The road not taken

The road not taken

An alternative to destroying agriculture

First, I came across these words of commonsense from ecologist, Allan Savory

“I grew up with the knowledge that academic roles proved more status than labouring roles. Later in my life I can say with certainty that most academics have no ability to create anything. They just become good at repeating shit others came up with or they once years ago got applauded for. This stops any progress let alone productivity. When they refer to science others appear to be an expert in, they usually take for granted that ‘that expert’ is correct with what he’s saying. so they don’t look into things themselves.

Implication though: as soon as they would, they’d fall out with colleagues’, loose their jobs and be unable to uphold their family relationships (because of the state of the world as it is right now). They can either fit in and live in the matrix – or bare the price of going against the narrative

What’s called science today is usually not science, it’s peer reviewed academia”

Then, I found the film this excerpt is taken from

Return to Eden

Return To Eden – It’s all about coming home.

When Natural and human interests impinge on each other and over-regulation disturbs our biological balance. important questions arise. Do we belong to nature or does nature belongs to us? A thought-provoking story in which documentary maker Marijn Poels explores the human urge to control our climate, security and preferably the other. Balancing on a razor-thin line between regulation and manipulation. When technology reigns supreme and common sense vaporizes through the test of time, humanity is on the brink of becoming the tool. Miles away from the collective panic, fear and chaos, there is hope, inspiration and reconnection

This is the sort of commonsense and innovative approach that has always been ignored and now, in the context of the WEF and corporate, reductionist (it always come back to that) scientism based on “consent”, driven by globalist, corporate agendas, ACTIVELY SUPPRESSED.

It is the alternative to creating industrial farming and then destroying all agriculture to “solve” the problem created by the very same people.

These views seem, on first glance to be similar in their own way to Joel Salatin and Polyface Farms and other innovative approaches.

They all come under attack from the globalists. We must always keep pushing a Third Way, although in the atmosphere of absolute insanity there is little chance these ideas will be discussed, let alone implemented at scale.


At least they didn’t actually suppress what he had to say, which TedTalks have done to others like Rupert Sheldrake.

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