The prescience of Paul Craig Roberts

The prescience of Paul Craig Roberts

 Establishment War Against “We the People” – Paul Craig Roberts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) says the country has changed dramatically since the massively fraudulent and rigged 2020 Election that put Joe Biden in the White House.  Dr. PCR says, “First, consider there is now an organized war by the establishment against anyone who takes exception to their explanation of the election.  We see, for example, free speech is now dead.  Many of the institutions in the United States no longer believe in it.  You can’t protest what you perceive as a stolen election without being called an enemy of democracy.  Well, someone who is protesting what they perceive as a stolen election is defending democracy.  Now, that means they are an enemy because the narrative can’t be challenged.  You can’t say anything is wrong with the 2020 Election even if you have enormous evidence.  So, you don’t have free speech.  Also, a lot of people who attended the Trump rally (in Washington D.C. 1/6/21) have been fired simply for attending the rally.  So, you don’t have freedom of association. You cannot do anything that is seen as opposition to the establishment. . . . Biden was demanding personal allegiance from the troops who defended the inauguration.  So, it looks more and more like a dictatorship.”

Dr. PCR goes on to say, “The evidence is overwhelming that the election was stolen.  There is no doubt about it. . . . Let’s assume we don’t really know if the election was stolen.  We do know everybody who voted for Trump believes it was stolen.  We also know from the polls that 30% of Democrats believe it was stolen. . . .So, if that many people believe it was stolen, the government has an obligation to investigate and tell the people we looked at the evidence . . . and say it was or was not stolen, but they refuse to look at the evidence.  They had the explanation ready, and the explanation was ‘there’s no evidence.’ . . . They failed, we have a divided country and they just let the country be divided.  Now, they are going to pass a domestic terrorism law, and the purpose is to further control any dissent. . . . This is why I say we have crossed a line.  This is like Caesar crossing the Rubicon.  That was the end of the Roman Republic.  This is the end of democracy. . . . The Republican Party is dead because they failed Trump voters.”

Dr. PCR, who holds a PhD in Economics, says the Biden Administration policies are going to tank the U.S. economy.  For example, on Biden’s first day in office, he canceled the XL Pipeline and re-entered the Paris Climate Accord.  That killed tens of thousands of U.S. jobs with the stroke of Biden’s pen.  Again, this was on the very first day in office.  Dr. PCR says, “The economy is already wrecked, and so Biden is going to wreck a wrecked economy.”

The biggest problem Dr. PCR sees is not the federal debt.  Dr. PCR says, “The federal debt is not the problem, the real problem is the private debt. . . . The debt burden of the population has gone up over the last 25 years, and this is the difficult problem.  Income now is completely utilized in debt service.  This is what is meant by debt deflation.  Since the consumer is utilizing their money in debt service, there is no money for discretionary spending.  Therefore, there is nothing to support the rest of the economy. . . . Then, the lockdowns come, and they further restrict the income flow to the people who are already drowning in debt. . . .  The debt needs to be written off, but that is hard to do. . . .  So, when people talk about a collapse, this will be the cause of the collapse.  We will have a debt deflation collapse and not hyperinflation.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

In America Truth Is the Hardest Thing to Find

Paul Craig Roberts

The FBI and a grandstanding acting US attorney, Michael Sherwin, are after Trump supporters. The FBI has arrested 150 people for their alleged role in the alleged “Capitol riot.”  The fact that there was no Capitol riot doesn’t matter.  No facts matter.  This is a shut-down-all-opposition-to-The Establishment operation.  Sherwin is doing his best to concoct a “conspiracy” case against the arrested, as those arrested are not guilty of anything real.  No one broke into the Capitol.  A few were allowed in by the Capitol police.  Videos show the police opening the doors, people entering in single file, walking around, and exiting.  One video shows a black police officer provoking people up the stairs where a few did selfies sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.  That was the extent of the “storming of the capitol.” But law enforcement (sic) officials say their investigation of the Trump conspirators is one of the most expansive in the FBI’s history, comparable to the Oklahoma City bombing and the Boston Marathon bombing, two suspected false flag operations.  

Videos also show that Antifa personnel and a CNN journalist were among those the police let into the Capitol.  They are celebrating that they had succeeded in getting some Trumpers inside and videotaping it as evidence that the Capitol was stormed. I posted these videos or links to them previously.

In other words, nothing happened at the Capitol except a black police officer for unknown reasons shot and killed a woman who was a veteran and who was not threatening the black policeman. The other four reported deaths seem unrelated to the alleged “deadly violent assault on the Capitol.”  Three of the four, a woman and two men, died from “medical energencies.”  In a crowd as large as the Trump supporters, three natural deaths from heart attacks, especially as many protestors of the stolen election were from older generations, would not be unusual.  I have seen no report connecting the reported deaths to being trampled in a riot or hit with tear gas canisters, bricks, or other objects associated with a riot.  One policeman is reported to have been hit in the head with a fire extinguisher, but details have been spotty. Of course, details do not matter to the presstitutes, and the narrative can survive without them. 

The presstitutes present the reported deaths as if they are victims of Trumpers urged on by Trump. But the alleged riot occurred before Trump finished his speech, which was delivered some distance away from the Capitol. This raises questions about who the people at the Capitol were. If they were Trumpers, you would think they would be at  Trump’s speech.

As for the alleged pipe bombs, if they exist and are not another invention to enhance the story against Trumpers, why the assumption that those Americans rallying for Trump placed them?  How would they have gained access to DNC and RNC offices.  If any pipe bombs, real or fake, existed, how do we know that Antifa or the FBI didn’t place them as enhancements to the narrative?

We cannot know what really happened, because the narrative is fixed as a weapon against Trump and his voters.

Shift gears now.  Do you remember the violent riots, billion dollar looting and destruction of business districts in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, New York and many other cities? Clearly these violent riots were an organized conspiracy.  There is no FBI and US Attorney investigation of these real riots, real destruction, and real murders.  This wasn’t a make-believe “Trump insurrection.”  It was real. And there is no FBI investigation. No US attorney putting together a conspiracy charge.

What else do you need to know?  The FBI is after ordinary, good, decent, Americans who can be accused of anything and the presstitutes will report it as fact.  The FBI has no interest in real riots, real property damage, real murder.  The FBI and the acting US attorney Sherwin are not bringing charges against Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They are bringing charges against Trump Americans and against the Proud Boys.

Reuters reports that Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys and clearly not a white supremacist, is an undercover police informer.  This might or might not be true. There is no doubt that the Proud Boys are infiltrated by police agencies.  We can’t even know that the organization wasn’t formed by FBI undercover agents.  On the other hand, Tarrio might simply be being set-up by the FBI so that he is removed from the leadership. As the Proud Boys are demonized by the pressitutes and Democrats as “an extremist organization,” having a Hispanic at the head doesn’t fit The Establishment Narrative.  The Establishment needs to have Tarrio removed and a white male put in his place.  As all white people are “systemic racists,” once the Proud Boys are led by a white male, it is transformed into an “extremist white supremacist organization” and is guilty of everything by definition.

Shift gears to Covid. The entire world is involved in lockdowns, mandatory wearing of ineffective masks, rushed vaccination with an untested vaccine.  The PCR Covid test has been disavowed by its creator as a misleading test for Covid. All deaths from other causes are reported as Covid deaths.  Masses of people have lost their jobs from lockdowns and cannot service their debt. Seasonal flu cases are no longer reported and are conflated with Covid cases.  In all of this confusion, the question of where did Covid come from has gone unexamined.

Of course, it is part of the China demonization to blame it on China.  The facts seem to be different and unsupportive of the narrative. There is abundant evidence that Dr. Fauci of the National Institutes of Health funded gain-of-function research of the Coronavirus at the Wuhan laboratory in China  This is not conspiracy theory.  This is data of record. 

Gain-of-function research has to do with making a virus  easier to spread.  Why was this research being done?  The Establishment’s answer is that the research is necessary in order to gain scientific insight into how to prepare for a deadly pandemic.  First you create a highly infectious pathogen and then you seek knowledge of how to devise a vaccine that protects against it.  

Research on making viruses more infectious borders on biowarfare, an illegal enterprise. In order to avoid violating the biowarfare convention, did Fauci shift the research to China? Did the virus escape the Wuhan lab or was the US financing of the research in China a set-up so that when the virus was released in order to gain more control over populations China would take the blame? Whenever there are no proper investigations, conspiracy theories emerge.

All of this might sound far-fetched, and I agree.  But we are surrounded by conspiracy theories. Which are false and which are true? We have the 9/11 conspiracy that a man hiding in a cave in Afghanistan destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon. The conspiracy against Saddam Hussein of “weapons of mass destruction.” The conspiracy against Assad of “Assad’s use of chemical weapons.”  The conspiracy against Russia of “Russian invasions” and “interfering in US elections.” We have the “Russiagate” conspiracy against Trump.  And now the “violent storming of the Capitol” conspiracy. 

The reason that democracies fail is that disinformation causes deadly attacks on democracy and civil liberty to go unrecognized by the people.

What does it take to get people to demand that their government give equal investigation to real Antifa and BLM riots as to a pretend “storming of the Capitol” by Trump supporters disturbed by what they regard as a stolen election?

What does it take to get people to demand to know why the US National Institutes of Health financed the research that made Covid infectious and easy to spread?

Why don’t we know how Covid came to be?

Isn’t it a conspiracy that the media speak with one voice–the voice of The Establishment?  Why are explanations controlled and alternative explanations censored?  Clearly, this is conspiracy.

Written a year ago

Trump Is History and So Is the USA

Paul Craig Roberts

10 October, 2019

When I read this evening in The Hill, which I mistakenly thought was a legitimate news publication rather than a weapon against President Trump and the Republicans, that the documented fact that Joe Biden and his son received between them $1,750,000 for preventing any Ukrainian investigation of the corrupt firm Burisma was mere unsupported “allegation,” and that the Trump Department of Justice had indicted two associates of Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s most fervent supporter, for “campaign finance violations,” a very elastic term, it became completely clear that Trump’s own Justice (sic) Department is part of the Deep State’s plot to destroy Trump.

Where is the Justice Department’s report on the felonies committed by the Democrats, CIA, and FBI in the effort to use the orchestrated hoax of Russiagate to interfere in the US presidential election by overturning the voters’ will and driving Trump out of office? Where are the indictments for these felonies? Why is the Trump Justice (sic) Department drawing out the expected report and indictments until the Democrats have had all the chance they need to finish off Trump?  Why is Trump’s Justice (sic) Department helping the Democrats to destroy Trump. 

The former prosecutor general of Ukraine has himself testified that he was fired on Joe Biden’s orders, reinforced by the orders of the US ambassador to Ukraine.  We have the report that Ukrainian MP Andrii Derkach has released documents proving the Bidens’ corruption. 

We have the letter to the Democrats from the White House legal counsel pointing out that there is no such thing as an ongoing “impeachment inquiry” that denies the accused the ability to contest the evidence and to cross examine accuser witnesses.  It is completely obvious that by avoiding a vote to begin an impeachment process, the Democrats intend to throw mud right through the next election without having to produce or confront any evidence or facts.  The “inquiry” is not an impeachment.  It is an illegitimate use of the concept of impeachment to conduct a propaganda campaign against Trump for which no evidence needs to be produced.

Trump is so far over his head in Washington waters that he is incapable of realizing that the criminal George W. Bush and Obama regimes put powers in the hands of the president that enable him to destroy the plotters of the coup against him.  Instead, Trump “distances himself from Giuliani.”  In other words, his enemies have Trump on the run. Has it ever occurred to Trump that every real whistle-blower, people protected by statutory federal law, was completely destroyed by the executive branch, and no one said a word? Yet, here is Trump twisting in the wind on the basis of an unknown CIA agent who orchestrated the whistleblower complaint with Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.  In US law there is no such thing as an unknown whistleblower, much less one that has more power than the president of the United States.

We are going to lose a president, who intended to mend America and restore peace, and our country along with him, because American peace and prosperity does not comply with the agendas of the elite who rule us.  

The American people are so stupid, having demonstrated their unlimited capability for utter and total stupidity by buying in to the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” “Iranian nukes,” “Russian invasions,” “Russiagate,” ad infinitum, that the Deep State and their media whores take for granted that the dumbshit Americans will equally accept the latest lie.

America is already in the trash bin of history.  Most other countries will say, “good riddance.”

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