The secret speech of Gen. Chi Haotian and the intentions of the CCP

The secret speech of Gen. Chi Haotian and the intentions of the CCP

What are the real intentions of the CCP?

Who are Falun Gong? George Galloway explains

John Pilger: China🇨🇳, Encircled by 400 US Military Bases, is Challenging Western & White Superiority

The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian

Chinese whistleblower: 3 hard drives were delivered to Pelosi, DOJ and other corrupt politicians in the US by the CCP

Once again I have to adjust my views on things in the light of evidence and developments.

Over the last four years I have been concerned with the whole Russiagate hoax as well as with the wars being waged by the US neocons as well as various attempted or actual regime change operations, false flags and the like.

All of this is true.

Many of the people involved in what could be called the anti-imperialist tend to be also pro-Chinese.

I kind of went along with this narrative, however recent events – the whole coronavirus thing where I think it is fairly clear that this was a bio weapon that was either accidentally, or – it is possible – on purpose.

But especially recent developments around Hunter Biden’s laptop which has on it compromising material that either the Chinese are aware of, or they were involved in compromising him and making him subject to blackmail.

I just heard the Duran saying, if you have certain proclivities don’t go to Ukraine. Well, that is probably true of China as well.

All of this has brought certain people out of the closet (if that’s where they were – perhaps I just didn’t notice.

People who have the finest anti-imperialist credentials and who I have looked up to.

Take this for example. Hear what George Galloway has to say about China and the Falun Gong.


So, according to George, the Falun Gong are “a sect”, so I suppose that is ample justification for sending practitioners to the prison camps and harvesting their organs.

It is a bit like saying that Julian Assange broke the law and so deserves whatever is coming to him.

Need I mention “double standards”?

I’m used to hearing about the evil Dalai Lama from these same leftists. Apparently the Maoist hordes brought vivilisation to the poor undertrodden Tibetans. No one ever asked them – the Chinese invaded and the rest is history.

We also have John Pilger painting China as a victim of a rapacious imperial power – the US.


I am a long term admirer of Pilger and his journalistic work. His film “the War on China” is largely correct.

However, if we are to be anti-imperialists shouldn’t we be consistent and talk about imperialism EVERYWHERE.

Once again, I find myself in a battle against binary thinking.

Leftist thinking says one side is evil, therefore the other side is good.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

But thinking about all this I don’t think I am going to be for the removal of one imperialist power only to replace it with another.

Similarly, I am not going to embrace the anti-Chinese zealots and the United States along with it.

Anyway, reality trumps.  The reality is the US is turning in on itself and quite possibly on the verge of a civil war – wether “soft” or “hot” and is not sufficiently united to take on anyone very much.

It looks as if China has trounced their US, first with a bio weapon and now with quite possibly compromising the Biden’s with the very material that is being released. 

“Do our bidding or else”

Which, in my mind makes it imperative that we look at China.

China has, until recently, presented itself as the perfect global citizen.  

“Their business is doing business”

Or is it.


During the early days of coronavirus in Wuhan I became familiar with what purports to be a secret speech by Chi Haotian back in 2005.

I have done a check on the internet and Chi Haotian is a real person and I can see no reason to suspect this text is not real. I can find no articles by the fact checkers on the web claiming it is false. It seems, as best as I can find out to have been leaked to the Epoch Times and has been reposted many times.

So, I am going to assume that it is 100% genuine.

I found a western biography of comrade Chi and found he was being talked about in the following terms:

Westerners who have interacted with General Chi report that he has a good sense of humor, handles people well, and is well briefed. More than one source reports that he is more intelligent, cosmopolitan, and approachable than other senior PLA officers, such as Zhang Wannian. Yet Chi is also a dedicated party cadre and espouses intense loyalty to the CCP and its ideals.

He reportedly enjoys shooting, horseback riding, swimming, and calligraphy. His wife, Jiang Qingping, is retired from a career as a doctor at the navy general hospital in Beijing.

Well, let’s have a look at what comrade Chi says behind closed doors back in 2005 at a time when we had “excellent” ties with China – just 4 years after China was brought into the World Trade Organisation by signalling it was a good global citizen.

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