The truth of corporate fascism

The truth of corporate fascism

Corporate Fascism kills freedom; and it’s already here

Corporate Fascism, or Corporatism, arises as the political right moves left or the political left moves right. It is a combination of right-wing corporate power, socialist totalitarianism and dominance of one state over another. In the past, it has been the foundation of Nazi and Fascist systems of Government.

The furore surrounding the closure of Nigel Farage’s bank accounts by Coutts has brought out into the open that thousands of people and organisations have been equally denied bank accounts for various reasons, principally political ones.

“This is an extremely dangerous thing because, without a proper bank account, it’s extremely difficult to live in the modern world.  It’s the financial form of ‘cancellation’,” Rodney Atkinson said.

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Because Farage’s account was cancelled without an explanation, he had no recourse in a court of law to challenge the basis for the bank’s decision. “He was the subject of a cancellation which did not apply to others and therefore, it was classic arbitrary law which is one of the great characteristics, of course, of a fascist society,” Atkinson explained.

“And it was applied by a non-legal authority in the form of a corporation, not a government or an overt law … His relatives were also impacted … At face value, it had all the characteristics of corporate fascism … That is a real-life example of the pernicious effect of corporate control.”

In an article published in May by Freenations, Atkinson wrote that the common thread which has led to the many social and economic crises which have seemingly all at once hit the British people (and other nations in the West) is Corporatism, that combination of right-wing corporate power, socialist totalitarianism and State hegemony which marginalises the true democratic forces in society – individuals, families, communities, personal enterprise, the nation-state and parliament itself.

“Corporatism arises as the right moves left (as it did in Britain under Major, Cameron and May) and the left moves right (as it did under Blair) and in the past has been the foundation of Nazi and Fascist systems of Government,” he wrote.

In a recently uploaded interview, Atkinson and Alex Thompson discuss Corporatism with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

On 4 July, International Crimes Investigative Committee (“ICIC”) hosts Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and lawyer Dagmar Schoen had a conversation with Alex Thomson and Rodney Atkinson about the different faces of corporatism, which shows itself in all areas of life and business, both clear and obvious, subtle and opaque.

Thompson is a former officer of the UK’s GCHQ, a partner agency of the NSA.  And Atkinson is a political and economic analyst, journalist and author.

Through ignorance, and the allowing of us “the people,” and through a supposed superiority of corrupt, unscrupulous abettors in politics, business and corporate media, as well as global, deep networking, including through NGOs, supposed philanthropic foundations and conglomerates such as the European Union, an omnipotence of self-styled elites – rightly described in its vicious excesses as corporatist fascism – has been able to emerge.

Thomson and Atkinson use their own experiences and examples of victims of this kind of oppression and exclusion of dissenters to show how corporatism in its inhuman form shows itself with all its harshness and does not shy away from depriving people of their livelihoods and isolating them socially.

But how does this powerful instrument of corporatism come about in the first place? How and by what methods can people be instrumentalised for this purpose? Are they specifically selected or does corporatism also take place latently? How far back into the past do we have to look to understand the beginnings and build-up of such constructs of infiltration and takeover of power, which are even capable of using royal houses as their puppets, instigating wars and corrupting entire legal systems to their advantage?

Is the European Union a corporatist organisation with potentially fascistoid and imperialist ambitions, and why is the undermining of nation-states and their legal systems important?

This corporatism goes far beyond banking and free speech. It is ultimately a form of fascism and totalitarianism. Thomson and Atkinson conclude that the European Union is a first attempt at establishing a one-world government. Only we as people and as a society united and no longer divided can counter this corporatism, which has the goal of allowing an authoritarian, socialist form of capitalism to emerge.


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