This young man is living in New Zealand  (aged 26).

This is a TRUE story…and he is sharing his story with New Zealand.

I’ve been contemplating about telling my story and going through this trauma again, but I am no longer willing to suffer in silence anymore.

If anyone is still recovering from post \/ related issues (neurological, physical) please let me know. Got the 1st jab in 13th of Sep, I was a huge pro-mask, pro v and pro science left-leaning supporter. Ever since I’ve been dealing with non-stop tinnitus, worsening vision, weakness in limbs, paresthesia, numbness, migraines, brain fog, significant hair loss, insomnia and a long list of fked up symptoms.

Now I’m swept under the rug like I don’t even exist, numerous calls to healthline and reports to CARM with no follow-up, being gaslighted by doctors and nurses telling me it’s just anxiety, urgent pleads and emails sent to government officials like Andrew Little with promises of forwarding it to MoH and a reply in due time…then nothing, numerous emails to MPs with automatic replies and the worst of all, aunty cindy’s assistant’s reply telling me to go report to CARM, when I have STATED in the email I’ve already done it numerous times.

Calling myself bitter, jaded and cynical is an understatement of the century. I am bloody furious they choose to ignore people like us and are afraid to acknowledge there are issues and nuances in this v thing. The MoH knows that if they provide treatments for us they automatically admit they are at fault, they even threatened doctors, nurses and healthcare workers about helping us. Just ask around, ask your healthcare worker friend if this is the issue right now. I know they are trying to reduce v hesitancy but at what cost? so much for the “greater good”!

I used to sing and play the guitar and was an enthusiastic and somewhat humorous amateur musician with a fine art background, now I can’t sing, play and produce because I have noticeable hearing loss and tinnitus, and my vocal chords are messed up. I can’t draw because my hands are shaky, my mind is literally blank and my imagination is non-existent. Before all of this, I had dreams and goals. This has cost me my relationship with my partner and my life, nobody understands unless they’re also suffering from symptoms after the v.

I’m currently on a second round of prednisone, trying to calm the tinnitus and inflammation, it’s only a temporary fix but I have heard it helped many others like me.

This has been a huge wake up call for me, this has been my red pill, this is my life now, and I don’t know if it will ever go away. This will be my fight, I will never back down, I have nothing to lose anymore.

Is there anyone out there in NZ just like me? Where is the safety net when things go wrong? Why is there no treatment for us?

(If you want to share this please go ahead, I hope other young or elderly people having issues after the v will reach out to me or be inspired to also make posts after seeing my story, thank you.)


  1. Some words of encouragement for the young man in NZ, if he gets to read this. Am sure there are others, among all age groups, in a similar situation. He’s experiencing difficulty in living the life he once knew, but he’s a fighter.

    Despite physical impediments, the mind & heart (the HeartMind) can work wonders one has never known. Apart from the treatment he’s now taking, it would help him to search for that special inner groove, get in it and stay in it. There are sources able to provide inspiration; open up to that ‘other power’ … that which is other than one’s small self and beyond one’s personal concerns (we don’t always have to be pulling ourselves up by our own boot straps).

    Join quietly with those with whom a strong collective voice can be mounted later, after initial planning and strategizing. The pandemic may weaken by summer of 2022, enough for travel restrictions to be lifted (yes, it’s been claimed in certain circles that variants of the virus will be kicking around a lot longer than we think / at the same time, it could be said that the B Gateses of our world may soon fall victim to consequences of their highly-bloated karma***).

    There are teachers of powerful and effective but easy-to-perform healing energy exercises whom he can access in the US (masters who are privy to knowledge/exercises such as have pulled people back from the brink of death). Or if the NZ group is large enough, it could fund an invitation for such a teacher to cross the Pacific.

    Ask Robin to get in touch with me, and I will be happy to discuss/supply the necessary information.

    The ‘force’ is already with us. For many, it still needs to be awakened and nurtured. We become ill for a reason!!!

    [ *** — just recently, Queen Elizabeth in the UK, of all people, criticized Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk for fooling around with their space toys instead of growing up and knuckling down to fix Climate Change (she was so concerned, she forgot to exclaim: “I am not amused”) — ]

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