The war against the unvaxxed: the historical parallels

The war against the unvaxxed: the historical parallels

We may be heading towards a new nazi era

People in western countries that have never been invaded or known real totalitarianism are generally fairly naive, even now. 

They think that if we can just bring enough people around we can defeat the New World Order. 

The truth is far more complicated than that.

Years ago I asked a friend from Czechoslovakia what the difference was between living under communism and living in New Zealand. Her response was very indicative: 

“In Czechoslovakia we KNEW we were being lied to”, 

People are only just learning this. This short video has three short segments that illustrate how it goes; not all at once but as a “tiptoe”.   

I am sure that many will recognise the parallels as people are locked out of swimming pools and even food banks and unless there is mass resistance the restrictions will get greater and greater.

Jordan Peterson says it how it is. 

They make moves to restrict liberties; If there is no resistance they proceed; ff there is they make a strategic strategy and wait.

All of this we can see happening.

This is not fatalism but realism and a recognition of the real dangers. Of course, we need to resist with every fibre of our body and exercise a refusal to comply.

4 thoughts on “The war against the unvaxxed: the historical parallels

  1. Here in New Zealand The so called vaccination passports came into effect on the 3rd dec 2021. I can still buy groceries, petrol, clothing stores, newsagents etc. However not to social gatherings such as pubs .movies, concerts etc. This punishment as I see it, will get worse.

  2. “Same song, second verse, could get better, but it’s gonna get worse…..”
    Purebloods need to cobble together local markets where we can buy or trade for what we need. The situation will continue to get worse until the dieoff kicks into high gear. At that point we might still need it if there aren’t enough survivors left to maintain infrastructure.

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