“The Scott Ritter Switcheroo”

“The Scott Ritter Switcheroo”

When Gonzalo Lira put out his attack onScott Ritter I lost just a little of my respect for him.

If felt just a little like sour grapes at having one’s wishful thinking. I’m not equipped to make judgements about things military.

Scott Ritter talks of the Russians (and no one respects them more than he does) possibly reaching a “pain threshold” where they may have to take things to a new level.

It is at that point that possibly the Russians may resort to much stronger actions – things that are obviously being talked about on Russian television.

Here, for your consideration is Scott Ritter’s point of view.

Here is an article by Mike  Whitney that Ritter cites.

The War in Ukraine. Scott Ritter’s Switcheroo: “Why I Radically Changed My Overall Assessment”

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