The truth about renewables

The truth about renewables

There are some home truths here

“Renewables Only Generate Electricity, But Manufacture Nothing For Society”

May 24, 2023 • by Ronald Stein

“World leaders are not cognizant enough to know that renewables only generate electricity, and thus have no plans for the replacement of what is now manufactured from fossil fuels, which are supporting the 8 billion on this planet!

Epoch Times TV produced this 1-minute YouTube clip for Social Media, about the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about: Renewables only generate electricity, but manufacture nothing for society.

The 1-minute video is short, educational, and entertaining. The video has already been viewed by more than 800,000 on social media!


After you’ve viewed the videos, you will have a better understanding of the world leaders’ wishes to rid the world of emissions from fossil fuels but have no plans to identify the replacement for the oil derivatives that are the basis of more than 6,000 products and all the fuels for the merchant ships, aircraft, militaries, and space programs that support the 8 billion on this planet!

Please enjoy the easy 1-minute listening and please share with others.”

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