The sacking of Edward Szall

The sacking of Edward Szall

Catching up with old news.

I have been listening to TruNews for a couple of years. While I agree with far from everything they have to say I have often found that just when I though something was preposterous they would come up with the evidence. So I have learned to listen to what people have to say rather than judge them according to which ideological “tribe” they are in.

So much of this has involved the trio of Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall. 

I have liked Edward and the particular contribution he has made primarily as a researcher. 

It was therefore a shock when I learned just short of 2 weeks ago that he had been sacked. 

Listen to the following from 31 August.

I have had little energy or time to go into this but I wish to offer a few reflections that is my speculation, not on any “inside knowledge” I have.

At first glance this might seem to be very hard-headed and unforgiving on the part of Rick Wiles but one has to remember he is running a business.

Watch the following, and forgive the source, the notorious Right Wing Watch, who must have been gloating.

What this makes clear is that when Rick Wiles was criticising Mike Lindell Edward must have been aware of what actually happened but remained silent.

What transpired was that Wiles and Lindell spoke on the phone, Lindell apologised to Tru News  but later in comparing notes it came out that Edward indeed had been responsible for getting a sympathiser of Antifa masquerading as a member of the Tru News team into the meeting. 

Being naive is understandable (although it is hard to understanding waving someone into someone else’s conference is not but keeping silent and not confessing one’s role in this is not.

I do know that Rick Wiles hates lying so this makes what happened more understandable.

I have no way of knowing but I can imagine that if Edward had ‘fessed up about his lapse of judgement he might still be with TruNews.

Since then, Lauren Wiczke announced she is no longer with Tru News. I found this a welcome turn of events as in my mind she had little to contribute apart from turning an excellent news program that is based on conservative, religious values to something right-wing.

The earlier events whereby Rick and Edward came down with covid-19 was, in my mind, a disaster in bringing MiloMilo Yiannopoulos and Lauren Wiczke in to help.

It seemed to be turning TruNews into a chatshow. 

But now, we are back to the news with Rick and Doc with more time devoted to Bible study.

Whilst I would love more news analysis I understand the change of heart and am somewhat relieved.


31 thoughts on “The sacking of Edward Szall

  1. you dont know what you are writing here. Who says “Pst.Rick ” ” hates lies?? If you want to know more, than try to find out!

    1. i also got a shock when one Saturday i tuned in only to find that i was listening to the next days Sunday programme. I wrote to Rick but he never bothered to respond and explain. What a liar he is.

  2. Shoot me an email if you’d like my side of the story. I can assure you I did not have a lapse of judgement, nor did I facilitate the infiltration of anyone other than a bonafide and industry respected tv producer into Mike Lindell’s event. As Rick said, we produced the best, most continuous live stream of the event. That didn’t happen in a vacuum, or on the sidelines of some ridiculous conspiracy to derail an event which was well on its way to derailment without any help from the outside, through the lack of published data to back up the big claim used to promote the event to begin with.

    1. Dangit Ed
      As a veteran I always leaned into the TV when you spoke. Keep your head up TROOP! GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOU.

  3. Ed, I believe you even if I dont know the truth from your side and you need to bring it out openly. Otherwise the rumours will go on. I have supported Rick for a while in each area. I donated from my little retirement, posted his Website , forwarded your messages and more. Now, after I ” accidently” found out that the Onlinechurch is NOT live BUT Rick, Doc and the Team “pretend” it is live, I was shocked! How can this be?? Rick and the team is lying about the Date when they come on air! They welcome the Onlinchurchgoers ” THis is the day the LORD has made, it is Sunday the the 26th…. welcome to the onlinchurch…”” THAN even the invite the viewers to take the Communion TOGETHER WITH THEM! WHat a big Lie! After I tried to find out where they are on sundays if they are NOT live, I recieved a shocking answer wich I will NOT post here for now. BUT everybody from all over the world are cheated by believing this is a regular churchservice wich is held together with the Truenews memebers. And all of us are sitting in front of a computer or labtop, believing we are ” together with Rick and Doc and all the rest and EVEN taking the communion with them!! THis is a slap in the face of the LORD and us! THis is a LIE! and a great Deception, thats what I told them, I told them to REPENT and clear this situation up, openly! God bless you !! If you have any question so pls sent me a mail!

  4. Hello Edward, once again I ask you from my heart, where have YOU been on Sunday mornings?
    Pls you need to share this truth with us!

    God bless you

  5. The shows are now shortened and less in-depth because Rick has lost in main researcher. And Rick is not going to be hitting the books, digging, and doing the research himself. So until they find someone else like Edward, you’ll get about 40 minutes if mainline news and 20-25 minutes of Bible study.

    Rick is more like the occasional pitch hitter as apposed to your everyday 2nd baseman. Rick is an old man now and just doesn’t have it in him to do a 2 hr show anymore and do the 3 to 4 hrs of sleuthing and prep work before the show.

    And yeah…..Miloh and Bimbo MAGA were major lapses in judgement. What was Rick thinking? Who recommended they become part of Trunews? Was it Ed sZall?

    1. Right on. I don’t believe Edward Szall is the type to do anything underhanded. And, his research was fantastic. I believe this was a poor decision

      1. I agree with you. Edward is an extremely bright person and worked overtime etc…… with no extra pay. Go read his ”gofundmepage” and see what Rick did to him. All i can say is what a disgusting way to treat a brother. RW should read his bible to understand that one does not anounce to the whole world why he fired Ed. RW should have kept it within the company of staff and simply told the world that Ed was no longer with them. So nice to see folk helping Ed to get on his feet again.

    2. I am very concerned about this entire situation. Why do christians digg into so many dirty politic ??
      I dont understand .. why is Lauren now with Edward?? I believe, God is not pleased with all this. I also dont trust Edward anymore because he doesnt bring LIGHT into this. It seems he is trying his own “business” build on rubble… but this will not last, thats so sad. I asked him to tell me where he has been on sudaysmornings, why no answer?? Why not ? May the LORD of HOSTS be honored and NO MEN!

      1. Hanna, we do not understand the ways of God. We cannot simply assume whether or not it is from God.
        Perhaps Ed doesnt respond about Sunday mornings because he doesnt want to get RW into trouble for lying about ”online church”. I no longer listen to RW’s show after he paid the $15,000 fine for the Jews who held a wedding during covid. I guess he was trying to win back the Jews because he never explained to his contributors why he was giving their hard earned money to the police for the Jews. Because thats where the money will go to. That money would have helped to pay Eds covid costs that RW is responsible for because that bio weapon was aimed at RW but others had to suffer.

        1. me too… that was the turning point for not renewing my support….I also was very angry that my specific inquiry emails to Rick Wiles were answered by “the team” and did not address my concerns. Also little things like I paid the $60 bucks for the Sacrificing Liberty and they could have sent a dvd set… similiarly I had been a monthly donor and then they announced that new donors would get bumper stickers.. I guess ongoing supports could pound sand with regard to a bumper sticker. These are small maybe petty issues, but they rubbed me the wrong way. I did recently contribute $100 for the Greatest Reset as the Lord moved me to do so. I also take umbrage with their focus on water baptism as some kind of requirement for salvation. I am also not a Trinitarian, but will leave that discussion for another day

          1. I am really not interested in your experiences with TruNews. I am more interested in the truth than with human failings. I was tempted to remove this but left it. Further comments of this sort will be removed.

        2. I agree with what you say, because I also was embarresd about that 15.000 $ and I told them so. I also wrote a letter to RW and his wife and told them that they lie to the audience while beeing “somewhere” on sundaymornings. Since than they changed theire “Greetingsceremony” BUT still are doing record on friday evening,. but this is not my ” business ” anymore. I told them what the error is and now it is in Gods hands. Anyway, I wish Edward GODS help in his life. (Hope he will recover from this shock of sacking) .. and I wish them both GODS Blessings on there way because he needs it, he and his wife

  6. I’ve watched TruNews for months and it irritated me that Rick called on Doc 90 percent of the time with Edward sitting at Rick’s elbow. I noticed the body language and I believe Edward was the odd man out. I think Doc likes all of Rick’s attention and I have a feeling Doc probably didn’t put much effort into persuading Rick that he might be making a wrong decision. I got the feeling of Adult Sibling Rivalry on Doc’s part. This is just my impression from watching months of body language from the team members. Prove me wrong. This move of Rick’s irks me to no end.

    1. I noticed that as well. Doc is defintely the favourite and also
      Matt?? the film maker. RW lacks biblical knowledge……no favourites allowed in Gods Word.

  7. It’s not the first time that Rick Wiles has given someone their P45 with no notice. So I’m not surprised that Mr. Wiles could, or did, act like that. The whole background story seems rather strange though. Note that Mr. Wiles admitted on camera that he personally had given the hire of the “mysterious gentleman” the green light. I thought the buck stopped at the top?

  8. I meant to add that i was appalled at the way Rick Wiles screamed into the camera about the Jews. I am a Jewish believer and what he did was pure anti-semitism because the majority of the Jews have no idea of what is really going on and they will certainly be hated more after RW’s rant. Some Hasidic and Orthodox Jews know what is happening and they hate it and refuse to move to Israel. RW must learn to think before he opens his mouth.
    He happily accepted money from Kenneth Copeland whom the Lord showed me is the devils child and from whom we are told to seperate. ”Have nothing to do with the powers of darkness”. Every sane, intelligent and diligent Christian knows exactly what and who KC is about.

    1. take your “anti semitism” and shove it… enough already with you whining Jews and your victimhood… I am Armenian and my Christian race was truly genocided with the complicity of Young Turk crypto Jews and Herzl’s overtures to the them to suppress press coverage of the genocide. And don’t even get me started on the disproportionate influence Jews have on the United States government… you might label me an anti-semite as well.. as if I give a shit.

      1. i know exactly what happened to the Armenians but you have missed the whole point of my post. You call yourself a christian but you have hate in your heart. You are going to hell when you die.

  9. Now Rick is the bad guy huh? I don’t think so. I think Lauren should have never been on the show. I think shes actually a very bad influence. You see now she wanna work with Edward. It looks like something fishy going on there. Lauren is a bad influence! Very soon I am pretty sure Lauren and Edward will clash and that will be it. That’s what happens when you talk about God, but you don’t walk the talk. Lauren ruined TruNews!

  10. I never liked bimbo wiskey but Ed was ok when he stopped talking so steroid fast and he was excellent on research Im sorry to see him go but it is better that Doc and Rick go one on one they are perfect together and I guess I will leave my trunews bunper sticker on the RV for now.

  11. Well, I read all the comments. I must say, though, trunews is a great show and I’m equally thankful to Rick, Doc And Ed. I pray for Ed and I wish him well. As for Rick and Doc, God is your judge.

  12. I quit watching Rick and Doc when the ‘boy’ and the showgirl joined them at the table. Showgirl couldn’t keep her false eyelashes on and ‘boy’ who says pedophilia isn’t bad insulted every pedo survivor out there. Ed is better off away from this idiot show.

    You want religion, read the Bible and keep your thoughts of God to yourself–the way Jesus instructed.

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