The stories of released Palestinian hostages come out; silence from Israeli hostages

The stories of released Palestinian hostages come out; silence from Israeli hostages

Yesterday, photos were released of Thai workers and Israeli kibbutzniks, released by Hamas. There are no signs of brutality from the Hamas fighters.

On the contrary, it seems.

The Israeli government has no intention to let the freed hostages speak but, nevertheless, this came out,




This is what Israeli media is saying

Israeli hostages feared they were about to be executed when they were led out of Gaza’s tunnels for release

This contrasts with what is coming out of the West Bank – the stories of brutality and even murder and the attempt to stop the people from celebrating.

Stolen childhoods: Hundreds of Palestinian minors held in Israeli jails


Israeli forces suppress prisoners’ families awaiting their release

The occupation forces were mobilized in the parameter of “Ofer” prison, preventing the families gathered in its vicinity from receiving the liberated female and child prisoners who attained their freedom due to a deal imposed by the Palestinian Resistance on the Israeli occupation.

The Israeli occupation forces opened fire and used tear gas grenades against hundreds of Palestinians gathered in front of the Israeli prison. Two Palestinians were shot at and sustained injuries near “Ofer”.

Simultaneously, the Israeli occupation forces raided the homes of Palestinian female prisoners just before their release.

The Palestinian female prisoners, who will be released as part of the deal between the Israeli occupation and “Hamas,” left Damon prison in Carmel under strict supervision, heading towards Ofer prison.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation’s government imposed conditions on the male and female prisoners to be released, telling them they were prohibited from speaking to the press and issuing any press statements, be it by themselves or any of their relatives.

The Israeli occupation forces also prohibited any gatherings at the homes of the prisoners or any form of celebration of their release, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said.

The Israeli occupation forced the prisoners to sign a written commitment, with a fine of 70,000 shekels in case any of the conditions were violated.



Testimonies of liberated Palestinian women to Al Mayadeen

Liberated Palestinian prisoner Walaa Tanja says she owes her freedom to God and the Resistance.

Shortly after being liberated as part of the temporary truce enforced by the Resistance, a number of formerly imprisoned Palestenian women made short statements to Al Mayadeen expressing their sour-sweet felicity of liberation and offering an insight into the cruel conditions in Israeli prisons.

Rawan Abu Ziyadeh told Al Mayadeen that Palestinian female prisoners are subjected to severe violations in Israeli prisons.

“[However,] we were sure that we would be liberated [at some point] after getting arrested,” she said.

“Agonizing pain has set in considering the loss of a significant number of martyrs, particularly in Gaza,” Abu Ziyadeh added.

Tahrir Abu Sariya expressed her awe over the surreal felicity of liberation.

“I still feel like I’m in a dream,” she said.

On her part, liberated prisoner Falastin Farid Najm told Al Mayadeen, “Our feeling of freedom is indescribable, and were it not for our Resistance in Gaza, we wouldn’t be among our people now.”

“Gaza, the resilient Resistance, if we thanked it every day, it wouldn’t suffice,” she added.

“We celebrate our freedom despite all the occupation’s threats,” she said, knowing that the Israeli occupation issued orders to avoid all forms of festivities following the Palestinian prisoners’ release.

Female Palestinian prisoner Israa Jaabis among prisoners released on Sunday

Israa Jaabis, a Palestinian woman who suffered severe burns and was charged with attempted murder after her car exploded near an Israeli checkpoint in 2015, has been welcomed home by her family.

Speaking to media after her release late on Saturday night, Jaabis said: “My wounds are visible and my struggles, I don’t need to talk about.”

She described the emotions of yearning to be with family as the price prisoners pay.

She also expressed concerns about other Palestinians she had been imprisoned with who were not released, including young girls who she said cried when she was released “because they’ve been subjected to a lot of things”. “I’m talking about the small girls. They’ve been through things that nobody should witness,” Jaabis told journalists.

Here is a story on Israa Jaabis from 2018

Israel makes those imprisoned serve their full sentence in prison even if they’re dead

Israeli forces carry out deadly raids in the West Bank amid Gaza truce

Five Palestinians were shot dead in Jenin, while three others were killed elsewhere in the occupied West Bank on Sunday.

An Israeli soldier aims a weapon next to an Israeli army vehicle in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank November 23, 2023. REUTERS/Raneen Sawafta

Israeli forces have killed eight Palestinians, including a child, in the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, taking the total number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank to 239 since October 7.

Israeli forces shot dead five Palestinians in the city of Jenin late on Saturday and early Sunday, and killed three others elsewhere in the West Bank, the ministry said on Sunday. Six other Palestinians were injured in the Israeli raid in Jenin.

Israeli army kills 5 Palestinians in West Bank

Health officers carry injured Palestinians as a result of gunfire opened by Israeli forces as they waiting for the release of their relatives as part of the exchange agreement near Ofer Prison in Ramallah, West Bank on November 25, 2023 [Issam Rimawi - Anadolu Agency]

Five Palestinians were killed late Saturday by Israeli forces in areas across the occupied West Bank, Anadolu Agency reports.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said four were killed and four were injured by the Israeli army which raided the Jenin refugee camp.

Palestine TV reported that the Israeli army raided Jenin from several directions and cordoned off the refugee camp and the government hospital amid heavy gunfire.

The Islamic Jihad group’s armed wing said its fighters confronted the Israeli army near the refugee camp.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry added that a Palestinian teen was also killed by Israeli forces in Al-Bireh in central West Bank.

He was identified as Mohammad Saleh, 16. The circumstances of his death are unclear.

The Palestinian official news agency, WAFA, cited the Red Crescent Society that said Israeli forces prevented emergency response teams from reaching Mohammad.

Tensions have been high across the West Bank since fighting broke out Oct. 7 between Palestinian groups and Israel in Gaza.

A total of 237 Palestinians have since been killed by the Israeli forces in the West Bank, in addition to more than 2,950 injured, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

On third day of truce, 39 Palestinian children embrace freedom

To stifle the Palestinians’ joy, Israeli occupation forces open fire and injure a Palestinian youth outside “Ofer” prison where people were gathered to witness the prisoners’ liberation.

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