The psyop begins

The psyop begins

Alex Jones: Biden Admin Preparing To Bring Back Full Covid Restrictions

Is the Biden administration with the crooked corrupted inept CDC, NIH, FDA officials moving to reimplement COVID restrictions etc.? Yes, it is & was only option they have e.g. lockdown, jail Trump 45

and/or assassinate him….I am telling you, these beasts, these leftist devils with the evil RINOs and deepstate with swamp DC media are exposing 45, they know how they are colluding to kill him


EXC: Biden Has Already Begun Buying COVID-19 Equipment, Hiring Pandemic ‘Safety Protocol’ Enforcers.

By: Natalie Winters

The federal government has started purchasing COVID-19 equipment and hiring advisors on “safety protocols” amidst speculation the Biden White House will reinstate pandemic-era lockdowns and mandates, War Room can reveal.

The unearthed government contracts from entities including the Department of Defense (DOD) show millions in taxpayer funds being used to purchase COVID-19 equipment such as test kits. Some of the contracts, which are traceable via the federal government’s spending database, are even scheduled to begin in future months such as September and October.

The DOD, for example, gave Hologic Sales and Service LLC a $1.5 million contract beginning on October 1st that’s set to conclude in May of 2024. The federal database reveals the funds are for “Hologic covid testing services in support of the department of pathology at Madigan army medical center, Tacoma, WA 98431. (new delivery order).”

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also inked a $2 million contract with Abbott Molecular Inc. beginning on September 22nd. Set to conclude in September of 2024, the contract will provide testing services for viruses including COVID-19.
The VA also started a $1.3 million contract with Biofire Diagnostics LLC on August 18th for its “COVID-19 testing reagents and equipment.” The contract is slated to expire in August of next year.
On August 14th, the VA also began a $3.3 million contract with Oddball Inc for advisory on “adequate COVID/19 safety protocols”:

The contract is set to expire in August of next year.

The unearthed contracts follow the mainstream media hyping an alleged surge in COVID-19 cases across America, which also dovetails with COVID-19 vaccine makers such as Pfizer experiencing a rapid decline in profits.

How Convenient: Biden Regime Begins Procuring COVID-19 Equipment and Hiring Safety Advisors, Government Spending Data Reveals

The Biden regime has begun procuring COVID-19 equipment and hiring advisors on safety protocols, according to an exclusive report from War Room.

This comes amidst increasing speculation that the White House might be preparing to reinstate pandemic-era lockdowns and mandates.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the Biden regime is preparing to reinstate full COVID-19 lockdowns, beginning with masking mandates for TSA and airport employees reportedly as early as mid-September, Infowars first to report.

A high-level TSA official reached out to Infowars, detailing a Tuesday meeting where TSA managers were informed of new memorandums and policies that would reimplement mask-wearing.

These policies will reinstate the mask mandate for TSA and airport employees starting in mid-September.

According to the TSA official, further details on how the policy will escalate will be provided next week.

The official added that by mid-October, mask-wearing will be mandated for pilots, flight staff, passengers, and all airport patrons.

Following this disclosure from the TSA official, Infowars reached out to a trusted Border Patrol source, also in a managerial position.

This source corroborated the directives, confirming that similar measures were being planned for Border Patrol personnel.

“They were told it was not a matter of “if” but “when” official Covid numbers will go back up and they expect by mid-October a return to forced-masking policies that the Biden administration previously only reluctantly ended after massive pressure,” Infowars reported.

The news outlet added, “Both whistleblowers were told this rollout will be in tandem with the new Covid “variant” hysteria that the MSM has been reporting on this week.

On Monday, Co-Host & Executive Editor of Steve Bannon’s War Room, Natalie Winters, reported that the “federal government has already begun buying COVID-19 equipment and hiring consultants to enforce pandemic-era “safety protocols.””

The government contracts, including those from significant entities such as the Department of Defense (DOD), show a considerable expenditure of taxpayer funds towards the procurement of COVID-19 related items like test kits.

Some of these contracts are even scheduled to begin next month, including September and October, hinting at a long-term strategy.

For instance, the DOD has awarded Hologic Sales and Service LLC a significant $1.5 million contract scheduled to begin on October 1st and with a potential end date in May 2024.

According to the federal spending database, these funds are explicitly designated for “Hologic COVID testing services in support of the Department of Pathology at Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA 98431. (New Delivery Order).”

Photo by Natalie Winters (Source:

Moreover, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is not far behind in its efforts to prepare for the ongoing battle with COVID-19.

The VA inked a $2 million contract with Abbott Molecular Inc. that is set to commence on September 22nd and conclude in September 2024.

This contract will provide essential testing services for viruses, including COVID-19.

Photo by Natalie Winters (Source:

In addition, the VA started a $1.3 million contract with Biofire Diagnostics LLC on August 18th for “COVID-19 testing reagents and equipment,” a contract slated to expire in August of the following year.

Photo by Natalie Winters (Source:

The contracts do not stop at equipment procurement alone. On August 14th, the VA began a $3.3 million contract with Oddball Inc for advice on “adequate COVID-19 safety protocols.”

The task order, referred to as “EO14042,” includes a “modification to add FAR 52.223-99 ensuring adequate COVID-19 safety protocols for federal contractors (OCT 2021) (DEVIATION).”

This contract is set to expire in August of next year as well.

Photo by Natalie Winters (Source:

The timing and nature of these contracts raise questions about the Biden administration’s future plans regarding the pandemic.

The media is now pushing for another lockdown. Another fear porn from the so-called health experts and media just in time for the next election. The same old playbook.


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