The truth about Sputnik V – with Alexander Redko

The truth about Sputnik V – with Alexander Redko

There has to be an exploding of the myth that all the evils of COVID lie exclusively in the West and Russia is blameless.

No government is blameless and there are aspects of post-Soviet Russia that make this worse, such as the absence of a VAERS system (as imperfect as it is).

I see a similar fracturing in Russia as we are seeing – from complete Kremlin apologists to people who acknowledge the the truth as they see it.

This comes from NZ-based Inessa Sigouchova – there can be no greater defender of Russia against western imperialism,

From 1987 – Redko was Head doctor of a St. Petersburg hospital, with more than 200 scholarly works to his name to date. He has recently spoken out about the ordeal he is facing from the authorities for having spoken his truth. This includes checking of qualifications, accusations of quackery – the usual package.

All amateur immunologists are welcome to dissect his words!

4:20 – Are antibodies a good thing? Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).
7:00 – QR code nonsense. They do not prevent transmission.
7:55 – Hayflick cycle – politicians cannot control biological and chemical reactions, and thus reduce vaccine trial time periods.
8:55 – finally – a manufactured epidemic!
13:00 – Why they’re coming for the children.
15:20 – Anatoly Chubais as key Sputnik V investor. Chubais is a business oligarch who was responsible for privatization of state assets under Boris Yeltsin’s administration in the 1990s.

Draw your own conclusions.

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