The secret protocol of the NATO summit

The secret protocol of the NATO summit

Hal Turner has provided “subscriber only” information that:

– The deployment of 300,000 military personnel on high alert;

– The head of NATO forces in Europe will be able to make some decisions without consulting the alliance;

– Germany is to become the main logistical hub for the Alliance’s forces, with the possibility of opening a second NATO ground forces headquarters in Wiesbaden;

– A number of countries will take over support for the Allies on the eastern flank: Germany – Lithuania, Britain – Estonia, Canada – Latvia;

– NATO intends to strengthen the defense of pipelines and other critical infrastructure;

– The Alliance intends to strengthen heavy weapons units, increase stocks of long-range missiles and artillery systems.

He doesn’t like it when people publish his exclusive material, so I looked it up for you.

Three plans to destroy the Russians: the secret protocol of the NATO summit

Drei Pläne zur Vernichtung der Russen: Geheimes NATO-Gipfelprotokoll

The outcome of the NATO summit in Vilnius will be a massive troop buildup along all our western borders. Brussels says it wants to stop “revisionist” Russia. However, Moscow is not going to attack the alliance countries, of which there are already 31. In case of an attack on Russia, they will be destroyed by Russian nuclear weapons. So it’s about something else – ensuring super profits of the military-industrial complex and enslavement of Europe by the US.

Three plans to destroy the Russians: the secret protocol of the NATO summit

The NATO summit in Vilnius (11-12 July) has not yet begun, but the main directions and parameters of the new master plan for the deployment of the alliance’s forces against Russia in Europe are already known. This is the first time such a plan has been adopted in more than 30 years since the end of the Cold War. Thus, NATO is returning to its roots – planning a full-scale war with Russia in Europe and pulling the maximum possible resources from European countries for this purpose. It was for this purpose that the alliance was created on the initiative of Britain and the United States on 4 April 1949.

And now the next moment of truth has come: the EU will have to forget about its geopolitical subjectivity, Euroarmy and abundantly share its welfare with Washington. It will be even better for Russia: enough of pseudo-friendship, we need an enemy not to relax.

An important nuance

However, there is a very important nuance. NATO was originally created for defence against the USSR according to the formula voiced by the alliance’s first Secretary General, Lord Hastings Ismay: “To keep the Russians out of Europe, the Americans in Europe, and the Germans in control of Europe.” Now we are talking about imitating the Russian threat and reducing the old NATO formula to one modified point: total domination of European countries by the United States. And all this is being achieved by Washington thanks to the “wand-helper” – Ukraine.

There are a lot of plans

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told about what will be done in this direction on 7 July at a press conference in Brussels. According to him, the summit will adopt “three new regional defence plans to combat the two main threats to our alliance – Russia and terrorism”.

One plan is for the North and Atlantic, another for Central Europe, which extends to the Baltic and Central European regions, and a third for the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, Stoltenberg elaborated. They envisage NATO deploying 300,000 troops “in a high state of readiness, including significant air and sea combat forces.”

It is obvious that NATO’s northern and central military plans are oriented towards confrontation with Russia, while the southern one is deployed ostensibly on two fronts: fighting terrorists in North Africa and confronting Russia in the Black Sea region and in the same North Africa. It is clear that the terrorist groups in this region, many of which were created by the West and serve its interests, are a cover. They are too weak to attract the attention of the 31st NATO country.

Three plans to destroy the Russians: the secret protocol of the NATO summit

Secret protocol?

Surely the reality is that all three plans are directed specifically against the Russians. They designate a sort of “cordon sanitaire” that will cover the European part of Russia from the south, west and north.

And there is only one step from imitation to aggression: if Russia’s power falters and infighting breaks out, a “nuclear disarming strike” to neutralise a significant part of the country’s retaliatory weapons becomes quite possible. I would not be surprised if this is also spelled out in some secret or even unclassified protocol attached to the new NATO doctrine.

The details have already been worked out, the scale is impressive

The new NATO plans have already been worked out in detail. According to TASS, Rob Bauer, head of NATO’s Military Committee, told a closed briefing in Brussels that each region will be the responsibility of its own NATO command. The North and the Atlantic will be in charge of the headquarters in Norfolk (USA). The centre will be assigned to the command in Brunswick (Netherlands). The Mediterranean and Black Sea region will be the responsibility of the headquarters in Naples (Italy), where the headquarters of the US Sixth Fleet is located. Space and computer forces will be involved in the operations.

Bauer said that at the moment there are 40 thousand military personnel, 100 combat aircraft and 27 ships under NATO command in constant readiness. Therefore, we are talking about increasing the number of permanent readiness forces by 7.5 times! Naturally, the realisation of these plans “will require years of work” and “major investments by NATO countries”. For this reason, a significant expansion of the alliance’s military spending will be another key decision of the Vilnius summit. In short, guns instead of butter.

Of course, all this represents another “dodge” by Moscow, which was solemnly promised by NATO after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the GDR not to deploy “significant military forces” between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. This was stated in the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997. And initially Gorbachev was promised not to move troops eastward beyond the “old” FRG. Now the NATO troops are in Narva and almost ended up in Crimea and on the coast of the Sea of Azov….

But there is something new

New in the announced NATO plans will be the emergence of the Arctic as a theatre of possible military operations. It is also curious that the alliance plans to rigidly tie specific brigades and battalions from different countries to certain areas of combat operations on the eastern flank. For example, a German unit, which has been assigned a combat sector in northern Poland, will be permanently stationed in the FRG, but it will have a small tactical group in the neighbouring country and will permanently station most of its equipment and weapons there. Military exercises will be held there as well.

What, by the way, is in the north of Poland? The former East Prussia (most of it, Russia has a smaller part) and West Prussia. The latter is all under Poland! And German military bases will appear there, and then, probably, in the Baltic States (there is already a ringing chime about it). Isn’t this the price of Berlin’s unconditional support of the new course of the USA, which nipped in the bud Charlemagne’s new empire – FRG with France, but apparently allows the recreation of Prussia and German rule in the Baltics over the heads of their naive Polish friends, who were promised restless Ukrainian lands in return?

Three plans to destroy the Russians: the secret protocol of the NATO summit

Them – a host of them

And here’s another thing. These 300,000 permanent readiness forces are not even first echelon troops, but what is supposed to be used in the first stage of the conflict in addition to the armies of the alliance countries already at the borders with Russia. In Poland, for example, in 2022, there are officially 125,500 military and 35,000 soldiers of the defence forces. The Finnish army is quite small – 35 thousand people, but its mobilisation reserve is huge – 700 thousand.

And how many other armies there are, including the American army. In the same Poland, the U.S. has bilaterally deployed more than 10 thousand of its military, as well as weapons and equipment for the rapid transfer there of several tens of thousands more fighters. And this is only a part of the West’s military planning, purposeful preparation for a full-scale war against Russia. The total potential of NATO ground forces in 2022 exceeded 4 million people.

Of course, it will be difficult to arm them, the combat training of the majority of servicemen is low. But this will be largely compensated by the huge air and naval forces of the alliance. And, of course, the Westerners will have a very strong Ukrainian army, which has plenty of combat experience and very low sensitivity to losses. And it does not matter whether it will be in NATO or not.

But they don’t need it

What does all this tell us? That even after the replacement of commanders and forced militarisation Russia will not be able to resist this power by conventional means alone and will be forced to resort to nuclear weapons. The West, realising this perfectly well, may suddenly strike first at the places where it is based.

It is clear that such a development of events is fraught with a lot of surprises for the Westerners who are used to planning everything in advance and do not suffer from fatalism… But this option is not acceptable even for the Americans who are abroad, who have already achieved many of their goals in the Ukrainian conflict. Europeans do not want to die either.

To summarise

So practical Americans have something else in mind. Yes, that’s right. To bind the Europeans to themselves as rigidly as possible through NATO and thanks to artificially inflated fear of Russia, who under given conditions will want to hide under the American “nuclear umbrella”. Force them to spend many times more on military needs in order to free up more resources, which are always in short supply, to confront China in Asia.

Load their military-industrial complex and its partners in Europe with work. To move the most valuable energy-intensive industries from the EU to the US (cheap Russian energy is now a problem). Weaken European competitors in all areas and deprive them of any hope for strategic autonomy and attempts to pursue an independent policy.

To this end, NATO, whose military bureaucracy and generals are now just happy, is actually betting on maintaining a multi-year military confrontation in Europe… without a full-scale military conflict with Russia. Admiral Bauer, to repeat, admitted, not without reason, that “it will take years of work” to put the above plans into action. Now the Americans and their European accomplices are primarily concerned about something else – the accelerated extinction of pacifism in Europe, the formation of a military mentality, which is already affecting all spheres – from the economy to the media.

The ultimate beneficiary of this process is Washington. Instead of problematic domination over the whole world, the US will sharply tighten its control over its richest parts, hoping to get out of the crisis into which the greed of the American elite and the costs of globalisation have driven them.

Three plans to destroy the Russians: the secret protocol of the NATO summit

So what?

As for Russia, once again we have been left with no choice. For we, by and large, do not plan our policy much, preferring to adapt to the world around us and wanting to please our “partners” who do us all the nasty things they can in return.

We need to persistently achieve the maximum possible goals in Ukraine, before the West builds up its military power, put the army and economy in order, get rid of oligarchs, dishonest, thieving and inefficient officials, finally decide to live by our own wits and finally develop an image of the future that meets Russia’s interests. Otherwise, we will lose the new cold war rather quickly, and the country will collapse – this time forever.

Source: Tsargrad

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