The riots in South Africa

The riots in South Africa

The agenda is deeper than just Zuma. It is well planned. The people steal all the food, ammo etc. everyone removed number plates from vehicles, thus cannot be identified. Then after everything is stolen, the buildings are set to light. Trucks are set to light who bring the food. In March last year the SA President said in a speech- we are joining the NWO. China has infiltrated Africa about 10 years ago. This is all planned

I’m in South Africa, east of Johannesburg, things are tense, went out to stock up on some fuel this evening. This morning I went to the local corner shop and the Police had instructed them to close doors. They waited for the cops to leave and kept on trading with a half door open. I admire our resilience across all of our peace-loving folk who can see through the orchestrated take down of our supply.

KZN farmers dump milk as violence disrupts supply chains

Dairy farmers in KwaZulu-Natal have had to pour hundreds of thousands of litres of milk down the drain since protest action, looting and vandalism started across the province in the second weekend of July.

According to Colin Wellbeloved, a milk producer in the Boston area of KwaZulu-Natal and chairperson of the South African Milk Producers’ Organisation (MPO), he and his neighbours have had to destroy 60 000l of milk over the past two days, because they were unable to distribute it.

“I am also concerned that retail milk stocks are going to decline alarmingly because of the logistical problems caused by the protesters. [Another concern is] that we find it increasingly difficult to get products such as animal feed delivered to the farms because of road closures and attacks by looters.”

Well-beloved added that he was extremely worried that a number of milk farmers would be force to exit the milk production industry because of the protest and ensuing vandalism.

According to him, profit margins in the dairy production sector were very tight already, and some producers would find it extremely difficult to financially survive this setback.

Widespread rioting and looting first broke out over parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng following the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma for contempt of court on 7 July.

Zuma Unrest: Some shops allowing only limited number of items as food, fuel shortages choke Durban

  • Days of violent unrest and looting has spawned a possible food and fuel crisis for Durban residents.
  • Long queues could be seen across the city at petrol stations and shops spared in the bedlam.
  • Some stores were rationing supplies to avoid panic buying.

The devastating aftermath of a wash of unrest and looting has resulted in fears of a food and fuel crisis in Durban.

Motorists and shoppers were seen queuing at petrol stations and grocery stores, flocking to the few places spared by the unrest – and still open for business.

News24 is tracking active looting sites spread across the city and the suburbs that surround it. At Makro in Springfield Park, a crowd numbering in the thousands has overwhelmed the police.

Long queues were seen at Spar outlets in Morningside, La Lucia, Umgeni Park, Durban North and Overport, with groceries rationed to prevent panic buying. At Morningside’s Avondale Spar, a Berea resident who asked not to be photographed or named said he queued from 06:00 to 11:00 to get staples for his family.

He said:

I was allowed 20 items. I got potatoes, butternut, milk, eggs and stuff like that. It was worth the wait. I don’t know when the shops will open again.

Fellow resident Cogi Simpson said: “I haven’t got a slice of bread at home. I must wait. Normally I take it for granted that I can walk across the road to the Spar. I am so grateful to the people who stood outside last night looking after us. There were gunshots but the residents were patrolling.”

WATCH | Pietermaritzburg mall goes up in flames amid looting, riots

Petrol stations – also targeted by rioters – have closed en masse in the city, sparking fears of a fuel shortage. Tankers transporting fuel have been pulled from the roads amid the violence.

Sbonelo Mbatha, co-founder of PetroCONNECT and a former chairperson of the Fuel Retailers’ Association, said all fuel supply in the province has been halted.


“I never thought I would see anything like this. All fuel supply in KZN has been halted because it is not safe. What you are going to see in KZN is what you saw in Zimbabwe a few years ago,” he said, adding:

People are going to get stuck on the road. Very few service stations operating, and unless we can get back to normality soon it is going to be chaos.

“The ripple effect is huge. The entire economy comes to a standstill. I don’t even know how to describe it. Imagine no money in ATMs, no bread. You need trucks to transport food and medicine.

“The trucks need fuel. People are going to starve to death. The after-effects of this are going to be severe. Right now we still have food. Give it a week. See how you will battle for simple items,” he added.

Mbatha has been impacted on a personal level by the unrest, which has seen three of the nine petrol stations he owns attacked and vandalised on Monday. One in Inanda, north of Durban, valued at R12 million was completely gutted.

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