The truth about Lahaina, Maui, is coming out

The truth about Lahaina, Maui, is coming out

First see what was lost

Maui and the WEF –  There is No Such Thing As a Coincidence

Theories have been spreading online that the fires that have devastated Maui were allegedly started “too suddenly” and “burned too harshly” to be a regular wildfire, as reported on The Expose earlier today (source).

From videos circulating showing strikes coming from the sky and witness accounts from Maui residents, it appears that the general consensus is that the deadly wildfires that spread through Maui were not a natural disaster, but, a deliberate act using a Direct Energy Weapon

Yes, that does sound alarming as does the fact that there were no warning sirens set off be either local or state emergencies. (source)

Yes, that does sound alarming as does the fact that there were no warning sirens set off be either local or state emergencies. (source)

No Emergency Alert

Hawaii’s Emergency Services Administration confirmed on Friday, “Neither Maui nor HI-EMA activated warning sirens on Maui during the wildfire incident.” “Hawaii Emergency Management Agency said it had no record of any warning sirens with Maui’s Emergency Alert System being triggered on Tuesday, department spokesperson Adam Weintraub said” reported the NBC News.

They add, “the system, which includes 80 sirens across Maui, is intended to prod people to seek more specific emergency information through forms of communication, such as online or television or radio broadcasts.” The Maui residents instead depended on three other warning channels: mobile device alerts, local radio and TV stations, and Maui County’s notification system for subscribed residents in what is now thought to be one of Hawaii’s most catastrophic “natural” disasters.

No Sirens, No Alarms, No Nothing

They didn’t give us no warning. No nothing,” Lisa Panis, a resident in western Maui, said in a phone interview. “No siren, no alarms, no nothing.” (source) The lack of warning is certainly something to be questioned. Would adequate warning have prevented the massive devastation to the paradise island? It would have arguably prevented the fatalities which are now estimated to be 99 as of this morning, a figure that could rise as the search of Maui is still only 25% complete (source).

Why were there no warnings?

That is not the only thing that should be questioned, we should ask why boats were in the water but still burned, why did trees that were between destroyed buildings remain green and thriving and why did the fire burn in a circular shape?

We need to question everything about this wildfire which has become the deadliest in modern U.S. history and it is especially tragic that many of the victims appear to be children!

This information was shared by an an anonymous source claiming to be a “whistleblower” who gave her view of local conditions on Reddit but was deleted soon after, but not before being shared by other sources.

“Just reported from a whistleblower:

What you’re not hearing from our local government – I just got out of a meeting where I was informed by someone in the Mayors office about developments that are being kept from the public. I am not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t want to make trouble but here’s what I’ve heard.”

“The amount of fatalities is expected to be more than 500 but less than 1000,” the source continued. “Many of the fatalities will be children who were at home because they canceled school. Parents worked and were not there to evacuate the children. Kids had no idea they needed to leave and by the time they noticed their homes or apartments were on fire, it was too late. The government is worried about how we will react when we learn that the fire department left the fire earlier in the day and claimed it was 100% contained knowing that the winds were expected to be 70mph by the afternoon.”

“This is against all fire control protocols,” the source added. “The fire department should not have left the original fire unattended. They are scared that the public calls for accountability will be more than they can control and protests and riots will occur. They plan to lock down Lahaina for several months. It will take months to clean up the hazardous and environmental contamination. They won’t have enough housing for All the displaced. There were 2,000 unaccounted for this morning. They have a list where they are trying to keep track. They found 700 today. But there are still 1300 missing.”

“They are very worried that the community is going to freak out when they find out how not a single fire truck responded to the fires,” the source claimed. “The emergency sirens were not activated (hurricane sirens) and loss of life could have been kept down by better emergency management which utterly failed. I’m not trying to make waves or stir up problems, but I was so angry and sad when I found out how many children are dead that I knew I had to post this and let everyone know what I have learned. It’s time for our officials to stand up, tell the truth, and face the music. They failed Lāhainā guys.”

“Our government is full of incompetent nepotism. The fire chief is the son of the former fire chief. We need to hold officials accountable for the mistakes they made. Please don’t hate the messenger. I’m just relaying what I learned today,” the source concluded. “God bless Maui and Lahaina! Pray for all the victims.

The trust in the government has become so broken that the Maui people have no trust in the government and cite the motive for a deliberate cited was to allegedly further the “smart cities” agenda, which is ascribed to the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum

An article in 2018 from the world economic Forum shows that they planned to make. Hawaii the first U.S state to run entirely on clean energy. There is also an  article from the world economic Forum that talks about their alliance is creating Smart City.



(Source WEF)

They Paved Paradise….

Additionallhy Hawaii had been coerced into accelerating the introduction of renewable energy. At the same time, it is placing importance on the promotion of EV (electric vehicle) as a solution to move away from the dependence on fossil fuels, particularly oil, and established EV promoting acts. “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”?


The Governor  of Hawaii, Josh Green, who was selected for the role as recently as 2022 has shown that he was eager to forge ahead with the WEF agenda when he delivered a keynote address to government officials at the United Nations in New York in July 2023

His focus was on sustainable development and a model Hawaii can provide for their sustainability plans. “We try to lead on energy and climate. We were the first state to mandate 100% renewable energy for electricity. It’s an opportunity for a small state with technically a small footprint — but we do punch above our weight a little bit because of our position in the Pacific.”

Green’s address was to other government officials on This includes successful collaboration efforts between government, businesses and the community.

The WEF states that their “Alliance is seeking additional cities and organizations to become pioneers in smart city governance.” their aim is:

  • Data gathered using IoT technologies is helping cities combat crime, and reduce pollution.
  • The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance is establishing global policy norms for data collection and use, transparency, and public trust.
  • As of May 2022, the Alliance is leading smart city governance initiatives in more than 36 cities around the world.

The impact on protecting citizens in smart cities.

Led by the World Economic Forum, the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance on Technology Governance is the largest global initiative aiming at ensuring responsible and ethical use of smart city technologies.Not everyone in Hawaii were on board with the Smart City plans or to be controlled by a World Economic? However, they were going ahead regardless it seems.


Are they going to be able to build smart cities unless they destroy the cities first ? Or was the destruction of one of the first of the WEF’s Smart Cities, simply a coin

Please Watch this informative video below: Fuelled the Hawaiian Wildfires That Killed Dozens and Destroyed Historic Lahaina Town, Maui?

Much of the historic town of Lahaina, the previous home to around 12,000 people in western Maui, has been destroyed by wildfires that erupted last Tuesday night. This tragedy has been said to be the largest “natural disaster” in Hawaii’s history, but,  not everyone is convinced that this was a “natural disaster” at all, instead believing that it was fuelled by a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW).

The fires caught islanders and tourists by surprise, some individuals even fled into the ocean to escape the flames. Thousands of Maui residents were forced to evacuate and tragically at least 99 people have died and hundreds of families have been displaced.

With power and cell service out in western Maui, officials don’t know how many people who may have tried to escape are still missing, said officials who added, that “the devastation is so widespread – and so catastrophic – that it’s hard to estimate just how many buildings were burned to the ground or damaged, but they estimate hundreds of structures have been impacted,” according to CBS .

What we saw was likely the largest natural disaster in Hawaii’s state history,” says Governor Josh Green. However, not everyone is convinced that this was a “natural disaster” at all.

9 Questions That We Should All Be Asking About The Catastrophic Fires In Hawaii

The tragic disaster that we just witnessed in Hawaii should break all of our hearts.  The death count just keeps going up, and it is being reported that these were the deadliest fires in the United States in more than 100 years.  In addition, Hawaii Governor Josh Green is telling us that this was actually “the largest natural disaster” that his state has ever experienced.  More than 2,700 structures have been burned down in Lahaina alone, and it is being estimated that the value of the property that has been destroyed is over 5 billion dollars.  We have never seen anything quite like this before, and I believe that the following are 9 questions that we should all be asking about the fires in Hawaii right now…

How Did The Devastating Maui Fires Really Start?


Shelby Thomson Interview – Locals Convinced Maui Fires Not Accident As Evidence Suggests Foul Play

Joining me today Shelby Thomson, co-founder of Unjected, and resident of Maui, here to discuss what she has witnessed, as well as what her family experienced, in surviving the fires that have devastated the island of Maui, and entirely destroyed the historic and rebellious town of Lahaina. We discuss the many failures and ineptitudes of the government during its ongoing response, the many different anomalies that have been observed by the local population, as well as some very relevant US military installations in the island that overlook all of it. 

All Video Source Links Can Be Found Here At The Last American Vagabond:

Lahaina Fire Survivor Speaks

“…Josh Martin explains in harrowing detail what it was like to survive the Lahaina…Martin’s account is horrific. And there are so many more we are not hearing.”

Guest Post by Diana West August 14, 2023

Speaking to News NationJosh Martin, a chef and business owner on Maui, explains in harrowing detail what it was like to survive the Lahaina fire after he and his wife and five dogs they were looking after were blocked from evacuating by car by police roadblocks (said to be due to downed power lines) and had to enter the water. 

The conditions he describes in the surf off of Lahaina are so extreme they call out for expert analysis I cannot provide. Here, for the record, though, is his partly transcribed experience.

The fire was going into the ocean. The best way to explain it is a continuous bomb going off. … There were boats on fire 50 yards out. So even in the ocean at points, we were still getting burned. The video you’re showing right now [of people in rough water] … doesn’t have the flames actually coming into the water.

What explains flames actually coming into the water? The sense that a continuous bomb was going off? Burning boats 50 yards away from shore? 

Martin continues: 

It was bad. There was no where to go. At points, we didn’t know where land was. There were points where we were starting to pass out and were about to drown, and had to come to shore. The cars that were parked next to shore caught on fire, or exploding, and it was a leapfrog of fire, basically: Go out, we’re getting burned, come in, go out. Everywhere we were we were getting burned or we couldn’t breathe.

Fire that burns cars must be burning very hot, indeed (see graph below). What account for such heat?

We were able to save four out of five dogs [Josh’s wife is crying.] We had two with us. Two of them were found later. One is stil missing, which is Asher, a chocolate lab, that everybody is still lookimng for.

We spent about three hours in total in the water, if not more. Keep in mind this is over a 12 hour period. This is going from 3:30 in the afternoon to about 3 oclock in the morning.

It’s so hard to describe. Being out in the ocean, not knowing where you are, and being on fire, not knowing where land is, and the  currents pulling us where we can’t touch the ground. At times, I just remember telling her [his wife] if I start drowning, you save yourself. And it’s the most terrifying experience of our life ….

Martin’s account is horrific. And there are so many more we are not hearing.

Now to the melting points of metal. 

This graph above charts the melting point of common metals. According to, the average house fire peaks at around 1,500 degrees F. Wildfires burn hotter. One source I came across places an “average surface fire on the forest floor” at around 1,472 degrees F or more. “Under extreme conditions, a fire can give off 10,000 kilowatts or more per meter of fire front. This would mean flame heights of 50 meters or more and flame temperatures exceeding … 2,192° F. 

Lahaina, of course, is not a forest. We will have to see what the experts say about all of this —  if the experts say anything about all of this.  

Meanwhile, some related details are emerging.

From the Independent (UK): 

[Maui Police Chief John] Pelletier said identifying the dead is extremely challenging because “we pick up the remains and they fall apart … When we find our family and our friends, the remains that we’re finding is through a fire that melted metal.” Just two people have been identified so far, he said.

Now, get set for this from Gateway Pundit: Maui PD Chief Pelletier, oh, by the way, just happens to have been Las Vegas police chief at the time of  the 2017 Las Vegas massacre-cover-up.

Back to Lahaina. Not only was there no fire alarm, not only did the fire department leave not to return in the morning, the New York Times is now reporting the town’s water system collapsed during the conflagration also:

John Stufflebean, the county’s director of water supply, said backup generators allowed the system to maintain sufficient overall supply throughout the fire. But he said that as the fire began moving down the hillside, turning homes into rubble, many properties were damaged so badly that water was spewing out of their melting pipes, depressurizing the network that also supplies the hydrants.

“The water was leaking out of the system,” he said.

Now, Health Ranger writes on Telegram:

Evidence keeps mounting that the #Lahaina fires were DELIBERATELY shaped:

1) The (hurricane) warning sirens did not sound. Were they turned off on purpose?

2) The local fire department was ordered OFF the fire, claiming it was “contained”

3) The fire was still burning, though, with 70 mph winds known to be approaching

4) Emergency responder resources were WITHHELD from Lahaina as the fires raged

5) Local schools were cancelled to make sure children were at home, without their (working) parents

6) As a result, HUNDREDS of children were burned alive like a mass child sacrifice ritual

7) There is a massive COVER-UP right now about how many children were burned alive

This has all the hallmarks of an engineered act of #terrorism waged against the people of Hawaii…

America is under constant attack by the terrorist regime in power, run by criminals and satanists.


Children Sent Home From School on Day of Maui Fires for High Winds


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