The tiptoe to tyrranny in New Zealand

The tiptoe to tyrranny in New Zealand

First, Jacinda was complacent.

Then she received her marching orders from Dr. Tedros of the WHO. Then it was two weeks to”flatten the curve”.

Then we were told that the vaccine, when it was available, would be voluntary.

Then came another “short and sharp” lockdown of Auckland and surrounding areas that has lasted over 100 days.

Then it was compulsory for “essential workers” only.

Then we all had to wear masks wherever we went.

Then they introduced the idea of vaccination certificates that would take people to freedom.

First, people who had had their shot would be free.

Then, people who had had a second shot would be free.

Jacinda introduced her two-tiered society.

Yesterday, about 10% of firefighters, correction staff, midwives, nurses and doctors, chiropractors would have to chose between having the jab or losing their jobs. 

Notice all this was while Jacinda was extorting us all to “be kind”. 

Notice that particular slogan has disappeared from the narrative. 

Only now that that has all evolved to what we have today they slip in this little detail – the “vaccine certificates” only last 6 months and are now tied to six-monthly boosters.

What is next? Children down to the age of 5.

When will it become children from the age of 6 months?

So, the good people who decided to do the “right thing” will discover that they have signed into regular booster jabs that will make them sicker and sicker. 

If they wake up and decline further jabs having done the right thing they will fall into the dreaded and discriminated-against category of the “unvaccinated”. 

When will they wake up and realise they have been taken for a ride and their lives destroyed?

From the Left

Booster shots are coming. When should you get yours?

Fully vaccinated New Zealanders over the age of 18 will be able to get a booster six months after their second dose of the Pfizer jab, Justin Giovannetti writes in The Bulletin.

The boosters are coming. New Zealanders will begin getting third doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine from the end of November, Stuff reports. The booster will be available to anyone aged 18 and over who received their first two doses at least six months earlier. Healthcare and border workers will likely be first in line for a booster, many having received their first doses near the start of the year. While a third primary dose was approved in October for severely immunocompromised people, a third dose as a booster will be available for everyone. Nearly 456,000 New Zealanders will be eligible for the extra dose by the end of the year, with millions more to follow in 2022.


At what point does it become compulsory?


This following comment on Facebook I can only concur with 100%:

A sad day for NZ! 💔 *THEY ARE US!*
As you go about your business today I endeavour you to approach every situation you encounter with kindness.
I endeavour you to look at every person you meet as if at 11.59pm tonight, their lives will be changed forever.
For reasons you may not understand you may go to your doctor’s practice tomorrow to find your GP of 20years is no longer there.
You may arrive at school drop off to find the teacher that has worked so hard to help your child find their place in the world is no longer there.
You may attend your lawyers appointment to find you have been assigned someone who knows nothing about your case because your family lawyer is no longer there.
You may arrive at your midwife appointment to realise there is actually no one available to care for you because your midwife along with many others, are no longer there.
You may arrive at your grandma’s aged care facility to find the nurse that would sit and read her favourite books to her is…no longer there.
You may arrive to your kindergarten drop off to find the head ECE teacher, the one who supported you through that tough divorce, is no longer there.
See as you go about your business today there are thousands and thousands of PEOPLE, thousands and thousands of HUMANS, that for reasons that are NOBODY’S BUSINESS, are facing the last day of a career they worked 10 years to obtain.
Whatever your belief, profession, religion, race, socioeconomic stand point in life; if you can’t see that today of all days…the world needs some extra kindness. Then I would question your humility, your humanity and ones humbleness.
You don’t have to understand someone’s decision to respect it, and one day I assure you, one of those people listed above who’s career was ripped out from under them like a dirty carpet…
You’re going to need them, just as desperately as they needed you…to be kind

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