A few weeks ago I posted my speculation about the sudden sacking of long-time contributor, Edward Szall from TruNews. I wrote based on the information that I had available, which was the following announcement by Rick Wiles.

In the meantime, I was approached by Edward Szall who reached out to me to give his side of the story,

“Shoot me an email if you’d like my side of the story.

I can assure you I did not have a lapse of judgement, nor did I facilitate the infiltration of anyone other than a bonafide and industry respected tv producer into Mike Lindell’s event.

As Rick said, we produced the best, most continuous live stream of the event. That didn’t happen in a vacuum, or on the sidelines of some ridiculous conspiracy to derail an event which was well on its way to derailment without any help from the outside, through the lack of published data to back up the big claim used to promote the event to begin with.”

Yesterday, we managed to catch up via Zoom and I am pleased to say that I could not detect any difference between the real Edward Szall and the persona in front of the camera.

What he had to tell me was more than enough to persuade me that there is a lot more behind the story than what was presented and that Edward, as a long-term employee of what is as much a business as a religious organisation and that  this was an unfair dismissal with Edward not being allowed to present his evidence.

However, this is Edward’s story to tell, not mine, so I will leave it at that.

It does little to enhance a belief in the goodness of human nature but it is also not going to deter me from looking at Tru News broadcasts (although I have been doing a lot less of that for quite different reasons), although I will have a little more of a critical eye.

TruNews without the trio of Rick, Edward and Doc, who complimented each other so well will not be the same.

17 thoughts on “THE SACKING OF EDWARD SZALL – an update

  1. I recently watched a preview of “The Greatest Reset. Part 3.”
    It opens with the voice and then face of “Whitney Webb.” She and the last american vagabond have a video that is STILL on youtube “Debunking” graphene oxide. What is their vetting process?

    I like Rick, Doc, and Ed. Hmm… division amongst Christians… Jesus warned against that.
    I wonder what is going on down there?

    1. Webb is the most over rated “reporter” out there. She aggregates others work and puts HER own name on the compilation. She has no medical or intellectual credentials to be able to dismiss G Oxide (which has been proven the world over to be in the vax). Which takes her plagiarism to a darker level. Why so adamant to dismiss GO? Very odd. I do believe Ed’s absence on TruN is THEIR loss. Their show will eventually disappear, going behind a pay wall for praying program. Spent time w/ Wiles myself and came away VERY disenchanted, as were others. Nasty, unfair not like he acts on screen

  2. I was surprised to see Edward fired. I’ll say what’s on my mind: I think TruNews took a large donation from Mike Lindell. I remember Rick mentioning needing a million dollars before the fact. My gut tells me a deal was made and someone had to fall.

    1. Rick also reversed his decision announced 4 weeks ago that the vaccine is the mark of the beast. Reversed within 2 days, only to announce the success of an expanded platform indicating Pfizer had touched base with him – the same guys who’s synagogue he donated to a year ago at the tune of $15,000 of donors money. Lost revenues by announcing that the vaccine was the mark of the beast, the consternation experienced by his listeners, was also a factor; however I have provided him a great deal of data that he has simply ignored that substantiates that it is in fact the mark. There is no question to it – and so he continues to sell his listeners down to Hell just as well as any Hagee or Graham.
      Just one thing of ten I believe Edward may have badgered Rick about publishing:

      1. I used to listen to True News until a couple of years ago Rick and Doc were in China attendeding what was undoubtedly a ((cabal)) facilitated event about robotics future digital credit system aka the beast system. Rick the weasel said something to the effect whether you like it or not this agenda was going to happen and the 2 Rothchild stooges praised it! The video on YouTube had many comments to the effect of why are you pushing the beast system and the lack of enthusiasm for it. Next day the 2 stooges were livid, Rick called his his followers HOGS and he said he would not be slipping the HOGS anymore, because,I guess they questioned his obvious shilling for the synagogue of satan. He turned off the comments on his videos then moved from YouTube. I don’t know if this video can be found but surely someone else should remember this?? He is no better then a Hagee..his job is to coral all those wise to the synagogue of satan ..then guide them to the same end. I believe he would push the totally kosher jabs.

  3. I truly missed seeing Edward Szall on Trunews, I thought he was a great asset to the Program where he was very thorough in his investigative reports. The Program is not the same,but I still will watch it.
    Get to the truth and bring back Edward.

  4. What is happening at Trunews?
    – We rarely listen now. We thought group think would make ES leave.
    – Differing opinions from RW get fired?
    – What happened with Jim Baker, Fior, Lauren?
    – Why keep asking for donations to build studios and sets? We stopped donating.
    – RW and son businesses … and donations ….
    – Rick moved into a new place … nice.
    – Why are they not praying for USA – and the world – on every program?

  5. I know God has given me a gift of great decernment. For about a year I could sense that something was off between Rick and Edward. Something I picked up in Ricks voice indicated to me that there was tension between them. So it’s interesting to me now that Edward is gone. I wish him well in his new journey.

  6. I was once a supporter of TruNews, but there were signs revealing TruNews as more a business than a church, not to mention having to endure repeated scolding by Rick Wiles, but the final nail in the coffin was when the three musketeers ventured off to the World Economic Forum in Jan 2020. Rick Wiles returned from that meeting seizing the opportunity of the Wuhan breakout and quickly rebranded his business platform the End Times Newscast. TruNews was never the same and I withdrew my support soon afterwards and never returned.

    1. For me their coverage of covid-19 has been beyond reproach. It has been the bringing on off other people and their output since Edward Szall left that has made TruNews not my first port-of-call

  7. My problems with it is I wanted to hear Edwards side. Both were professional about it in my humble opinion. I doubt Rick took bribes. I think he should at least offend to pay his relocation expenses or like with Zack offered a behind the scene job.

  8. Ed Szall constantly exhibited a contemptuous attitude to Doc Burkhart, Wiles’s masochistic punching bag. Hosts knew the way to favor Wiles was to flatter him; while subtly insulting, degrading or minimizing Doc. Szall was zealous in his determination to elevate himself, & dissing a man older & wiser than himself (Doc) was his ladder of ascent. The Lord punished Szall for what was in his heart, motives & behavior. He was given the “fall” he had tried to engineer for Doc. — Wiles is very jealous of Doc, whose intellect, background, language articulation & Christian character FAR EXCELS wily Wiles’s. This jealousy is evident every single broadcast. Wiles punishes Doc daily, taking the words Doc tries to utter, & overtalking him as tho’ the thought Doc’s expressing is wily Wiles’s. Rick can’t talk, & is increasingly senile. His vocal chords are nonexistent. He hisses like a snake in a cave; sometimes during an entire program. He cannot pronounce plurals, the letter “l”, or the letter combo “ist” & “ists”. This makes him sound like “baby talk”, along with the hiss of his throat.–That Doc just takes it & takes it is both admirable & reprehensible. He should have “manned up” & left Trunews long, long ago. — From the googly-eyed sugar, dripping from Witzke’s eyes when she looked at Szall, during the Lindell event, one would think they were having a strong affair. I don’t trust this coy gal. She’s another anomaly who gets titles at work far above her capacity or life, professional & educational experience. — Szall seems to have had tongue & vocal chord surgery, as his speech & tone have changed radically, since leaving Trunews. Szall’s speech during Trunews programs was both a high-pitched shrill-shriek, & absolutely unintelligible verbal pronunciation. Watching him was an experience in “the emperor has no clothes”. We were all supposed to be so mentally comatose that we did not notice what our ears could hear, & our eyes could see. — It was a blessing to have Witzke & Szall sacked. The Lord KNOWS what was going on in their lives & plans; & justly dealt with them. That Stew Peters has adopted these two, & elevated them as he has, makes me lose respect for his judgment >>>>> Witzke is the PRESIDENT of Stew’s company…????….YIKES! That’s like putting a 3 yr old in the WH. —- Looking at these crazy characters makes one wonder if having the character of a circus charlatan is the only path to obtaining a mega-microphone. I feel sorry for the Lord that this is ALL HE has to work with on this earth!!!

  9. Rick needs to mend fences and bring Edward back. The strain of it being only two of them presenting the News is beginning to show.

  10. Rick keeps threatening to stop doing the news but i think he gets so much backlash from his supporters that he never pulls the plug. The stress on Rick and Doc is definitely showing.
    I have listened to TruNews for about 15 years. There have only been two people that I could not stand listening to. Matt Skow was on the top of that list. I was so glad when he left. Every time they let him be part of the show he would shout down and disrupt the other panel members. He even interrupted Rick at times. He sounded like an egotistical know-it-all. Thanks to him and his disagreements with Rick it took many extra months to finish the program they were working on.
    I miss Ed. He was a great addition to the show, and it is not as good without him. I don’t know who is at fault, but I think Rick and Ed have both suffered because of it.
    The comments are so right about Doc being Rick’s punching bag. It is sad to watch sometimes as I do believe Doc is more intelligent than Rick and certainly he is more humble.

    1. I would just pray that they continue to find the strength and discernment to continue to do the work they were called to do. I prefer not to judge. Let the person free of sin cast the first stone.

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