The truth of what is happening in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne

The truth of what is happening in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne

Even if a large part of what follows are just rumours (which I do not believe for a second) then what has happened in Hawkes Bay and the Gisborne area is a catastrophic tragedy (with possibly some elements of a crime) that goes way beyond the sanitised version of what we are being told by the mainstream media.

One thing that is not being told is the downline effects of reportedly HALF of Hawkes Bay’s rich horticulture being destroyed on top of the general assault on our food supply.

We went to the supermarket in Petone and found that kumara (sweet potato)  that was $3 – $4 a kilo is now selling for $14.
The media is not telling us about the ongoing effects on food availability.
This is not inflation but a critical shortage


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Msg dated: 21 Feb 2023

Hi again, I just received this from a friend who lives in Opotiki.

GISBORNE & HAWKES BAY CRIPPLED We are getting reports MSM are ignoring the worst stories.

There are 5,600 registered as missing. Hawkes Bay residents are saying: “Dead animals are building up and rotting & Napier residents have been without power, hot water, internet & phone signal since Mon night/Tues morning.” “A lot of people have lost their houses, everything.” “We were totally cut off from Napier in Hastings with many people being turned away from the only crossing available even though they were essential.” “Looting, shooting, stabbing, killing, stealing, and hostage situations are going on. Gangs are out of control, holding people hostage and at gun point for their supplies.” “The devastation has all but destroyed from what we hear 50% or more of Hawkes Bay’s horticulture.”

Locals have started road blocks. Why were police raiding Shooters Saloon on Thursday instead of helping in these affected areas… I have already shared the above …

update on truth …..

My son is with the Navy and is helping in HB and I grew up there and have a number of friends and family there.

We are being fed so much bullshit via MSM.

My son orchestrated help to three different areas yesterday. He is only 21 and has been in less than three years. He said most of the superiors are either contradictory, indifferent or blissfully unaware. Most of the ship haven’t even disembarked. He has taken leave today to go and help friends in Twyford who have had the flood waters go through their house. He went to Bayview yesterday and the knob running the Civil Defence site out there sent them back to ship as there was nothing to do. He drove out to EskValley with family and said that the devastation is heartbreaking. He also said that everything that has been done there has been done by civilians and not one Government department has done a thing to aid them. I know of a police woman who was retrieving bodies from the water in Esk Valley on the Wednesday and was so overwhelmed by everything that she couldn’t work on the Thursday.

A friend whose sons are cops have said that it’s so bad and they will be retrieving bodies from the debris for months and then there will be many lost forever as they have been wept out to sea. Another friend works for a funeral director and they normally deal with all the Coroners work. This has been taken over by identification specialists from both NZ and Australia.

My cousin is a cop and says that we only ever ask for international help when we need help to identify a large number of bodies. By Wednesday HB had run out of body bags.

My son traveled down on Te Mana and they were bringing a heap more with them. The 21000 litres of water delivered to Gisborne by the Manawanui on Wednesday is being on sold to locals. It’s an absolute shit show and I have a close friend with Army contacts and they also have their hands tied.

They were deploying a heap but were then stood down at the eleventh hour. The gang violence after dark in areas without power is out of control. The Navy have 50 assault rifles on board but have been told that they will not be out doing patrols as not everyone knows how to use them. We are being set up to implode.

Others are getting the same story out with very limited i-phone coverage. Gangs are openly going around with guns stealing food and petrol and generally looting valuables etc.  The Media have been instructed to play it down and they are not telling the full story to the outside world

This is what we are being told

Were the dams at Lake Waikaremoana opened while the storm was raging?

I’ve been told by a good source that the dams were opened to release water at the same time storm was ravaging causing massive flooding on top of the cyclone deluge already hitting the area…… government officials are not releasing this information for very obvious reasons!!

‘Like a silent killer’

2 thoughts on “The truth of what is happening in Hawkes Bay and Gisborne

  1. I have a relative in Napier and she regularly castigates me for focusing on bad news. But I sent this to her and asked if it was sensationalistic or whatever and she said that so far as she can see, it is accurate.

  2. I have family in Hawkes Bay, who are on the ground helping with the clean up. Some even in the police force. The entire thread here is so wildly inaccurate and insulting to those who have lost their homes and loved ones that you should all feel disgusted for printing this. There’s no secret death toll, the storm wasn’t caused by people and while the infrastructure could have definitely been better prepared with higher flood banks etc, Hawkes Bay sits smack bang in the flood plains for the ranges. It’s happened before, it will happen again, that’s the nature of nature.

    Also, get an editor so that at least all this rubbish isn’t riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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