected UK Cardiologist Dr Asheem Malhotra, do you expect people to know things right at the start when all the professionals say it’s fine? Just because he helped bring them here doesn’t mean anything it was part of his job at that point in time, as more information comes to light, Winston Peters is willing to look at it objectively and then do something about it, I call that honourable. He could be ducking and diving like all the rest! Matt King I notice is pushing around this document as if to prove something but him pushing this is displaying hypocrisy because he would have done the same, he trusted the vaccine and took 3 himself just like Winston Peters did.

Listen to Dr Asheem Malhotra on Duncan Garners show here:-

It’s all very well to point fingers sitting in the ivory tower but most people trust vaccines in general and as I will explain below his parents lost their parents to the Spanish flu, so you have to get into the mindset of others before you cast harsh judgments, he isn’t a medical professional so left it up to them, now he has learned otherwise and willing to hold them to account, do you want accountability or do you not is the question. The only way we will get accountability is if NZFirst get in end of story.

If he thought it was dangerous then he wouldn’t have taken it himself and here you have a top cardiologist who trusted it and took it himself and even promoted it and tried to convince the vaccine hesitant… Look at him now.. If we hold people to their original views well then we can’t expect anyone to step up and look back and say actually it’s wrong, in doing so we force them to stay silent and not speak or act.

For the doubters –

We can trust NZF to get the covid enquiry because of his actions, he’s taken it on hitting back big time, he has admitted to making mistakes, he has placed strong freedom candidates in the party, he has the backing of Dr Guy Hatchard, NZDSOS, Dr Asheem Malhotra, Dr Matt Shelton, Dr Alana Ratna and Lynda Wharton. He speaks openly about it everyday at speeches, interviews and Sunday 8th Oct public meeting he had a question from the floor about the 11000+ surgeons with exemptions, go check out his response. (I have put a copy of this in the comments section, pm me if you would like it.) He also speaks about it with Chris Lynch as below.)

(skip to the questions and answers towards the end probably the final 20mins of the recording)

4 – his strong support of mandatory vaccination

Referring to the vax tweet, Winston Peters didn’t write it but ultimately responsible for what’s put out in his name, yes it was bad, he wasn’t in government but goes to show he swallowed the tale hook line and sinker. However, as we are all on a journey he has been open enough to listening, starting with coming to parliament and hearing the grievances, to then investigating and researching, to apologizing and recanting the tweet. You can hear those interviews provided. He is the only one that has acknowledged his error and apologised; now doing everything he can to put it right with a fully independent enquiry into covid, how it was handled and compensating those injured and jobs that were lost. He speaks of it at every speech and he’s been doing 2 per day leading up to the election. Many fell for the narrative so I think we can forgive him for that in view of his apology and in view of him putting in place accountability and a way to get to the truth.

There is a bit more context to the entire text it as provided. He also speaks of the covid lies in all his speeches now and he spoke well in the Peter Williams interview recently as well.

At some point we all fell for it and woke up at certain points, some after one or two or three jabs. Some after a family member died or suffered but at the end of the day at some point we fell for the con. It’s pretty harsh of people to write off someone who we know is genuine and has been an ambassador for this country due to an error in judgement and something he is actually trying to repair.

We must have forgiveness and understanding. Kirsten Murfitt (former Democracy NZ candidate turned NZF candidate) for example thought us Advance NZ candidates were absolute fruit loops in 2020 election and she was still washing her groceries at that point to wash the virus off… Now she is a full blown freedom fighter… We all are on a journey and we have to be prepared to forgive when it’s warranted. As I mentioned above, his parents lost their parents in the Spanish flu, naturally he took it seriously when he had these “experts” in his office telling him if we don’t lockdown, we will face 80,000 deaths. Would he want that on his conscience? I think not. He agreed with lockdown one and even at the start of lockdown one I was worried about the virus as I saw the Chinese videos of people dropping dead in the street.. He was opposed to lockdown two but labour did it anyway.

Believe me I went to the NZF convention and the panel of candidates are mainly alert thinking types and we all know what’s going on. Winston Peters and Shane Jones most definitely know what’s going on they have taken the time to research and work it all out.

They have many freedom candidates on the list right throughout, however in the top 12 listed he has 7! To get all 7 NZFirst needs 9% of the vote.

5 – his promises to open the market to big pharma with another $1.3 billion

Not sure where they are trying to take this one to be honest? Do they not want any western medicines or treatment? If so, that’s fairly unbalanced.

Lets’s see what NZ First policies say :

New Zealand First’s seven-point plan for better healthcare:

  1. Return New Zealand to a single health system for all based on need not race
    • NZ First will abolish the Māori Health Authority, other race-based initiatives.
  2. A new patient-focussed medicines buying agency to replace Pharmac and increase its funding, from the last Budget of $1.2bn, with an additional $1.3bn for life changing medicines.
    • NZ First will replace Pharmac with a new agency focused on patients’ health and recovery – not cost savings and lack of essential medicines
  3. A GP-controlled Waitlist Reduction Fund to get the 60,000 kiwis languishing on the waitlist, and funded by basing health-care on need
    • NZ First will make $925m available each year to end the waitlist.
    • GP’s know best what their patients’ needs are and this fund will enable GP’s to buy approved specialist appointments and operations for a healthier New Zealand.
  4. More GPs and better access to healthcare
    • NZ First knows that we need approximately 2000 extra doctors now, not in seven-years’ time, so obtaining these doctors will be an immigration priority, and we’ll amend the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 to fast-track New Zealand Medical Council registered doctors into General Practice as well.
    • NZ First will also adopt Digital Health Clinics in harder to staff areas led by Nurse Practitioners using digital technology connected to General Practitioners and Specialists.
  5. Acquire the latest in diagnostic technology
    • Ensure a diagnosis is available in hours not days of patient testing. This will save enormous medical costs and expedite the speed and number of patient referrals.
  6. Attracting the best while retaining talented Kiwis
    • NZ First will enable Residence within 30-days of arrival and Permanent Residence within two years, with a commitment to live and work in New Zealand for the next eight years, for in-demand clinical staff trained and registered in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, the United States and the United Kingdom.
  7. Speeding up medicine approval to put Kiwis at the front of the queue
    • NZ First will repeal the Therapeutic Products Act 2023 prioritising New Zealand, not global, interests.
    • NZ First will end MedSafe waste, and instead commit New Zealand to enter into mutual recognition agreements, so that any medicine becomes registered here when approved by any two peer regulators.
    • Those two peer regulators will prioritise: The US Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency, UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Health Canada, Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority, or Australia’s Health Administration.

Personally I don’t see anything alarming about this policy, in fact it is required due to the current state of our health system.

Therapeutics bill

Natural Health Alliance NZ says this:-

This year’s general election is the most important vote in generations. Not only because of the attack on our industry by this government, but also because of the myriad of other abhorrent policies and laws promulgated by the Labour and Green parties.

None of the parties that currently reside in our Parliament have said they will repeal the Therapeutic Products Act.

But one party has – NZ First.

At his speech in Whangarei on Sunday 30 July, Winston Peters was unequivocal: NZ First will repeal the Therapeutic Products Act.

In the last few years, the Labour-Green coalition government has forced on our population an experimental medical intervention and took away people’s livelihoods for refusing to do so. There are thousands of Kiwis who are prepared to cast their vote this year on a single issue.

We are urging every New Zealander who believes that they may be negatively impacted by the Therapeutic Products Act to vote in favour of repealing the Therapeutic Products Act by giving your party vote to NZ First.

This is the only way you can save your businesses, the natural health industry and retain your right to choose how you support your wellbeing.

We can get the Therapeutic Products Act thrown out and the Natural Health Alliance can play a key role in making this happen.”

Stopped twice by NZ First 2007 and 2017-2020, NZ First policy is to repeal it and save our natural health industry.

6- his signing of the UN Global Migration Compact

Global Migration pact –

You mean the one that National initiated and signed up to, to come into play at a future date and Peters inherited? Winston Peters then took and watered it down and flew overseas to 6 other signatories to agree and had our agreement legally checked ?

That one?

Yes, but it isn’t the same document that Mcully and Key signed.

If you look it up on the Foreign minsters website WP’s release includes legal guidance.

Exit of Brexit from UK meant we could re-negotiate to enter the common market again first time since 1973 when the EEC was formed.

This was part of the pressure to sign.

It was tactical as this document is about “treating migrants and refugees” ie not throwing them into detention centres.

The real issue with the original document that McCully signed that Australia and the US had with it is “boat people” and Migrants who jump the border.

NZ if you haven’t noticed don’t have an issue with either …

Go read the legal advice that WP got after he delayed the signing and went and got other countries to allow the variation for us.

National and Act meanwhile… signed up to UNDRIP with zero independent legal oversight ..

7- the writing and implementing of the new LGBGTQ+ sexuality guidelines in schools

Tracey Martin was a former NZ First MP and did things the party didn’t endorse in any way, hence why she left the party, stating the party doesn’t fit in with her ideals…

Still has nothing to do with Winston Peters, in fact he’s blowing the whistle on the sexual education in schools in a big way.

Tracy Martin exit article

Winston Peters posted this on August 1st 2023

A ‘sexual education’ refence book is now in New Zealand called “Welcome to Sex” – aimed at pre-teen children as young as eight, and covers topics of masturbation, gender fluidity, LGBTI issues, anal sex, and sex positions – all with illustrations.

Our sociological academic ‘educators’ including from the University of Canterbury are now promoting this book, calling it ‘fabulous’, and claim that their own research shows that nine-year-olds were needing to know things about ‘sex toys and anal sex’.

What has happened to our country?

These dangerous sociological academics are treating kiwi parents with contempt and allowing this sexual mind-warping of underage children.

NZ First education policies are in line with this, education not indoctrination!

There is a difference between the usual ‘biological age-appropriate sex education’ and this ‘gender and sexual indoctrination’ aimed at children who aren’t even old enough to consent.

We are going to stop this madness – and let our kids be kids.”

 NZ First Candidate Lee Donoghue, stands up for women in a hostile environment on a National TV debate, one man on the panel and it takes the man to stand up for women! See link below, he made us all proud!

8 – the Serious Fraud Office case against NZ First Foundation, and connections leading back to the same players in my last video “Election Psyops”, such as Cam Slater and VFF.

I’ll let VFF and RCR explain that for themselves:

Samantha Edwards favourite word “Psyop”, the new phrase to replace the lefts favourite word “misinformation”.

Is Counterspin now the new Disinformation Project, they sure are acting like it.

It’s all designed to shut down debate and control a narrative. Many traits Counterspin, NZ Loyal and Samantha Edwards portray that remind us of 2020 NZ in cahoots with Jacinda Ardern and the media..

SFO, let’s take a look at who went down in the Winebox enquiry, oh the Chief executive of Serious Fraud Office got fired due to Winston Peters exposing the white collar crime.

Stop believing what MSM and the National have spun about Peters, remember the Winebox affair where he exposed major international corruption with tax embezzlement implicating 6 other countries incl NZ IRD, SFO and CEO corporations which jeopardised the National Party, they have had it out for him ever since and so has the establishment. If anyone can take on the big wigs it’s him.

At a guess most on here would be too young to know about the Wine Box or you have forgotten.

I could explain in it in detail but it’s extensive.

@investigatemag has written books on it and so has Ian Wishart -Books if you wish to purchase are named –  Paradise Conspiracy, Paradise Conspiracy 2, The Vintage Winebox Guide, Winston, Lawyers Guns and Money


Multi nationals were using NZ as part of a Tax … hmm dodge

Winston Peters was fighting against the sale of BNZ to overseas interests, he gets sacked from cabinet … someone found some alarming papers… that guy who found those papers ended up dead, and still unsolved.

Investment company Fay Ritchwhite and others make tons and I mean tons of $$$ during “Rogernomics”

Winston Peters tries to expose big money tax evasion and the gutting of NZ assets, he gets done for defamation has to sell his house to survive…

Some tax laws got changed, some people got fired. Most agree Peters was lucky to not have been snuffed out due to the amount of money the case involved.

Not many have the Kahuna’s.

SFO history of going after WP and how they lost the cases:-

 “accused of obtaining by deception after donations to the New Zealand First Foundation (NZFF) — were this morning found not guilty in the High Court.”

“From the moment these spurious allegations were first raised and then perpetuated by many in the media, day after day, and month after month, I maintained that there had been no wrongdoing,” Peters said after the verdicts by Justice Pheroze Jagose, who presided over the judge-alone trial last month.Text you copy will automatically show here”

Two links as you can see not the first time SFO have gone on a witch hunt.

What we need to ask ourselves is why is Counterspin trying to paint a picture of mistrust with Winston yet they leave the real deceivers and corrupt parties alone? 

When you really dig you find a concerted effort to blacken Winston Peters name and throw mud and even though each time he proves his innocence the people only remember the mud. Why don’t people remember the SFO charges against Labour and National and the CCP spies National had in their party?? Because the media and the two main parties have ensured a look over here not over there strategy so they can carry on undermining this country. And looks like Counterspin have adopted the same strategy…

Look at this, National use to have a former Chinese CCP spy as an MP. When his past was made public he quickly “retired”…..The Nats and China walk hand in hand.

We have the best Milk in the world yet we turn it all into milk powder and export it to one country….China. No added value. No nothing. When their economy goes down so do we. We should be making our own products with it.

NZ First wanted to see a diversified dairy export industry but were declined by the national party of the day because of their deals they’d already made with the communist’s. And now our dairy milk industry suffers….so their mates in China can maintain their wealth.

OTHER – We also take a trip down memory lane, and revisit some of Winston’s previous campaign trail promises, – such as ditching TPPA and 1080, plus much more.

1080- (I quote Jackie Farrelly NZF candidate) “they tried to can the 1080 but when the other parties won’t budge and you have only 7% of influence (and any new party who thinks they can deliver on everything when they have a small mandate is kidding themselves) against people like Sage, who is very tunnel visioned, you try and get it done bit by bit, so they got some 1080 free trial zones (2 near where Jackie Farrelly lives) and investment into alternatives which has resulted in target specific multi kill traps (and more stuff in the pipeline) which are working well in the Okarito and Atarua areas. It’s a foot in the door. If NZ First can get some more influence this time round they can hopefully take that further. I know a couple of the Nat’ MP’s agree too, which could help the cause.”

Now to addressing the ignorance of voters, when a small party gets given a micro light to get to the moon how do you expect them to be strong enough to do everything to your satisfaction? They have to negotiate with the other parties in their coalition arrangement. It doesn’t matter what you personally want to achieve, you have to do it by democratic process within the boundaries of government process.

What Kiwi’s need to understand about negotiations:

We need to grasp the concept of MMP. If any party wants an influence in government you have two options available to negotiate to form a gvnt with, it’s not a dictatorship that when you get in there you sit on the sidelines and expect to make all these changes and have influence… They rely on us being ignorant so they can con us, we need to seriously ask the question if Liz gets in with her two people what exactly will she get across the line especially if she isn’t in a coalition?

As a smaller party and you wind up with 7%,8%,9% whatever that chunk may be then in order to get your policies through you have to form a government with the larger parties.

It is not hey you got the most votes, shake your hand and done deal. NO, it’s you got the most votes let’s start negotiations.. Compare policies, see what you have in common, see what you don’t and what you are prepared to trade off bearing in mind the more you get over the line the better for NZ and your voters that you promised to deliver for.. If one party out of the choice of two doesn’t come to an agreement then you start negotiating with the other party and see if you get better cooperation and the chance to ensure a stable government is formed and you deliver on your promises to your voters.

Now if Kiwi’s didn’t stupidly keep handing the mandate to red and blue then we would see MMP working brilliantly for us… And parties like NZF wouldn’t have to do deals with what I call the devil in red or the devil in blue!

And if you don’t believe me then hear it from a very experienced former National MP Maurice Williamson!


Why do we expect a party with a small mandate to stop absolutely everything the two major parties want to sign? National was the one who were pushing for the Tppa remember? Labour campaigned against it yet when negotiations were made to form the 2017 government neither National or Labour were budging on pulling out of it. So Winston Peters knew the best thing he could do was to get all the countries involved to alter it and removed the clauses where they used this country as collateral! Hence the name change to CPTPP.

Once again kiwis stop giving the mandate to blue and red!!

It’s a bit rich pointing fingers from the sidelines but the reality is Kiwi’s don’t give them enough of a mandate to get everything they want! That is the reality and they would find the same thing if they were in government as well!

OTHER – Is Winston Peters a fickle politician, who just can’t help but make over-enthusiastic promises to get himself into Parliament, – or is he playing a role?


I’m often told that National is better than Labour, not sure why counterspin aren’t focusing on these facts.I can only cover so much here so for this purpose the focus will be:

UNDRIP – United Nations Declaration of the Rights Of Indigenous People – who signed it, how many times has it tried to be signed and who stopped it when they could, what this opened the door up to for NZ.

UN Migration Pact – debunking the myths regarding who signed it and who inherited it (already covered)

Marine and Coastal Areas Act 2011 – who passed this and how that affects NZ

CCP and Blackrock deals – has this been tried before, what it has meant for other countries, who supports and who opposes and why.

RMA resource Management Act – what criteria is imbeded into the reform, who tried this already and failed and who is doing it again.

Some I will briefly give an overview but all information to look up about each thing is provided in the comments for reference, interest and knowledge purposes. Here:


FACTS – John Keys NATIONAL government which consisted of National, The Maori Party (Pita Sharples) and Act (Rodney Hide at the time) signed UNDRIP. John Key hid this from coalition partner Rodney Hide and sent Pita Sharples to US to sign it without his knowledge (reference Rodney Hides speech in parliament at the time this happened. Also covered in the interview Casey Costello with Rodney Hide on RCR recently in detail which I have also provided in comments).

Helen Clarkes LABOUR gvnt which NZ First was a coalition partner of had already tried to sign this, but Winston Peters said this is not what NZ needs as we have one of the best standing race relations in the world, being Foreign Minister he had the opportunity to compare with other countries, for this reason he advised Helen Clarke not to sign it and she didn’t. Then we have a change in government and despite the opposition to it and not having the approved public mandate to do it, as was never campaigned on, John Key had it sneakily signed into anyway.

UNDRIP is the agreement that supports and enables He Pua Pua and cogovernance, 3 waters etc

As you can see, signed into by National and then inacted by Labour.

There is confusion about the signing of the UN Migration Pact as it came into play in 2018 when Winston Peters was in gvnt coalition with Labour. People say, “he campaigned against it then signed, he’s a sellout” .  When in actual fact, if you go look it up you will find John Keys government signed it and Peters inherited as it came into play at a future date. He didn’t have the power to scrap it but because Winston Peters has NZs best interests at heart, Peters removed all clauses in it that undermined our sovereignty and foreign policy before it was ratified.

Marine And Coastal Area Act 2011 (all the coastal area claims we see).John Key National gvnt passed this legislation which has seen claims of 600 thus far costing the tax payer $300,000 per claim.

(Discussed in Rodney Hide and Casey Costellos RCR interview provided).

John Key also tried to set up CHINA’S belt and Road Fund which Peters stopped in it’s tracks in 2013. (can read lots on that and learn from what happened to other countries that did this in comments) NOW Seymour and Luxon also announced they will be signing up too for our roading infrastructure.

What we see is a pattern of National and Labour appearing to give an illusion of choice, yet fundamentally working alongside one another. The things we see National sign up to or pass is then inacted by Labour sometime in the future.

John Key also tried to put through the RMA reform in 2015 with race based criteria and was short 12 votes, he went to Peters and asked him to support it, Peters said only if you remove the race based criteria, John Key wouldn’t and the reform failed, only to be tabled again under urgency by labour last month.

(see Facebook video of Simon O Connor National warning us of this being rushed through)

And now we have Labour and National jumping into bed with Blackrock and the CCP. Act thinks Blackrock is a good thing BTW…

(Info on that on comments too on my Facebook link above)

The pattern I am continually seeing is the two major parties don’t work in our best interests and NZF does seem to put New Zealand first consistently over the years.

References provided in comments here :

Another example if Peters taking a stand here:

Want to stop co-governance? Read this:

Winston Peters and NZFirst warned NZ and National about the dangers of co-governance YEARS AGO.

This is a decade old clip of Peters vs Chris Finlayson (at the time Nationals Minister of Treaty Settlements in comments)

This part is important .. in 2004 labour passed the Seabed and Foreshore act. Contentious at the time as iwi were trying to claim stretches of beaches around NZ. This bill was drafted to ensure ALL NZ would have access to beaches, and place the seabed and foreshore into “public” ownership.

Winston Peters supported this bill, but only on the provision that it was placed in “Crown” ownership not “public”. In order to get NZFirsts support Clark reluctantly amended the bill and it passed.

The reason why Winston Peters stipulated “crown” vs “public” ownership, is it closed the door to any further claims, and claims would unlikely succeed.

In 2010 Key signed UNDRIP which Peters had blocked in 2007.

2011 Key repealed the foreshore and seabed act, and replaced it with the “Coastal Areas” bill. This bill was more consistent with UNDRIP’s principles.

National also foolishly took away the “Crown” ownership clause, and now there are 603 claims before the Waitangi tribunal, which are costing 200m JUST to have the cases heard. These cases have constitutional implications and are pivotal to Co-governance.

Act and National have no appetite or will to remove this law, and both parties have admitted this.

Winston Peters, Shane Jones and Casey Costello are experts in this issue. Winston and his team know how to unpick this and consign co-governance to the rubbish bin of history.

Watch the clip… Peters warns of loss of sovereignty and implications for the country. Finlayson calls the seabed and foreshore bill “disgusting”.

Nationals David Carter, was an awful speaker, a life long hater of Peters and only marginally better than Mallard at the role. Finlayson became more powerful when Key made him Attorney General and now works as a lawyer for iwi claims. He is also a staunch supporter of Co-governance.

Want to end Co-governance? 

Party Vote NZFirst. ( can provide video proof of where Winston Peters challenges National in the chambers in 2013 in comments or on request)

OTHER – Is he truly the anti-establishment champion he’s presenting as, – or is he simply channelling the disenchanted back into the machine, – with more false promises?

FACTS although only stratching the surface, there’s way more but you get the picture:

Patterns emerging, this is what I am connecting like a bit of a jigsaw currently …

Jim Bolger – Jim Bolger first signed NZ up to UN Agenda 21 (2030) in 1992 ..Rio Earth Summit… – Prime minister for 7 years, got rolled by Jenny Shipley – Bolger became Ambassador to the United States and remained in this post until 2002.

Jenny Shipley – causes coup d’etat and ousts Boldger as PM, does deal with China, renegs on coalition deal, sells off assets, gets a job with China Construction Bank and a damehood and becomes a member of “Council of WOMEN world Leaders”

Helen Clarke – completes a 9 yr stint of social engineering and ideological changes – gets top job as number 3 in the UN, pushing the UN Agenda 2030 global takeover

John Key – asset sales, signing NZ up to global pacts undermining our sovereignty, China deals, mass immigration creating housing, infrastructure and health crisis – cushy job with China Construction Bank – Knighthood

Jacinda Ardern – destroys NZ implementing the UN Agenda 2030 into our domestic policies, does deals with WEF, Harvard and UN, divides the nation, continues with Keys housing, infrastructure and health crisis, sets up deal with Blackrock – Damehood, million dollar book deal, Cushy job censoring free speech at Harvard, member of “Council of Women World Leaders”

Winston Peters – 40+yr veteran, looking after the young, the old and putting NZ First, renowned handbrake on bad policy no matter who the gvnt was, hated by all of the above people, currently the enemy of all political parties no matter where they sit in the political spectrum – still leader of his party 30 yrs later (no shoulder tap deals, coup d’ etat’s, knighthoods, cushy overseas jobs or million dollar book deals? )

I can see quite clearly who we can trust that has been working in the best interests of NZ and who hasn’t been!!?!

More examples of standing on principle and getting shafted. 

The 1996 coalition Govt with Bolger and Peters at the helm, was despite earlier reservations working well.

Shipley had decided “The moderating force of NZF on Bolger had made him too cautious” & held back any real Richardson reforms. In December 1997 Bolger returned from overseas to the news Shipley had replaced him

This led to instability in the coalition, Shipley had continued the program of Asset sales and attempted to replace the flag with a quasi emblem “the Silver Fern”. It was later found her good friend was the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi in the US had given her the idea as a way to “corporatise NZ”. She stated similarities to the Canadian Maple leaf made it attractive internationally. Saatchi & Saatchi were soon after awarded substantial NZ Tourism contracts

In August 1998 Peters as Deputy PM and Treasurer refused to sell NZ’s shares in the Wellington Airport and walked out of Cabinet. Shipley informed Peters via the media that she had removed his ministerial Warrants, and he was sacked. Having convinced several NZF MP’s to “jump Waka” to National she led a increasingly desperate coalition.

In order to appeal to the “younger” demographic she was the first PM to attend the Hero Parade, and cynically she lowered the drinking age to 18.

National went onto lose the 1999 election, she was awarded a Damehood ,and left politics for a lucrative role for the CCP controlled “China Construction Bank” where she worked with Chinese Interests to secure investment such as farms in NZ. She was found to be partly liable for the collapse of Mainzeal which cost investors $110m. Like Jacinda Adern and Helen Clark Shipley became a member of the Global body “Council of Women World Leaders”

Peters and Gerry Brownlee are the only members of the entire 1996 Parliament still active in politics today.

Now, let’s take a look at how the establishment has treated Winston Peters. 

Always the scapegoat…

Why does the National Party blame WP for everything?

 FIRSTLY, for all those who are mad about 2017, why aren’t you mad at the National Party for ruling out NZF and forcing Peters into opposition for two terms during John Key era and The National Party chose the Maori party over NZF??

Why did Jim Bolger treat him badly inside the National Party when he was a Nat and fire him 3 times because he stood on principle?

When NZF was in a coalition gvnt with Jim BOLGER in 96, (the guy who fired him, he still put his differences aside for the good of the country though..) why did Jim Bolger get rolled as PM by Jenny Shipley while Bolger was overseas, she announced this without Bolgers knowledge, then renegs on the coalition arrangement with NZF and fires Peters from cabinet because he wouldn’t agree to selling off our airport and other state assets?

And why after shutting him out for 6years leading up to 2017 did the National Party think they could get away with the most insulting offer you could imagine as a potential coalition deal and then turn around and point fingers and blame WP for their failure at negotiations?

Why do we ignore National has has 5 leaders since 2017 yet somehow they would have been better than Labour and WP is still the scapegoat?

 And why is it that National voters didn’t have faith in their own party and thought Jacinda was wonderful and voted her in in a landslide yet still turn around and blame WP for Jacinda’s mess of a gvnt last 3yrs when WP wasn’t even there?

Look at the history, the National Party have treated Winston like absolute dirt because he wouldn’t go along with their selling off of our assets and sending our wealth and profits overseas! He was a true nationalist but international interests took over that party.

Winston is still the old guard the National Party of old, the current National Party is not the party he joined in 78, no it is the International Global interest party now and NZF remains the ONLY viable party that has NZs best interests at heart.

The only reason why the likes of Seymour says “he falls out with everyone” is because he stands in the way of anything they try to do that is NOT in the best interests of NZ! Why is Seymour and Luxon so scared of Peters right now? Running major hit pieces and smear campaigns? Luxon is threatening to call a second election if NZF gets in. Seymour is threatening no confidence and supply if NZF is in the mix. Those that are persecuted the most and for decades has been, is usually an indication of who we should be backing…

More evidence of skullduggery:

Two weeks out from the 2011 election PM John Key & Act leader John banks met to discuss a deal between the two parties for Epsom, “Teagate was born”

Brad Ambrose a journalist had accidentally left his device recording the ensuing conversation:

“Banks: And, you might, you might be inclined to say ‘I know John quite well.’

Key: Yeah. That’s right, yep.

Banks: And we’ve had a good working relationship, and we did a lot of stuff together.

Key: Yep. Worked well.

Banks: We’ve achieved a lot.

Key: Yep. We’re on the same page.

Banks: Do you think Winston will be back this time?

Key: [dismissive laugh] No, not at all no chance.

Banks: [laugh]

Key: [amused] Yeah, yeah, yeah, 

that’s , but no, no, not a show. He, look, he’s at 2.5 I think on the TV3 poll, we have him about 2.5, 3. Look, he polled 4 last time, he’ll poll 3 this time, a lot of his constituents have all died. He won’t poll, I don’t think he’ll poll much above 3 this time.”

NZF subsequently surged in the last last 2 weeks, having previously lost the 2008 election, and consistently polled below 5%

NZF were returned to Parliament in 2011 with 6.6% of the vote.

Key ordered a police raid on Ambrose’s house and he was given a “warning for illegally recording a private conversation”

Ambrose sued Key for Defamation which was settled out of court and Key accepting the device was accidentally left on

John Banks was later convicted of Filing a false electoral return, but with John key’s assistance was allowed to stay in Parliament.

During this Parliamentary term Peters notably fought to block Key from passing the GCSB bill which allowed Govt spying on its own citizens, Key unsuccessfully negotiated with Peters to support the bill, Winston went public describing it as “Orwellian”

John Banks, ACT leader came to Keys rescue with the crucial vote to get the bill passed.

(In view of this it is interesting what John Banks says now considering he wasn’t a fan of Winston back then)

This information is provided in the hope that all will be able to make a genuinely informed vote, come Election Day.

Here is some information provided that can help you make an informed decision on election day

Things NZF have achieved are many, I am compiling a list currently but there’s way more to add to it. Labour bought in a surtax for pensioners where they were taxed 70cents in the dollar for every dollar they earned over $80 over and above their pension. National then comes in and took it up to 96cents in the dollar. When Peters formed a coalition with Boldger he said surtax has to be abolished 100% and the pension itself taken up to 66% in line with inflation. He also bought in the gold card, free bus, free hearing aids, free train for pensioners. NZF has been the only party who has twice increased the police man power. 3 bill Provincial Growth Fund bring money into the regions and investing in projects and businesses. Stopped foreign ownership of home sales and stopping capital gains tax, 4.2bill into transport system, Winter Energy Payment, kiwi jobs by reducing the amount of immigration numbers allowed in, u14s free doctors visits, free training for trades.. Introduced pay parity for primary school teachers. Invested over 4.2 bill in 2017 term into the NZDF. Thats what I have so far but also the amount of things he’s stopped and tried to stop blows my mind. Incl twice shot down the Therapuetics Bill to only be tabled again now when he’s not there and got passed this time. Against the self ID bill when it was tabled in 2019, but Act and National helped labour pass it on 2021 when he wasn’t there…. Was opposed to the GCSB bill, Marine and Coastal Areas Act, UNDRIP etc etc etc

It’s always been about making the books look good with National in the small period of time that they’re in there with longterm consequences which we the people suffer. Instead of investing into wealth creation projects to keep the country independent and wealthy they sell us off to the highest bidder with a false sense of financial security, sell assets and send profits off shore to corporations, mass immigration propping up the economy temporarily yet creating a housing, infrastructure and health crisis and then toodle off into the sunset with their cushy jobs and leave us to suffer the outcomes of their decisions. They clearly show by their actions they are following the UN Agenda 21 that Jim Bolger signed NZ up to in 1992.

Kiwi’s still vote as if we are FPP instead of MMP therefore leaving small parties with limited power and a small mandate, NZF has still achieved a heck of a lot despite this. Throw stones at the two major parties who kiwis vote to just change guard when they’ve had enough and vote in more of the same rubbish with a different colour, both of which have been detrimental to our country. You want change then give the mandate to NZF instead and then and only then will we start to see the benefits of MMP in action and a fairer outcome.

What makes it hard for the smaller parties even successful ones like NZF (And any minor party currently seeking office would have the same problem) is they don’t get enough of a mandate to actually do all the things they want to do and campaign on, therefore some gets sacrificed and the most important things they achieve. For all the things they couldn’t achieve they have a rap sheet a mile long of what they have done for NZ over 30yrs and sometimes it’s good to focus on what they have done rather than what they couldn’t get done.. If New Zealanders stop giving the majority mandate to red and blue as if we are a FPP political system, then parties like NZFIRST would absolutely thrive, prove themselves, show up the rotten pathways we get dealt by both Red and Blue and NZ would be much better off.

CONCLUSION – If we want NZFirst to do better we must ourselves ACT. Join the party, put forward your influence and help shape it going forward. I went to the convention and I was blown away how democratic it was. As members we get to put forward remits, the members hear your pitch, then debate it, vote on it, for, against or an amendment. Not the leaders, the members. It’s a member driven party and that is what determines the path the party goes down. If you take a look at the path the party has taken this year that is due to all the patriots like me who have joined this party on mass. No more whinging from the sidelines pointing fingers, Winston is one guy, he can’t do it all by himself and we can’t expect miracles from ONE man! Let’s get behind this grass roots patriots party and turn things around in this country! God Defend NZ! Party Vote NZ First!

*Sidenote: I don’t want to stoop to their level but I have already caught NZ Loyal/Counterspin out in 3 lies plus one false accusation against me personally. I had already provided the true evidence of NZF position on abortion and documentation well before Samantha Edwards did the hit piece so she was in full knowledge that her UK article she is referring to is false information yet she still did it. I ask this question – what is Counterspin, NZ Loyal hoping to achieve by putting all their efforts into taking down this party, surely, they could focus their campaign on something productive!

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