The NZ police state

The NZ police state

I wouldn’t mind betting this is not a one-off occasion.

Why are NZ Police confiscating legal medicine?

Police confiscate prescribed medicinal cannabis after pulling over driver

Chris Stuart was driving to the supermarket with his wife when he was pulled over by police, it ended with officers confiscating the prescription medication he takes for anxiety, cannabis.

When the two officers pulled over his vehicle on Memorial Dr, Alexandra, on Sunday afternoon, they told the 50-year-old Roxburgh man that his licence plate was “flagged” in their system.

When those same officers checked-out his vehicle they claimed they detected the smell of cannabis, giving them the power to undergo a warrantless search.

But that search netted only two items, a plastic bong made out of a Lipton Ice Tea bottle attached to a metal pipe purchased legally from a store only a few metres from where police pulled them over, and a bottle of prescription medicine.

The officers were interested in the bottle, containing prescribed medicinal cannabis containing cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which was labelled.

An attending officers asked Stuart, who last consumed the product the night before, why he needed the medicinal cannabis, and later phoned to check whether it was allowed.

Most Kiwis are not aware that legal medicinal dry leaf cannabis is now available in New Zealand, and that seems to include the NZ Police.

Medicinal cannabis is now perfectly legal, you need to contact a licensed medicinal cannabis  Dr, have a consultation and you get a legal prescription to buy dried flower cannabis from them.

Prices range from $200 to $450 depending what you are getting.

It is legal.

The Police have no right to confiscate your legal medicinal cannabis.

It is obvious that the person in the news story was targeted and the Police are now testing what limits they have under the new regime.

The Police need to be reprimanded in this case, and immediately hand this patient back his medicine.

This country almost voted to legalise weed, the compromise was a bullshit medicinal cannabis regime that acts like a recreational market while masquerading as a medicinal one.

We all agreed this was the bullshit compromise and yet here are the cops once again trying to fuck it up.

Tell these cops to get out of our legal weed, we’ve found a loophole in the current legislation and we will exploit it every day of the week.

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