The Real Inflation Figure in the UK is now over 35%

The Real Inflation Figure in the UK is now over 35%

A lot of rubbish is being talked about inflation figures. The aim, of course, is to reduce the demands of workers who want pay rises.

Currently the official figure provided by the UK’s state statisticians is that inflation is down to 5.3%.

And Sunak (the UK’s Prime Minister) claims that he’ll have inflation down to around 2% by the end of the year.

The truth, of course, is that this is all utter bollocks.

The official inflation figures do NOT include:

  • The cost of fuel to heat your home
  • The cost of fuel for your car
  • The cost of food
  • The cost of alcohol
  • The cost of tobacco.

It’s easy to see how they’ve kept the inflation figure down. They’ve just excluded all the essential but expensive things.

The real inflation figure in the UK is (according to figures from the Office for National Statistics and Investors’ Chronicle) a massive 35.2%.

So anyone with a job who doesn’t get a pay rise of 35.2% or more will be poorer this year. (Oddly, that figure of 35% is pretty much what junior doctors are demanding in the UK.)

And anyone not receiving 35.2% on their investments is losing money. (Banks are stealing huge amounts of money from depositors by continuing to pay miserly rates of interest.)

Those are the genuine inflation figures for the UK. Wherever you live they will probably be similar – and they will certainly be far higher than the figures quoted by your government.

Remember the mantra of the fans of the Great Reset: “You will own nothing and be happy.”

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