The Shocking Revelations of Dr. Shoemaker: “DNA IS IN THE VACCINES” – 40 Trillion spikes in every shot!

The Shocking Revelations of Dr. Shoemaker: “DNA IS IN THE VACCINES” – 40 Trillion spikes in every shot!

Quite apart from the statistics that are allowed to come out or those that are leaked we know there is a problem when there is an advertisement on You Tube from the New Zealand government that tells people, if they have chest pains not to have a shower but to ring Emergency.

Do you think something might be going on?  I have been tangentially aware of the findings of Dr. Kevin McKiernan but it was the following interview that made me sit up and take notice.

I have posted the interview with a rough transcript.


The Truth Warrior | Episode: 40 | EXCLUSIVE: Shocking Revelations: Full Interview. “DNA IS IN THE VACCINES.” 40 Trillion spikes in every shot! Dr Chris Shoemaker.

His Rumble channel is HERE


Q: Please because because it led into very nicely actually. So please, this is a shocking a shocking thing to hear that there is d N A in the vaccines. Please, doctor tell us what that means and how that’s happened?

Dr. Shoemaker: Well, it is there. And the reason that I’m an original interview with the RAIR Corporation, the United States, I did a very significant interview, which lasted 15 minutes. But there’s now an eight minute version that people can see on Twitter.

In it, I make very clear that Dr. Kevin McKienan,, a very senior adept DNA scientist. He knows how to do the measurements, he did the measurements, he got a number of vials of both Pfizer and Moderna huge numbers of vials and when he tested it. Literally 33% of the weight of the ribonucleic acid was not messenger RNA 33% was deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. He knows the difference. The machines that he uses know the difference, there’s no falsifying this one way or the other, it either is or it isn’t. And he has the absolute complete proof that when properly analyzed, the average percentage of DNA in every shot was 33%. And the remaining 67% was the RNA. The only the RNA was declared on the label. But he’s telling all of us, Dr. McKiernan, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Sasha Latypova, Dr. Jessica Rose, and now today, Dr. Chris Shoemaker, are all stating that the proof on the machines that measure whether it’s DNA, or whether it’s RNA is irrefutable, and it’s 33% DNA and 67%. RNA, that’s what’s in the shots.

Doctor, when people listen to this, they’re going to say, DNA, what does that mean to them? And and why is this so significant?

Dr. Shoemaker: Okay, well, DNA is our blueprint of what to make and how we survive each day, and how we are ourselves as human physical beings. And DNA is only in what’s called the nucleus of the cell, the very center of the cell, the cells can look kind of big if you do a drawing of it. But in the middle, there’s this tiny little dot, and it’s the nucleus. And it’s only in the nucleus, that DNA is supposed to stay and do its thing. It communicates with the outside world by making some messenger RNA transcribed from it and sending it out into the cytoplasm or the wider or the larger component of the cell.

And that’s where the mRNA then normally makes proteins for you proteins, useful proteins based on your genetic code, your genetic code makes useful proteins for you to remain you these shots because they put in both the DNA version of the genetic code made by humans in the Wuhan lab and other places. It’s the DNA as well as the RNA goes into the product.

So it comes into your bloodstream, and it goes throughout your body.

Within probably six minutes, it’s entering various cells in your body, brain cells, aorta, cells, kidney cells, spleen cells, liver cells, heart cells,

It stayed in your shoulder for a short time: that was a complete lie.

It went everywhere in rapid fashion. And therefore, because it’s arrived in your heart cells in both forms, messenger RNA, that alone is terrible. That alone allows the cells to send a signal, we’re not as normal as we thought we were going to be we’ve got this strange alien RNA product and strange proteins, you might want to come and attack us because we’re not normal anymore. But now, imagine in your minds because it’s true in reality, in truth, in reality, inside plasmids, which are carriers, DNA can be carried not just into the cell itself, but literally into the nucleus, because it’s in a plasmid. And remember that word everybody PLA s mid plasmids are what carry DNA physically into the center of your cell, and DNA in huge numbers.

13 trillion DNA and every shot 27 trillion mRNAs.

And every shot, the total is 40 trillion in every shot.

And we’ve been bamboozled. We’ve been harmed.

People used to be worried about small amounts of genetic change in the oats that make their Cheerios and to eat a genetically modified set of oats or whatever was going to upset people terribly how dangerous that could be. Well, you’re not getting a genetically modified serial – you’re getting actual gene codes to make the most toxic protein ever created on Earth. And you got those gene codes put into you.

In the long form as well as the short form the mRNA would only last in your body for eight to 12 months at most, but it would be gone within a year. It’s certainly not going on a few days, but it would be gone within a year if it was mRNA only. But because the DNA version of this code has gone into the can does and does go into the nucleus. And as a result, you can pump out new messenger RNAs for a decade.

Thank you very much Pfizer and Moderna.

That’s just unbelievable. So you’re saying that people who are vaccinated will continue to keep producing this ? They basically can’t help it…

Dr. Shoemaker: They can modify by taking anti spike mechanisms, etc, etc. But we can’t go in and alter what’s already gone in and been altered in ourselves. That’s the act of the humans who created and recommended this substance. That’s their problem that they’ve made into our problem.

And and people will have heard of shedding before.  Is that is that really what we’re describing here? Is that the shedding of the well, just slightly different>

Dr. Shoemaker: I’m talking about a bigger topic right now. The fact that DNA is in us and DNA can keep making RNA and Spike for another decade, and does that that’s so terribly damaging to you, the first person that’s making you more likely to get cancer in the next five years, that’s making you more likely to have a pulmonary emobolism in the next five years, that’s making you more likely to be completely infertile in the next five years, even though you’re 23 and healthy.

It’s doing all those terrible things in you.

To the extent that that terrible thing in you can shed off towards partners or towards other members of the population who chose not to get vaccinated.

That’s, that’s a secondary issue. That is also true.

Dr. Paul Alexander has done a wonderful job just in the last 24 hours to explain to people that the shedding circumstance and the likelihood of every citizen on earth, having the chance to be as vaccinated virtually as the ones who were vaccinated is a literal possibility, because of how nefarious and how toxic…and again, I’ll return to the DNA, the fact that the DNA in there is what’s making it dangerous to every human on the planet, as we speak.

Thank you so much. Indeed, this is. And of course, you know, I am very, very grateful for this information. And it’s important that people understand even those that even those of us like me, who are not medical, medically trained doctors are professionals in the medical fields. But I think it’s important people understand it.

Another thing I would like to ask you is, does this in any way, change our own DNA within ourselves? Does it change that? Does it cause any kind of changes that you’re aware of? And people?

Dr. Shoemaker: The answer used to be, we think we’re not really sure.

But the answer is becoming we’re that the scientists who know this kind of thing are becoming sure that yes, it is becoming a permanent part not in all tissues, but in the certain tissues that took up the DNA into their nuclei.

And then sort of a percentage basis, you know, might be only 10% of all the cells in your body that successfully get DNA brought into them. But in those 10% of cells, those cells are going to, as they change and make more of those who own cells… we have to replace heart cells from time to time, right. And we have to replace intestinal cells and kidney cells from time to time, our whole cellular structure changes over every six months.

So our body is made to make more cells over time.

But yes, the code is in there so that when you change your codes for the next four years of your life for the next four months of your life, those cells are going to have the imprint and the genetic code of the successfully transplanted DNA that went into you. I’ve got to mention the names of the scientists again, because of course, I’m not a senior scientist in human immunology or biology. I don’t claim to be, but I’m a fairly well read physician and a very concerned physician.

I want to repeat again, the names of Dr. Kevin McKiernan, Dr. Sasha Latypova and Dr. Jessica Rose, who’s from Canada.

These are the three people who did the most intense look at the absolute reality of what I’m speaking of, I’ll take credit for that only. But I give those three scientists anybody wants to look up the work of Kevin McKiernan, Dr. Sasha Latypova, Dr. Jessica Rose, and the fabulous commentary by Dr. Paul Alexander, who understands it also, well.

Those are the four people you should follow. They know what’s going on. And that’s why I can speak with the sad certainty that I’m speaking.

Doctor. Thank you. And one other thing I’d like to ask is, are you aware of any evidence that people who are vaccinated can pass on these sort of altered genes through procreation to offspring to children? Are you aware of anything like that?

Dr. Shoemaker: Well, scientists 15 years from now we’re going to be talking about it that I can’t speak to the likelihoods of that. But it’s certainly way more likely that if we then if we had chosen to do the right things three years ago. The right things three years ago was not to participate in Frankenstein-like experiments and put genetic codes into our body. In the US, Pfizer and Moderna, when they put it out, were not allowed to call it a vaccine and the paperwork, it’s not called a vaccine,  – it has to be called a military countermeasure.

And that’s because it’s not made to the standards of the vaccine.

Vaccines would never allow DNA to go into an RNA product, it would be swept completely away, it would be cleansed totally, it wouldn’t be in there. If it was in there at all, it would be in a quarter of a quarter of a quarter of 1%. Like it would be a tiny little bit of garbage that somehow got into the mix.

But this is not a tiny little bit of garbage. This is a 33% by weight 33% of the injected ribonucleic acid is DNA. And that’s what’s so dangerous. That’s what we’ve been speaking about. And that’s what the scientists have clearly told us in the last month.

Dr. It’s also important to point out once again, to people who may not have seen our previous conversations that those who are, you know, those studies that you were referring to the military studies and studies from Thailand, that 20% of them, who went on to develop myocarditis, the 20% that indeed, and that this wasn’t your opinion, this was a medical fact that half of those that develop myocarditis will actually have very serious problems, even death within five years. Is that correct?

Dr. Shoemaker: One in a million was the background rate of myocarditis that could happen to people because of an occasional rare virus that might produce but to an autoimmune, myocarditis was virtually nil. And to have my autoimmune myocarditis, self-attack, kind of where your immune system is attacking your own heart. That just didn’t happen until the COVID Vax. It didn’t happen much during COVID itself, People claim. There’s been obfuscators out there in the press that have indicated “Oh, myocarditis from the germ, or from the COVID itself was sort of equally large or almost worse than the vaccine:.

That’s a complete lie.

The the ratio is like 20,000, or 40,000 more so from the vaccine, the vaccine is what’s causing myocarditis, the actual COVID germ version of the vaccine, which has only maybe 10,000 little virus particles that are affecting you, not 40 trillion. Which are you going to be affected more by in your heart system, something that has 40 trillion of the toxic spike, or just 1000, or 10,000? It’s the 40 trillion that’s doing the damage.

And that’s why these rates and these likelihoods, are unfortunately so high.

If it is shown that these people, the politicians, Pfizer and Moderna are lying,if that happens, then indemnity goes, if if any kind of criminal activity, either fraudulent trial date or whatever it might be, it can be proven, then they’re indemnity is gone, which means that they could eventually be sued into oblivion, and potentially face criminal prosecution. Do you think that there is in light of what’s coming out? That’s been discussed? Do you think there’s any likelihood that that might happen?

Dr. Shoemaker: Well, the likelihood should be 100%. The one clear lie that was always made from the beginning is “there is absolutely no DNA in this product – everybody relax….this is a special little mRNA. It’s like a big nothing. It’s just going to make some nice little proteins and it cannot possibly go into your nucleus and it cannot possibly affect your genetic code”.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is a complete lie, by Pfizer, and Modern, , as proven by Mckiernon, and others, so I leave it to the lawyers and the police services and the rule of law in every country to determine.  I’m a doctor I can’t say what legally should happen to people. But I’ve been what I’m concerned about is not the 5000 people who maybe could be charged around the world with this. What I’m concerned about is the 30 million extra deaths that are happening around the world since 2021 and 2022.

Death rates did not go up in 2020.

Overall death rates around the world stayed static. There was no pandemic of deaths in 2020, and entire year in which COVID roared through the world, and death rates did not rise at all total deaths. total deaths around the world did not rise at all.

The stats are in from Edward Dowd and others.

They did not rise in 2020. They took us slow and steady, and then enlarging and more serious rise to 2022 and 2023 23.

Stats in Germany are like 86%, not just the 20 % elevation in Australia, Germany, happens for whatever reason, maybe it was lot numbers, who knows what, but Germany has had an 86% rise in all cause mortality compared to normal.

And in children’s groups around the world the percentage elevations aren’t just a doubling, of death rates., but they’re factors of 15 and 30 above that children’s death rates, and they’re often very hidden and hard to see because children die so little. Those death rates in children have soared.

The death rates from cancers and turbo cancers have soared. And they’ve all only soared since the vaccines were put in place in early 2021. It is a disaster. It’s a horrible thing.

I pray to God that the world is gently wake up tomorrow and say, “we’re taking back our shoulders. We will not accept what you’re going to recommend on shots anymore, WHO, because you’ve lied to us from the beginning and you don’t mind that seven year olds die in their sleep. You don’t mind that 27 year old single mothers, to keep their job in a nursing home, take their third shot on a Tuesday and they’re dead on a Wednesday”.

Their two children are motherless from their single mother – that happened to a lady in Toronto, Canada .There are leaders of political parties here in the UK, who went on national television on their talk shows and said that those that worked in care homes had to be vaccinated it was should be mandated that they did to keep their jobs. And the other leader of that particular group said, Molly shouldn’t be allowed to fly in airplanes unless they’re vaccinated. Absolutely obscene, absolutely obscene. Doctor, I really thank you for what you’ve done and what you’ve you’ve said and what you shared with us. It’s a tragedy. We still have so much to talk about. Would you please come back on the channel another time?

People are being harmed massively.

The only reduction of harm is two things. Stop putting any mRNA/DNA shots into you. Refuse, refuse, refuse,- start to do some marching in the streets about it because you have every right to and also demand absolutely demand that your political agencies override the health agencies, override them.

And state that ivermectin must be allowed for any patient that needs it.

I want to say one positive thing about Australia for a moment Australia. In spite of their many mistakes, they finally owned up they’d made a mistake to not allow ivermectin As of June 1 of this year, ivermectin can be prescribed by any competent and normal doctor in Australia to the Australian citizens whereas up until June 1 of 2023 they were banned from doing it. The pharmacies would not fill the prescription

Here in Canada. We’re still in the dark ages, and we are being pathetically not allowed to treat and how important it is for ivermectin to be available?. It is the best drug for treating vaccine injury.

So you’ve got people in wheelchairs right now, who there’s no other treatment to get them out of the wheelchair. And the right treatment, appropriate managed dosage of ivermectin would make a huge difference to the doctor.

Dr.Pierre Cory knows this in the States and any number of doctors know what around the world. Please,

Jim, get this out to all of the politicians so that they understand they can help the population by the first most important act – allow ivermectin to be available to physicians to make their own choice along with their patients whether to use it or not. It’s the gold standard of treatment, but will COVID-19 itself and vaccine injury by COVID? .

We’re approaching the end. I think we’ve got a few minutes. Let me just double check a few minutes. I think we’ve got a few minutes left. Maybe two or three minutes on I think that people who are watching this day Dr. People who are watching this that might be worried that the me have developed or they may have a myocarditis but not may not be aware of it, would you recommend them to get to their doctor and have checks carried out is that something that’s reasonably easy for them to do?

Sure, I’d ask for four tests. I’d ask for my current level of D dimer, my current level of troponin, and my current level of SP -1 and SP – 2,.

Each one has, once you look at the mix of those three test results, you the patient, and the doctor would have an idea of, maybe I should do something a little different than just getting a blood pressure lowering drug for their myocarditis, or just an anti inflammatory drug for their myocarditis may be because of the indicators that I’ve just looked at current troponin and current D dimer, and current spike protein one, which is from the virus itself and Spike protein to which only comes in from the vaccine. When you know those levels, you’ll have an idea how you’d best treat that patient in front of you with myocarditis. And without doing those tests. You don’t have a clue as to how to help them.

Dr. Chris Shoemaker from Toronto, Canada. Thank you so much indeed for coming on this channel. Again, I know that some of these subjects are tough and hard to talk about, but it’s important that we know and so please, let me thank you for this. And I look forward to speaking with you again because there’s so many questions I want to ask you. And what do you do? So my thanks, sincere thanks to you. Thank you. And to all of you out there watching I know that this is probably very worrying for me.

This originated in an interview on the RAIR Foundation

Genetic Manipulation: 33% DNA in Covid ‘Vaccines’ Exposed by Dr. Chris Shoemaker in Exclusive Interview

The presence of DNA in Covid “vaccines” raises serious concerns about potential long-term health impacts…

By RAIR Foundation July 28, 2023

The presence of DNA in Covid “vaccines” raises serious concerns about potential long-term health impacts, as it can influence the cell’s nucleus for years, turning our bodies into mRNA and spike protein factories.

Toronto-based Dr. Chris Shoemaker, a leading voice warning against the potential dangers of COVID-19 genetic gene therapy injections, sat down with RAIR Foundation USA to debunk previous claims about these vaccines. Dr. Shoemaker highlighted that the injections contain not only mRNA but also a significant amount of DNA – a revelation that contradicts earlier assurances.

“We initially believed that these shots contained something called RNA, a form of genetic material,” said Dr. Shoemaker. “However, RNA is not DNA. They are different parts of a process. DNA is the blueprint of life, found in the nucleus of cells, while RNA, specifically mRNA, carries the instructions from the DNA and is involved in protein synthesis in the cytoplasm of the cell.”

According to Dr. Shoemaker, RAIR’s metaphor of a cell being an egg, where the nucleus (yolk) houses the DNA with the total instruction set for all your processes and repairs, and the cytoplasm (egg white) is the site of protein synthesis by RNA, which takes its instructions from the DNA is fairly accurate. However, this natural process can be hijacked by introducing external genetic materials like DNA or RNA.

Initially, vaccine developers assured the public that the material in the vaccine would not enter the cell’s nucleus. This was a key selling point as it assuaged fears about possible genetic alterations as a consequence of the Covid shots. However, a recent independent analysis conducted by Kevin McKernan, a respected research scientist, discovered that the vaccines contained approximately one-third DNA.

Dr. Shoemaker states, “This DNA originates from the original research carried out in Wuhan, which sent the DNA genomes to America. The presence of this DNA in the vaccines indicates a potential failure in the purification process during manufacturing. However, the ratio of DNA to RNA might also be deliberate. The implications of this DNA, human-engineered and scientifically created, on our health are far-reaching and concerning.”

Dr. Shoemaker further explains that the DNA is found inside a plasmid, a different delivery mechanism than the lipid nanoparticles used to deliver the mRNA. This process implies deliberate intent rather than a sloppy manufacturing process.

“What makes the DNA presence even more alarming is that it elongates the whole process,” Dr. Shoemaker cautioned. “While the effects of mRNA might be restricted to 8-12 months, the DNA can potentially influence the cell’s nucleus for years, effectively turning our bodies into factories for mRNA and, consequently, spike proteins. This could explain why we are witnessing an increase in chronic inflammatory conditions, seizures, neurological consequences, and other health issues post-vaccination.”

The specific effects of the DNA on the cell nucleus remain largely unknown. Still, it’s clear that the presence of DNA could lead to long-lasting health impacts. There’s a growing list of health problems, including an increase in late-onset Type 1 diabetes among vaccine recipients. This further fuels the concern about spike protein damage on organs with ACE2 receptors like the pancreas.

When reflecting on the potential implications of these findings, Dr. Shoemaker concludes, “We’ve been subjected to a psychological and genetic operation that could be the most dangerous thing ever done to humanity. The presence of DNA in these vaccines, which can potentially interfere with our body’s genetic machinery for years, is deeply troubling. It underscores the urgent need for continued research and transparency on vaccine contents and their long-term impacts.”

This most recent discovery about the nature of the gene-therapy shots so many were coerced into taking means that a good hard look needs to be taken both at the regulatory bodies that approve and mandate new medications but also the entire genetic platform for vaccines and medicines overall due to the spectacular failure of them as either safe or effective.

From 2022

Doctor Warns: Covid ‘Vaccine’ Designed to Infiltrate Every Part of Your Body, ‘That’s Why People Are Dying’

Insurance people and the mortuary professionals are saying we’ve had a death rate increase worldwide of 25 to 40 percent,” said Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker.

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