A few weeks ago I posted my speculation about the sudden sacking of long-time contributor, Edward Szall from TruNews. I wrote based on the information that I had available, which was the following announcement by Rick Wiles.

In the meantime, I was approached by Edward Szall who reached out to me to give his side of the story,

“Shoot me an email if you’d like my side of the story.

I can assure you I did not have a lapse of judgement, nor did I facilitate the infiltration of anyone other than a bonafide and industry respected tv producer into Mike Lindell’s event.

As Rick said, we produced the best, most continuous live stream of the event. That didn’t happen in a vacuum, or on the sidelines of some ridiculous conspiracy to derail an event which was well on its way to derailment without any help from the outside, through the lack of published data to back up the big claim used to promote the event to begin with.”

Yesterday, we managed to catch up via Zoom and I am pleased to say that I could not detect any difference between the real Edward Szall and the persona in front of the camera.

What he had to tell me was more than enough to persuade me that there is a lot more behind the story than what was presented and that Edward, as a long-term employee of what is as much a business as a religious organisation and that  this was an unfair dismissal with Edward not being allowed to present his evidence.

However, this is Edward’s story to tell, not mine, so I will leave it at that.

It does little to enhance a belief in the goodness of human nature but it is also not going to deter me from looking at Tru News broadcasts (although I have been doing a lot less of that for quite different reasons), although I will have a little more of a critical eye.

TruNews without the trio of Rick, Edward and Doc, who complimented each other so well will not be the same.

9 thoughts on “THE SACKING OF EDWARD SZALL – an update

  1. I recently watched a preview of “The Greatest Reset. Part 3.”
    It opens with the voice and then face of “Whitney Webb.” She and the last american vagabond have a video that is STILL on youtube “Debunking” graphene oxide. What is their vetting process?

    I like Rick, Doc, and Ed. Hmm… division amongst Christians… Jesus warned against that.
    I wonder what is going on down there?

  2. I was surprised to see Edward fired. I’ll say what’s on my mind: I think TruNews took a large donation from Mike Lindell. I remember Rick mentioning needing a million dollars before the fact. My gut tells me a deal was made and someone had to fall.

    1. Rick also reversed his decision announced 4 weeks ago that the vaccine is the mark of the beast. Reversed within 2 days, only to announce the success of an expanded platform indicating Pfizer had touched base with him – the same guys who’s synagogue he donated to a year ago at the tune of $15,000 of donors money. Lost revenues by announcing that the vaccine was the mark of the beast, the consternation experienced by his listeners, was also a factor; however I have provided him a great deal of data that he has simply ignored that substantiates that it is in fact the mark. There is no question to it – and so he continues to sell his listeners down to Hell just as well as any Hagee or Graham.
      Just one thing of ten I believe Edward may have badgered Rick about publishing:

      1. I used to listen to True News until a couple of years ago Rick and Doc were in China attendeding what was undoubtedly a ((cabal)) facilitated event about robotics future digital credit system aka the beast system. Rick the weasel said something to the effect whether you like it or not this agenda was going to happen and the 2 Rothchild stooges praised it! The video on YouTube had many comments to the effect of why are you pushing the beast system and the lack of enthusiasm for it. Next day the 2 stooges were livid, Rick called his his followers HOGS and he said he would not be slipping the HOGS anymore, because,I guess they questioned his obvious shilling for the synagogue of satan. He turned off the comments on his videos then moved from YouTube. I don’t know if this video can be found but surely someone else should remember this?? He is no better then a Hagee..his job is to coral all those wise to the synagogue of satan ..then guide them to the same end. I believe he would push the totally kosher jabs.

  3. I truly missed seeing Edward Szall on Trunews, I thought he was a great asset to the Program where he was very thorough in his investigative reports. The Program is not the same,but I still will watch it.
    Get to the truth and bring back Edward.

  4. What is happening at Trunews?
    – We rarely listen now. We thought group think would make ES leave.
    – Differing opinions from RW get fired?
    – What happened with Jim Baker, Fior, Lauren?
    – Why keep asking for donations to build studios and sets? We stopped donating.
    – RW and son businesses … and donations ….
    – Rick moved into a new place … nice.
    – Why are they not praying for USA – and the world – on every program?

  5. I know God has given me a gift of great decernment. For about a year I could sense that something was off between Rick and Edward. Something I picked up in Ricks voice indicated to me that there was tension between them. So it’s interesting to me now that Edward is gone. I wish him well in his new journey.

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