The NZ government quietly ended covid restrictions last week

The NZ government quietly ended covid restrictions last week

This week the government very quietly (just before the election) removed the remaining COVID-19 restrictions mandating the wearing of facemasks.

Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall announces end of remaining coronavirus restrictions

The final remnants of New Zealand’s COVID-19 response restrictions are going to be removed, the Health Minister has announced.

The last measures will end on Tuesday, about three-and-a-half years after COVID-19 first emerged globally and New Zealand began introducing restrictions to limit its spread, keep people healthy, and avoid deaths….. Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall confirmed the seven-day mandatory isolation and mask rules would be removed from 12:01am on Tuesday, August 15.


They justify their move with this lie.


The reality

Saved thousands of lives?

This is the statistical reality from Worldometer:

Over 4,000 deaths. 

The onset of this coincided with the introduction of the covid-19 “gene therapy” in 2021. 

Over the worst of the covid era in 2020 the number of deaths WITH covid stayed around 27 as is shown by the following graph.

This shows deaths taking off in February, 2022, about the time of the Convoy and protests at Parliament.

Vaccine deaths 

Many of us remember the horrors of the weekend of Jacinda’s Vaxathon in October, 21.

Here is an anecdote from a friend from the time. That is all we could rely on at the time)


One of the greatest crimes of this government was to remove the possibility of timely treatment with highly effective and  cheap medicines like ivermectin.

Gene Therapy

Throughout this saga if I even suggested that the jab was not a vaccine but “gene therapy” with an operating system – something that could be found on Pfizer and Moderna’s websites –  I would have been accused of being a dangerous conspiracy theorist.

This is an email received in recent days by the New Zealand First Party.In it they refer, not to the “vaccine” but to Covid gene therapies

The reality revealed by Guy Hatchard

Throughout, some of the best research has been done by Guy Hatchard who has given us regular updates.

I would like you to keep in mind the following:

Internal data from the Health Department pertaining to the Wellington region and kept from the public, recently sent to Guy Hatchard, revealed:

  • an increase in heart Attacks by 83%
  • hospitalisation for myocarditis is up by one third (33% increase).
  • Miscarriage, stillbirths, and strokes all up by a quarter (25% increase).
  • acute kidney injury (AKI) up by 40%.

Source: Te Whatu Ora Are Hiding the Alarming Figures—a Tsunami of Illness

In an article from today, Deaths up 14%, Natural Birth Increase Down 28%, Disability is up 37.5%, Guy Hatchard reveals that:

  • The number of deaths is up 14% which occurred at a rate of 90 excess deaths per week.
  • Deaths among 15 to 64 year olds are up by 6%.
  • Disability sufficient to preclude joining the workforce among 15 to 64 year olds increased by 37.5% and now represents 14.3% of the workforce.

A number of movies have either been released or are about to be released just in the run up to the General Election. Firstly, there is We Came Here for Freedom

We Came Here for Freedom

Another documentary, River of Freedom is about to be premiered in September, in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Meanwhile, Billy te Kahika is working on his film, River of Lies and is being premiered in Auckland on September 3rd

I urge you to take this moment in time to share these films with those who have yet to see the truth.

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  1. “The NZ government quietly ended covid restrictions last week.”

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    The NaZi government quietly ended covid restrictions last week.

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