The Turks are afraid of a reset of the Treaty of Sevres: “The united states are preparing for the Greece to hit the Turkey as the 1919”

The Turks are afraid of a reset of the Treaty of Sevres: “The united states are preparing for the Greece to hit the Turkey as the 1919”

A Greek perspective.

How many of you want the withdrawal from the Treaty of Montreux?

Columnist: Theophrastus Andreopoulos

The Turks are worried about a repeat of 1919, and restore the Treaty of Sèvres as well as consider that the US and the EU are preparing Greece for catalytic hit against it and that the question of the withdrawal from the Treaty of Montreux, the brought the Americans themselves who want to abolish it.

Who ultimately pays the Treaty of Montreux; Certainly not the Americans

The truth is, geopolitically, the Treaty of Montreux ensures that the interests of Russia and not the U.S. because it prohibits Americans to spend e.x. the 6th Fleet from there and settle out from the Russian coast and the Crimea.

The Treaty explicitly prohibits the passage of vessels of a level, a aircraft carrier.

The Treaty of Montreux protects and Turkey because it sets out conflict between the two superpowers. If you removed the streets you pose a threat to the vital interests of Russia and of course the Americans will want it directly under their control.

The Turks consider that for the first time after 100 years, Greece has a geopolitical and political advantage over the Turkey as it is supported by the US and the EU, and in particular by the government Biden (for reasons that relate to the Americans, but not because all of a sudden loved Greece).

If we abolished the Treaty of Montreux, on the substance cancels and the Treaty of Lausanne which and that the interests of Turkey.

The “ghost” of the Treaty of Sevres scares Turkey

Because the Treaty is catalyzed only by a Treaty, if that Lausanne is cancelled or ceases to exist, then it will be activated again the prior, of Sevres.

The Treaty of Sevres in addition to well-known that given under Greek administration of the zone of Smyrna said, and something else that today it is becoming topical.

The Straits would be put under western scrutiny and thus would constitute a barrier to Soviet Russia to descend in the Mediterranean, while the West could pass as many naval forces wanted within the Black Sea.

All these years, the united states considered Turkey as the largest partner in the region, and they made themselves comfortable with the Conditions of Montreux and Lausanne.

But now I want restore the Treaty of Sèvres. Of course, to have Greece on their side, and you have to promise rich rewards as they did and then the West.

A promise then, of course, broke with the result of the asia Minor Catastrophe.

That’s why he wants a lot of attention from the Greek leadership.

To add something else that may have the significance of it. In 1919, Greece sent an expeditionary force in Ukraine to fight against the Soviets.

This action resulted in the Soviet Union to give a multitude of weapons and supplies to the Turks, which of course they beat us in Asia, resulting in the collapse of the front and the death of 1,000,000 Greeks and the εξανδραποδισμό another one and a half million Greeks.

This we say because now there’s a crisis in Ukraine that may take unforeseen consequences.

He wants attention and a good knowledge of History.

Following the analysis of the Turkish yenicaggazetesi:

“Our efforts to protect our national interests are experiencing reactions because they come in conflict with the interests of many countries, in particular of global forces.

These countries, because of the eternal and historical discontent with Turkey, create solidarity with other forces

We can say that this situation is caused by the new strategy of the united states and the adaptation of the EU in this situation, sparking developments.

Unfortunately, the developments in foreign policy is not going well. This, for the internal politics, it is considered as the main “nerve” of the Turkish Republic, because this is about our survival, our security and ideological purposes, and harmed the image of the irresponsible statements, as well as their results are added, creating even heavier impressions.

“Greece is again tthe political, economic and military center of gravity of the united states”

Is history repeating itself? “Greece is back “The political, economic and military center of gravity of the united states” as a result of the migration of Americans from Asia to the Pacific region, in the framework of the strategy of limiting and compression of the China-Russia, and this negatively affects Turkey.

The compression of Russia is made up of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea / Caucasus.

The Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia and the cooperation prevents the United States to use the strategy of the Black Sea / Caucasus.

For the U.S. Turkey is the power of elimination as to harmonize their interests in many areas of Greece, promotes, which excludes Turkey.

The EU and NATO is also in harmony with the united states.

“The united states almost did massage in Greece, on the pretext of exercise Defender Europe-21. Have opened permanent new bases and expanded the old”.

They also confirmed the Greece with bilateral exercises and showed that we are behind her. Try to turn the balance of power in the region in favour of Greece, providing οπλίκά systems, military vehicles, and support modernization.

The Biden sought to celebrate the anniversary of the day on which Greece rebelled against the Ottoman Empire, the K.Mitsotakis.

She thanked him for the cooperation in the field of security, and agreed to act together for energy security and in terms of China and τηνΡωσία but also in the Balkans.

In addition, the message that was announced on the day of the independence of Greece, it was stressed that relations will improve even more.

Representatives from France, Britain and Russia at the level of princes, prime ministers and ministers attended the celebrations in Greece, and the united states, France, Britain, and Russia have participated in ceremonial passages of military aircraft and ships.

In their messages, these countries were praised for Greece, incredible. Their attitudes and their actions are almost turn you into a body against Turkey.

“They want to bypass the Montreux”

Turkey is the south side of NATO. The efforts of movement of the wing in the line of mainland Greece, Crete and Southern Cyprus and Israel to bypass the Montreux continues with intense cooperation.

The EU, on the other hand, undertook to clarify the stand of the meeting of June, implying that it will wait for the developments.

All this shows, as in the past, that the imperialist powers, they intend to use the usa for a hit against Turkey.

It is obvious that the imperialists and Greece have not yet learned lessons from History.

The withdrawal from the Convention of Montreux is a big mistake as to say that it is possible to withdraw the Turkey from the Convention of the Straits, as if there were not other examples, in order to justify the withdrawal from the Contract of Istanbul.

When I raised the subject, we should say “This is out of question . The Convention of Montreux and the Treaty of Lausanne, are for the Turkey, unsurpassed law.

Indicating or suggesting the withdrawal or the negotiation, as an example even if it is not appropriate, we will thank the imperialist countries, especially the united states, who feel uncomfortable with the contract.

The statements require responsibility and caution.”

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